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Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The two met in Milan in 1980 and designed for the same fashion house. In 1982, they established a designer consulting studio; in time it grew to become "Dolce & Gabbana". They presented their first women's collection in 1985 in Milan, where a year later their store would open its doors. In 1988, they launched a leotard line, and in 1989 they began designing underwear and swimming costumes. Dolce & Gabbana started to export their products to Japan and other countries including the United States, where they founded their own showroom in 1990. In 1992, the same year they presented their men's collection, they also launched their first perfume Dolce & Gabbana. They won the Woolmark award in 1991, and Perfume's Academy "Most Feminine Flavor of the Year" in 1993 for their fragrance Dolce & Gabbana Parfum. By the end of the 1990s, the company's revenues were around US$500 million and in 2003 their revenue reached $633 million. By 2005, their turnover was €600 million.

One angry customer shared this in a review "So, I buy a pair of Dolce And Gabbana sunglasses on line. When they arrive there is a broker fee that needs to be paid because the package did not have the proper documentation to pass customs. It says on the Dolce And Gabbana invoice that they will pay all fees related to import. For some reason, after calling them they would not pay it. With that and the fact that DOlce And Gabbana did not seem to be credible I told UPS to send the package back . As I write this the charge is under dispute with my CC issuers, the only way I have a chance to get my money back."


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Former Employee - Director says

"Executives in NYC Office allow the company to remain Toxic, and I recommend that if you are seeking employment walk away, raises are never given. Salary offered at the time of interview is never provided, you are low balled. HR will state that you will get a raise, but you never see it, get this in writing if this is the case. Yet you won't get it writing. You have to leave to be offered a pay increase or counter offer. Unless you are friends with management or liked by the executives, don't count on being treated far. There is a definite tone at D&G. If you are not Italian, you aren't anything."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Highly Competitive sales environment, gossip, awful corporate culture, employees had numerous health issues, camaraderie did not exist, constant arguments and childish behaviour from most coworkers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management, little to no communication from Milan HQ, disorganized, no room for growth, no company culture or values, no communication between departments."

Corporate says

"-Senior management look down on employees, almost bordering on verbal abuse -Hours are long - sometimes work until 11 pm, 12 am - and are expected to be at work promptly at 9 am the next morning - not a minute late, or you WILL be reprimanded -Working with Italy - for several reasons. First, they take a month off during the summer, so literally during August you are sitting around waiting for the clock to hit 6 pm so you can leave. Second, because of the time change it takes WEEKS to get even the simplest request completed. However, they expect THEIR requests to be fulfilled within 24 hours."

Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"Everything else. Possibly the worst management on the globe."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Awful people management, unpaid overtime, very bad working environment and work-life balance"

Current Employee - Merch Manager says

"Atmosphere of fear created by senior management in Italy"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Everything. Awful management team who have a very bad lack of communication, bullies as staff which they know about but won’t do anything about because they want the money, doesn’t care about their staff"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"terrible working environment, closed minded and rude management- lack of experience, lack of organization. the second name of the company should be "leftovers" as everything (uniform including) you can describe as leftovers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No respects for staffs, low salary, the managers know nothing about management, double standards,low quality garments, the stock in boutique is a nightmare."

Process Engineering Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nach elf Jahren kann ich nur sagen, dass es sich um ein Unternehmen ohne weitsichtige Planung handelt."

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Azienda vecchia in termini di strumenti e organizzazione"

Retail Sales Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This experience taught me a lot about what to look for in a manager. Manager was very career driven and had very little interest or understanding in one's "work-life" balance. A lot of the HR policies were extremely petty at Dolce. For example, if you wanted to attend the sample sale you had to change your working hours or use half of a PTO day. They also charged 3 PTO days while the office was closed during Hurricane Sandy."

Dipendente (Former Employee) says

"Un anno passato tra problemi e cambi di occupazione.....Responsabili incompetenti e saccenti"

Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"A brand with a huge potential. Thanks to the unorganization, I have a learned a lot on how to manage work duties in chaos and lack of organizaition from managers."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company did not care about your personal life and they would blame you for the thefts. They blame first and ask questions later. There was no loyalty to long term employees.BenefitsLoyalty"

Impiegata (Former Employee) says

"Assenza di organizzazione con sovra carico di lavoro, responsabili reparti poco o non formati al management di squadraIl nomeLe "regine""

Magazziniere carrellista (Former Employee) says

"magazzino - attrezzature -muletti -linee impacchettamento datate . gestione del lavoro caotico e soprattutto disorganizzato. migliorabile veramente con poco impegno.Finche la barca và( o meglio,finchè gli operai si fanno schiavizzare) aria condizionata assente,un forno crematorio - magazzino pian dell isola -incisa"

Human Resources Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not the best place to work. In interview talked about how there would opporturnities for growth and advancement. Possible hire of full time. None of those were true"

Global Retail Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"pessimo ambiente lavorativo, competitivo, no rispetto per i lavoratori"

Impiegata (Current Employee) says

"Azienda grande solo di nome per il resto lasciate perdere.nessunotanti"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"La Direttrice non è meritocratica ne tanto meno capace e professionale , agisce solo per tenere l’azienda lontana dalla boutique . Passa il tempo a corrompere con favoritismi , di tipo assolutamente contrari alle regole aziendali , i dipendenti che si trovano a dover seguire la loro direttrice andando contro a professionalità e serietà nei confronti di colleghi seri e Clienti . Assoluta assenza del controllo dell’area manager che passa le giornate nella Boutique senza rendersi conto di niente pensando solo a sentirsi importante . Assolutamente un ambiente corrotto e senza professionalita’. È una situazione vista solo su ForteDeiMarmise proteggi la direttrice in cambio puoi fare quello che vuoise non proteggi la direttrice vieni allontanata"

magazziniere (Former Employee) says

"Dopo anni di collaborazione ti lascia a casa senza motivo"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Poor management desicions, do not appreciate employees, no bonus structure, always late on performance evaluations and raises. Good commission for sales people 5%Good commission on salesPoor management is often. Micro management"

assitente (Former Employee) says

"Non cè un buon Team work in italia..Alcuni direttori di boutique dovrebbero essere cacciati, perchè fanno competizione con il personale.La retribuzione è scarsa.LA parte ottima è che le collezioni sono stupende.Si reisce a vndere con facilità perchè i capi sono manager e vice responsabili e colleghi. troppo competitivi."

magazziniere carrellista (Former Employee) says

"Organizzazione zero.investimenti zero.magazzino senza aria estate rischi di morire di caldo.credo si aggiri intorno ai 60 gradi la temperatura. Stipendio da operaio.1250. chiedono straordinari tutti i il sabato raramente. Attrezzature datate e magazzino non a norma. Che Dio vi aiutiMensa decenteMagazzino e attrezzature datate .rispetto zero"

Impiegata 5° livello (Former Employee) says

"Buon rapporto con i colleghi e con la direzione, regolari pause molto apprezzate. Buon stile lavorativoPauseNesssuno"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Azienda che non conosce le proprie risorse fino in fondo e non le valorizza, management confusionario e non strutturato , uffici HR inesistenti.SalarioPoca organizzazione, pressing inutile e non valorizzazione delle risorse"

addetto logistica (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato per due anni e mezzo, con contratti a tempo determinato di un anno prorogabili. Quando è stato il momento di prendere una decisione definitiva , mi hanno lasciato a casa, pur andando bene. E non solo io....Flessibilità orari lavorativiTanti..."

junior designer (Former Employee) says

"utilizzo di nuovi programmi, accrescimento delle mie qualità professionali e umane.nessunoansia perenne"

Charles Walters says

"When I found your men's cologne Light Blue I honestly had a cologne that I loved and that everyone whom smelled it would ask what is the name of that cologne because just like me, they loved it (especially women). But the last 2 bottles that I have bought does not smell the same. Did you change the formula or did you notice that a little bit would last a long time so the sales were not at the mark that was anticipated so you tweaked the formula so the aroma was more subtle and very weak so customers would have to use more this improving the sales or was it all a SCAM whereas you purposely intensified the smell so customers would advertise how great it was and when sales started increasing you changed the formula. I personally think it's the later of these. This Company is scratching to stay above water and trying to recover from remarks that should have never been said and apparently the same Greedy, Callous, Racist, Captain is still manning the controls. I Graduated High School in 1985 the same year this company was being birthed .I began buying your products shortly after and eventually started investing in the Company. Fast forward to today I have since had my Dad and my 3 brothers become customers of yours but as of today we are no longer part of your family . The love of money is the root of all evil and someone in a high position in your company is a lover of money and it is causing everyone else to suffer.i hope someone takes the time to read this and makes the decision to get out with your dignity because at the end of the day that is the only thing you can truly call yours"

enviroperfect says

"So, I buy a pair of sunglasses on line. When they arrive there is a broker fee that needs to be paid because the package did not have the proper documentation to pass customs. It says on the DG invoice that they will pay all fees related to import. For some reason, after calling them they would not pay it. With that and the fact that DG did not seem to be credible I told UPS to send the package back . As I write this the charge is under dispute with my CC issuers, the only way I have a chance to get my money back."

v1c1 w says

"I didn't buy the product directly from this website but I am going to write about a very expensive and a 100% original Dolce & Gabbana product bought from an authentic retailer. I find it important to spread the word about the actual quality of such a disgrace of a "High-end" brand. I had bought a very expensive women's suitcase with a locking feature. The purchase was made a few years ago, but I haven't started using the product until now. To start with something positive, the materials and stitching meet the standards of a high end brand.. However, the locking mechanism suddenly stops working after a few times of using and I was locked outside of my bag! I was preparing for a business meeting and was going to put my laptop in that bag..i was lucky I double checked the key and the lock. After about 30 minutes of trying the key ONCE opened the lock and then I could see closely what was going on inside the lock. Such a basic mechanism and yet they failed to make that work. Well it would certainly have been a shame if I had discovered this 5 minutes before a meeting or at the airport where I don't have the 30 minutes and probably don't have an electric cutter handy either. My advice for fellow shoppers.. If you care about your career DO NOT buy a business suitcase from D&G, because it will cause you unpleasant surprises and make you look like a fool."

Kim says

"I ordered a dress for my granddaughter. I ordered a size 2. The tag on dress said 2 but the hanger said 3. Called customer service and asked if a child’s size in Italy and U.S. are the same, or which size did I have? The rep couldn’t answer the question of equivalent sizes. A high-end brand should have knowledgeable contacts and better quality control. She said I had to take pictures of the tag vs. hanger sizes and complete the form online, as she was trying to make things “easier” for me. I filled the form online and have received no acknowledgement. My first and last experience with this upscale brand with subpar customer service."

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