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Greg says

"Does anyone know where Dodo\'s office are located in Melbourne? I am furious with them for signing me up for internet, not connecting it, send me around and around creating support tickets. Clearly I\'m talking to someone in India on a line I can barely hear. I want to return my modem for a full refund."

Seb says

"Customer service is trash internet hasent worked for 3 weeks and were still getting charged for it. And no more dodo walk in walk outs anywhere."

Sayali Chavan says

"They’re frauds. Their support representatives misguide you and then do the complete opposite. A lot of unexplained charges on our bills. And cumbersome and slow support procedures where you literally have to talk to them at least 10 times to make them understand what we want to do. I would never recommend this provider to anyone. Stay away from dodo."

Bob Virk says

"stay away from these clones they are idiot cant simply activate sim card and they charge me in advance. worst service that I ever seen . dumb, dumb , dumb"

Daniel Bertschi says

"Just had to cancel my Dodo subscription as we move interstate and didn't need to transfer the service. I searched everywhere on the website and within the dodo web app (Mydodo) but couldn't find a way to do this myself. I ended up waiting on the phone for 30 mins (in total) while also waiting on chat for 10 mins in between. When I could finally speak to somebody, I was repeatedly asked for the same information by multiple people (I'm not talking about security checks). There appears to be no internal communication between the various departments. One rep offered to call me back after looking up the information I had just provided to her colleague before being transferred. Apparently, this is not possible in real-time in 2020. High time for Dodo to implement a decent customer management software system. Absolutely pathetic."

James says

"Worst worst worst customer service, it is not one star, it is absolutely zero star customer service. Just terrible!!!"

allan back says

"The only reason for one star is the only way to start review! With dodo for many years, negotiated phone nbn energy!& happy with the price altho slow nbn! Out of the blue dodo increases my nbn price by 200%. I complain say I don't want new plan they say too bad, if you don't like P off! So a loyal costumer Ps off!"

D Ag says

"Poor service, been with them for 5 years, waste of time always, long story short , cust service cant understand english, accent issue, overseas call center, poor cust service, one time had no bill for over 8 months then billed all in one go, stay away, they are little cheaper but will cause you lot of headache and waste of time over the phone, tried complaining over internet email still english problem, cant understand at all"

Syed says

"Worst customer service and worst services . I reckon don’t switch to dodo ."

jejesz cr says

"rude customer service"

Liza Maharjan says

"Very very poor customer service."

Srijan Kawan says

"the worst customer service ever faced. I had to transfer adsl internet line to my name. customer service wouldn't listen to the issue. After explaining the issue, instead of guiding through the process, says I wouldn't be able to help you further and continue this conversation and in hurry to hang up the phone."

SARA says

"Its been 3 days I am waiting to activate sim. Called dodo customer service continuously, spoke with 5 different staff, all of them provided different reasons for my sim not being active. One rude lady staff on the first day provided wrong customer number, eating and speaking over the phone, very unprofessional. I was told that it gonna take 24 hours. Waited for 24 hr. Same story repeated for next two days. Wasting time on the phone telling same story, I was getting same answers from them,48 hrs gone. One annoying staff was telling me that I am not the owner the sim provided. On the 3rd day, one of the staff named Sandra/xandra something(disgusting customer service)was telling me that it would take 5 business days to activate my sim, such a ridiculous reason. Never in my life heard taking 5 days to activate sim. Later I asked for refund, cause I was fed up with telling the same story again and again. The smart lady called Sandra or xandra(whatever) told me if i am not happy with dodo i can go to vodafone?? How can someone provide service this way. Such a cheater and liar staff, she told hold on to transer phone to technical team, I literally waited for 45 minutes but the line was cut. I would never recommend any one to use this service in my life. Will change option very soon. The most irritating part is customer service they just dont understand anything we speak need to spell each and everything 4 -5 times for identity verification, trust me they keep asking email address and names 4-5 times. But they are expert at telling fixed line(I understand your problem) nothing more than that. Don't even bother to say sorry. Such a pathetic service. If you are thinking to get dodo sim, think wise and prepare yourself for 5 days for activation. My first experience with dodo is already ruined, not yet activated.

If you want to your improve sales experience, provide training to your so called staff on how to be professional(not mouth full of food over phone),how to speak politely and deal with customers. If there was an option, I would rate -10."

Efaaa says

"Dodo is a very bad service. Please dont be member with them. They keep waste our time to waiting for install everything. When they need money to register, they keep calling us every 45 minutes. And after they give to much reason. Keep reschedule the appointment. And need to waiting again almost 1 month. Please everyone, dont be their member. Very bad service! Its ridiculous. 👎👎👎👎👎👎"

Ravi says

"One of the worst customer service I have ever faced. They are hiding the things at initial sign-in.

I just feel it’s waste of time to post a comments for their service.

Thank you for making me sign in for a 1year contract.

My best suggestion, please don’t sign in with dodo."

Nathan Cheong says

"Customer service is non existent, they are the most incompetent business I have come across in recent times. Not unlike 3 or Vodafone when they first came into Australia.
#DODO Fail make it a thing.

They do not have anyone in Australia that can actually speak to and you will be waiting forever to have your NBN installed. The Customer service people are all based overseas and when you do speak to one they are generally incompetent and do not follow up, they have 0 accountability and are commissioned on trying to upgrade you to other products so thats what they care about.
Every time I speak to someone they give me a different answer.
If there is a small cost differential for doing business with a company that does not outsource their customer service give that business your money."

Aakash Tamang says

"Worst service. This internet cant even run a game. They charge so much for worst service. Never ever choose this provider. Costumer service is the worst."

Riet van den Ende says

"Worst service ever... Spent half the week on the phone with them all indians and asians btw, because we're moving into a new unit today.

Coming home from work this Fri they put the power onto someone else's unit (which we're now paying for) and no one to reach to come over and fix it before the weekend. What a fun first weekend in a new place ay. Calling and calling for hours but no one has an answer or solution. So over Dodo.

Do yourself a favour and pay 10 bucks extra a month and get yourself some service."

Wayne Stewart says

"I am sending this review via my Telstra hotspot on my phone as the DODO ADSL internet service has not worked properly for weeks. I am an experienced user and know how to reset everything as an end user. I have complained 3 times and all DODO does is send back generic email replies "check this, check that, blah...blah". DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND DON'T SIGN WITH THIS PROVIDER! They can't provide a reliable service and don't care if they do or don't!"

Sair Storey says

"If I could give negative stars, I would. Dodo is literally the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of erroneously signing up with. They’re NBN is fraught with issues. For the past 4 months I’ve had about 2 days per month of wifi connectivity. They completely cut phone service for customer support during corona (expect the same when the second wave hits)without informing their customers of this, or of the return to phone service date when that occurred. In addition to this, time and time again I have been on hold for hours, only to literally be hung up on. When you do get through, you are transferred from tech support, to accounts to tech support - over and over- every phone call. Half the time you are unaware you’re being transferred and you have to retell the issue to every person. They refuse to refund the full amounts for the periods they have provided no internet. I could not advise more strongly AGAINST signing up with dodo."

Jasmine Liu says

"Terrible customer service, they lock you in an instalment plan and you can't change it online. when you need their customer service, no one is there, there customer service page is not running. I called customer centre, the line gets cut off. No email address to send customer service request!!! worse energy provider ever!!!!"

ItzSiz says

"terrible internet.I don't even know how long it will take for this to be uploaded."

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