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The Whammy pedal is a pitch-shifter pedal manufactured by DigiTech. The Whammy was the first widely known effects pedal that could do foot controlled pitch shifting effects. The pedal emulates sounds that a guitarist normally makes using the vibrato ("whammy") bar on the guitar, but with a greatly enhanced pitch range and without tuning hassles associated with traditional vibrato bars.


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Medical Billing Specialist (Current Employee) says

"An interesting learning experience. I learned exactly what I would and wouldn't want in a future employer. A job that one would do as an initial entry level position."

Patients Account Representative (Current Employee) says

"Constant abuse verbally by customers. Management for my department was very rude and not caring at all. they do not care about their employees. They promise you the world but it is all a lie. Cons: Mangment is rude and horrible!"

Business Development (Former Employee) says

"As soon as I started there were people leaving who told me to get out as fast as I could, I wish I had listened. Cons: low pay, lied to about bonuses and commissions, very unpleasant management"

Billing Representative (Former Employee) says

"Ok place to start medical billing but other than that steer clear. Overall the management is awful and nothing ever gets done about it. It's very cliquey. If you make a small error prepare to get spoken down to. You are treated with no respect. If you like having anxiety all of the time this is the job for you. If you want to apply for the experience. Apply and work for a year then after that leave. Cons: Everything else"

Billing Representative (Current Employee) says

"There is no room for advancement and managers and young and inexperienced. The requirements of upper management or unorganized and change frequently."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Terrible management all around. No team support. If you have questions, prepare to wait a long time for a response. If it's the wrong question, prepare to be ridiculed. Management refuse to promote based on ability, rather, they promote based on how popular you are. They state there is room to advance, but if you ask, you are told "not at this time" "you're not a good fit in that department" even though you excel at your work. Cons: Management is terrible."

Billing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Not a fulfilling job. It can get very monotonous and repetitive, very quickly. You will be stuck at your desk all day doing the same one task. In regards to the direct supervisors, I worked under they did a poor job of managing. Cons: Short Breaks"

Currently employed--prefer not to say (Current Employee) says

"I took this job for 2 reasons: downsized and location. However, I will hopefully leave soon. This job gave me the push I needed to finish my nursing education because the job is so BAD. Let me clarify: it's not the actual work (especially if you already have a healthcare background) but the company's culture. Expect to be treated like a machine and not a human being. Expect to be talked at and not spoken to. Expect not to be trained for your job--sink or swim is the company's MO. Expect to see your manager maybe 2 times a week if you're lucky, and one of those times will be to have your butt handed to you for any minor mistake. Expect very low pay with extremely high health insurance costs *to be fair this is more the ACA's fault and not the company---they earnestly try to do the right thing in this area. The positive side: good location, comfortable office and very relaxed dress code. Moderate career advancement opportunities."

billing rep and account manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of organization had lead to a haphazardly arranged staff (who are sometimes very talented) who are underpaid, undervalued, and underutilized. The Personnel office is Part time run (enough said at this point but to continue...), managers who are promoted from within receive no management training, line staff are given minimal training then thrown at the work in what seems to be a sink or swim mentality. As such, the very serious work is badly handled by workers only concerned with quotas. Promises of excellent benefits are greatly exaggerated, time off has to be accrued and is only credited before accrual in cases of inclement weather; claims of Company contributions to employee health plans are not delineated in anyway, leading to suspicion that they don't actually occur. Casual DRESS environment, work environment is anything but casual. Lack of concern for office environment is amazing, with AC/heating that often malfunctions, leaving one cold or hot or breathing in noxious fumes. Performance reviews are delayed to avoid giving raises, that always keep you below market values. Cons: too many to list"

Claims Resolution Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Digitech treats every prospective employee as is if they were born just before they walked in the door. They initially offered me an insultingly low wage, even with seven years of experience in the medical field, as well as being a certified billing professional. Over the course of my year and a half there, I was constantly berated for trivial infractions. On more than one occasion I have witnessed and experienced managers roaming the hall looking for employees who have spent more than four minutes using the restroom. I would not recommend working for this company unless you are young and naive, have no self-respect, or generally enjoy being miserable every day of your life. Cons: everything else"

Billing Representative (Current Employee) says

"Typical Work Day: Cons: compensation, very limited opportunities for advancement"

Assist all Spanish (Former Employee) says

"Very fasted pace."

MEDICAL BILLER (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is you punch in and sit at your desk till break and same for lunch and punching out for the day."

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Digitech customized programs to meet your needs. We go an extra mile by creating cost-effective packages in print management which you can rely on our forces. Situated in the heart of the city, we are a step further and do an incredible job of going beyond."

SUMMER PAID INTERN (Former Employee) says

"Had a good time working at an pretty slow paced company at times it could become stressful because a liot of work was piled on all at once and being an intern I got thrown around into any role they wanted me to do. So at times I got left with a lot of work no one else wanted to do."

Billing Investigator (Former Employee) says

"This was a great company but did not fit my interests. It was a temporary job that I took to make some money while I figured out what I wanted to do. Excellent supervisors and excellent upper level management."

Medical Biller (Current Employee) says

"Nothing special, but not too much pressure. Everyone sits in a cubical. More personal interaction would be nice."

Billing Representative (Current Employee) says

"I like the balance of work and life. Compensation isn't great but they do offer benefits. They are flexible with your availability and are understanding. Cons: compensation"

Medical Biller (Current Employee) says

"its a good place to work if your just learning to be a biller - friendly co-workers and good team players and is very close to home"

Medical Biller (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced ambulance billing company that does billing for many companies over the United States. Taking calls to obtain billing info from insurance companies, patients, and facilities is the main objective day-to-day. The hardest part of my job is handling multiple calls from multiple companies but the patients who are satisfied make it all worth it. There are two managers who oversee that claims are billed correctly and promptly. Cons: expensive insurance, location"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Digitech Computer full-time for less than a year Cons: Management was awful, they treated employees like they were in elementary school. Pay was inconsistent and very low."

Current Employee - Claims Resolution Specialist says

"I have been working at Digitech Computer full-time for less than a year Cons: Pay, managers, PTO, no sick time, billing poor people. People seeing patients as $$$ not human beings. Even in a blizzard you are expected to be at work. If you skip you must use pto. No pto? Liable to be terminated."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Digitech Computer full-time Cons: -Coworkers and management had bad attitudes -Low pay, minimal health benefits -minimal training because coworkers don't want to be bothered with you -Micromanager with bad attitude= high turnover constantly training new employees -Hire anyone with no experience by end of year"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Digitech Computer full-time Cons: Everything is a "con". Extremely cramped cubicle work environment, very high quotas to meet, a lot of rude nasty coworkers, poor management, low pay without salary increases given except 2% after 4 years, constant criticism, need I say more!?"

Current Employee - Claims Specialist says

"I have been working at Digitech Computer full-time for less than a year Cons: Working with insurance is very complicated and confusing. Even with training it so difficult to figure out what you have to do and it just makes for a stressful position to be in. The work is repetitive and tedious so be sure to what you're getting yourself into. There is high turnover in this office as well they are constantly hiring new people with no experience in the field. Pay is low and if you can quit early on."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Digitech Computer full-time Cons: - Salaries are very much under market value (less than 10th percentile for similar experience & area) - Terrible insurance rates and poor coverage - Small Teams with increasing work loads means you are constantly being overworked - Raises are paltry, typically less than 3-4%, even if you are only making pennies - Future goals and direction of company are completely unknown to 99% of employees - Managers are highly overworked, making it difficult to approach them for employment or work issues - Company is growing, but makes no mention of possible openings for higher positions. No one's been promoted in the time I've been here. No place to grow"


"I have been working at Digitech Computer Cons: No overtime, low "ceiling", limited training, half hour lunch break, AC/boiler issues."

Former Employee - Claims Resolution Specialist says

"I worked at Digitech Computer full-time for less than a year Cons: Monotonous. No culture. No room for advancement."

Former Employee - Marketing Associate says

"I worked at Digitech Computer full-time for more than a year Cons: Very little upward mobility. Pay is not great. A lot of repetition."

Former Employee - Claims Resolution Specialist says

"I worked at Digitech Computer full-time for more than a year Cons: Absolutely no room for growth. Even with a raise every year, if you're there for 6-7 years you're still making entry-level wages. Very rigid structure. Not a lot of rule consistency across the departments. They take out PTO for everything, even if you're a few minutes late. Lots of turn-around. Benefits are a mess. Wages are the real problem though, way too low even though they offer higher entry-level wages than competitors. That just doesn't work in Westchester, NY. I left my job willingly and was not fired."

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