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Duisenberg School of Finance (DSF) was an educational organization in the Netherlands which offered Master's level education in finance between 2008 and 2015. The school was initiated as a collaborative initiative of Dutch the financial sector with local and international academic institutions.

A student shares his experience on niche.com, "I loved my teachers and the staff at DSF. Most of them were great and my counselor was wonderful. Whenever I need help with anything or with my mental health affecting schoolwork, I knew I had help. However, some things that are worth mentioning are socio-economic disparities low income/poc will face at this school. Steps are finally being taken to acknowledge the school's visible racial divide/treatment of minorities, but it is important to note that that will take time. Obviously, everyone will have a different experience with the school, but I know that as a minority, my experience differed greatly from my white peers. The diversity of the school is there, but not visible at all once you get to higher-level classes or with REPRESENTATION of the student body."


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