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DePaul University is a private Catholic research university in Chicago, Illinois. Founded by the Vincentians in 1898, the university takes its name from the 17th-century French priest Saint Vincent de Paul. In 1998, it became the largest Catholic university by enrollment in the United States. Following in the footsteps of its founders, DePaul places special emphasis on recruiting first-generation students and others from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Depaul University is not worth at all, it's a waste of money and has a poor social life, a Sophomore student wrote a review at

"DePaul is not worth the money at all. The social life on campus is trash. You need to be very wealthy to have any social life there. The teachers are subpar for the most part. The discovery classes have to be the biggest waste of time ever. My discover teacher told me there are no criteria for how we are graded it’s just whether or not we “showed spirit”, but when I asked what that means they said, “don’t worry you’re all in the same boat”. The campus is not visually appealing whatsoever. There are homeless people INSIDE the student center begging you for meal swipes. If you go on a tour, they show you the first floor of the student center and the welcome center, and then that’s it. Finally, you are not allowed to have an opinion unless it’s to the most liberal of all extents. Our “discussions” are just an echo chamber of people agreeing with that their favorite celebrity’s tweets. Bottom line: 1) boring 2) not worth the money 4) straight up trash."


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Vocational Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Management will only assist you acknowledge everything that you have done wrong before you are even able to open your mouth and explain your situation with an individual(s). They will watch you like a hawk to assure that you either only converse with certain individuals or stare at your computer screen to complete paperwork for eight hours. They are unwilling to acknowledge how much effort you put into the job. You work overnight, three days, for eight hours? You saved an individual from losing their job? A individual threatened your life after you attempted to assist them improve their work performance? Unable to contact someone due to them not responding to you? Management does not care of your accomplishments or struggles. They prefer to acknowledge everything you've done wrong even though you done everything right."

Housing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If I could give this place a 0 I would. They have zero respect for their employees and the boss is deceitful. I would never work for the pay with that disrespect. This is a popular opinion..."

Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor was not supportive, when asking for help or case collaboration I was met with derision and “are we done yet? “ and a “just figure it out” attitude. I was expected to make large scale changes to the program while lacking structural support and adequate compensation . It is not acceptable to be out sick and was harassed repeatedly by supervisor when out and was punished with the silent treatment when I returned. S"

PCA/Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Have to work an half shift 1 day a week. It's not just 3 12s and your done. More chiefs than Indians. Everyone thinks there better than you. Expected to come in at least twice a month on your day off."

Community Living Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Most staff are terrible, they will lie about you just to gain favoritism with managers. much gossip and talk behind your back. Managers look down at you as if you were nothing, they have no real interest in the clients. It is all about money, that is all. The so called quality management staff and human resources staff are also terrible. They will not stand up for you when you are right. Everybody seems out to get their very few quality staff. Turnover is obviously very big. Quality staff will only stay until they find a much better work environment, as they become disgusted about working there. You are constantly mandated to work double shifts (or else get fired), because most of the staff calls off work constantly. Working there is like working for the Gestapo. The residents are the only reason we stay until we can no longer take it. Stay far away from this place! Cons: Horrible managers that openly show favoritism and that are incompetent."

Nurse Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"The company needed to put systems in place for the Resident Care director to be successful. The company also needed to invest in their employees by paying a better hourly wage; however I am not sure if this would have made a difference with the workers coming to work. They first need to put better systems into place so that those in leadership can be lead and be successful doing it, Cons: the salary did not match the hours I put into the work"

Application Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This was not the best place to work. everyone seemed to get off by throwing people under the bus constantly. the management was terrible. Plus the people who had power like the VPs thought that they can control anyone anytime."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I wish I had seen these reviews prior to employment. I asked when interviewing how is the turnover rate as that usually tells you a lot about the company. They said oh it's not bad.....wrong! When a company has such a large turnover rate there is a reason. The management staff play favorites, if your not a favorite plan on being terminated on a whim. They will literally go out of their way to find something. They keep the bad employees and run out the good ones. They will take away resources so you can't complete your job duties. If the president of the company plays favorites then that is why it's acceptable in other departments. Human Resources will not back you even if there is evidence of bullying to make you quit or get fired. My son also received services and that too was horrible. He never had enough money to buy groceries. They are supposed to help the client not harm them. I would not recommend working here and would not ever seek services for my son again with them. Especially now that I know how they run it. If you think it's great....dig deeper you haven't seen it for what it really is. Cons: Backstabbing management, health insurance is terrible and high premiums. The administration."

Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"This place is the Devils Workshop.Employees are overworked and no appreciation given back.Residents are neglected due to understaffed. DePaul just wants to make money off families and not give what the residents need to keep them comfortable.As far as caring about staff members, don't hold your breath.One day you have a job and you believe you are secure the next day your terminated for the simplest of things.And not to mention,unless you are on the favortism list with Administrators ,and you happen to have accident and out on doctors orders,you may lose job with no back pay.I would never recommend this place to my enemies. I cannot finish all reasons not to work here,if I did it would become a book. Cons: Lack of respect"

DePaul (Former Employee) says

"DePaul is a terrible place to work. They treat psychiatric patients poorly, leadership (Micromanagers) are NEVER around, Nurses mock patients, both staff and patients get hurt, no care for safety, high turnover, and low morale. DePaul also treats individuals with disabilities terrible. Cons: Bad Management"

Dietary/Housekeeping (Current Employee) says

"There is very little team work here and are quite often out of compliance without the appropriate amount of people who are supposed to be on each shift. This place just sucks your soul right out of you. I have never in all of my years worked for any place where most of the employees are on nerve or anxiety medication just to be able to come into the building. Cons: healthcare, understaffed"

none (Former Employee) says

"This company treats patients/clients/staff like waste....This company should be investigated by the local government authorities for fraud and abuses Cons: a whole lot"

management (Former Employee) says

"DePaul USED to be a great company that appreciated the staff members. The Administration ignores complaints and allows harassment, unfair work practices and bullying. Numerous complaints were made to Human Resources, nothing was done. There is indirect retaliation when you express concerns. Too many friendships between Directors and staff, this causes turmoil and favortism. Cons: understaffed, unprofessional, negative environment"

Community Living Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Halstead's Director changes the rules every other week. Sometimes I feel like I am in a concentration camp. They Admin staff treat the Deaf employess better then regular staff. You still get a write up with Dr. excuses and/or police reports. The employess do a treat day and the "Boss" denies food to other employees even though they have permission to eat. The kitchen staff are slack they leave the equip with food on them like it was never wiped down. The program director acts like a homo. Overall the place sucks. Only reason I stay is to get experience in the mental health field Cons: Can not leave outside the buliding during your lunch break."

Assistant Residential Manager (Former Employee) says

"Default Community Services Is A Very Prejudice Company...I Had The Worse Experience Here Cons: nothing"

Community Living Assistant (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion management overlooks the behaviors of some of their employees while they reprimand others. They have people who were on drugs passing medications to clients and when they were formed of this turned a blind eye to it Cons: Management favoritism"

IT (Former Employee) says

"The IT department is a disaster. I would not recommend working at this organization, as the senior management has turned a blind eye to the behavior of toxic elements within the organization. Cons: IT might as well be a scene out of "Lord of the Flies""

Department head (Former Employee) says

"As a former department head in the Buffalo market DePaul is a horrible employer. The administrator was crazy (literally), all the department heads hated there positions from being over worked and underpaid, nursing staff is so overworked and understaffed with way to much mandation. The health department is there on a monthly basis. Auditors comes weekly from Rochester to tell you what you are doing wrong. Cons: everything"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company acts as though they are there for the employees however you do not get raises or very good benefits. The only way to increase your salary is to move to a higher position. My manager acted as if she was family orientated but the first time I had an issue for my son I was given a hard time about it. They do a lot of fun lunch events for the employees to get to know eachother but I did not like the overall work environment. There was a lot of gossip that occurred among employees about other coworkers."

former employee (Former Employee) says

"The company itself is not fair to their staff, staff is overworked while managment do nothing.their is a lot of favoritism going on. Cons: just don't go"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at DePaul University part-time for more than 10 years Cons: Close minded mentality, narcissistic faculty, manipulative, zero collegial or administrative support."

Current Employee - Advancement Department says

"I have been working at DePaul University full-time Cons: Where to begin? First, they pay well below any kind of competitive rate except for the fundraisers who are valued above all else. The rest of the staff are paid terribly and there are no raises or a chance for a promotion...EVER! They do give cost of living increases but these are piddly and even these are sometimes withheld. Then there is the environment, which is rigid and controlling and toxic with bullying bosses, no accountability and a culture of fear. Managers also do not ever give positive feedback. There is a huge disconnect between the mission of the university and how staff are treated and compensated. If you read the website, it's full of lies about how they value their staff and pay them competitive wages, etc. There is a huge turnover rate and it's not random. It's because of the culture and the way staff are treated. They don't care. People are disposable and dispensible to them. They would rather just hire someone else at very little money than bother to nurture and treat their current employees the way they deserve to be treated."

Former Employee - Coordinator says

"I worked at DePaul University full-time for more than 8 years Cons: POOR management all around, especially middle management, a budget manager with a Sociology degree who has worked there 20+ years and never took advantage of furthering her education, management just given their positions in which they didn’t work for, I reported to a micromanager for too many years and no one failed to recognize it, no mobility, no money for professional development, not enough work to do, never challenged, poor morale and an overall toxic place to work at"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at DePaul University full-time Cons: Leadership loves control, are undermining and a bit shady."

Current Employee - Research Assistant says

"I have been working at DePaul University full-time for less than a year Cons: - I was told if I accepted a part-time position, they would make me FT in 2 months. After I joined the team, they told me that there was a policy in place that my team and manager was not aware of which was that PT DePaul employees cannot be made Ft until after 6 months. -After setting up several meetings with HR, HR kept missing the meetings without any communication. -This University is not well run and does not value their employees."


"I worked at DePaul University Cons: -offices and communication among them is the worst I have encountered among all the universities I have attended/worked for -unorganized tutoring program"

Former Employee - Circulation DeskAssistant says

"I worked at DePaul University part-time for more than a year Cons: I worked as a circulation assistant at the Richardson Library for one year as a student worker. To say that library staff/admin treats student workers terribly is an understatement. Hours are extremely inflexible -- I dropped two classes as a because I could not get out of my shift 5 minutes early to make it to class across the street. Training was also inadequate and supervisors would throw a binder at me and instruct me to "read the book" if I had a question or threaten to terminate my employment via email, rather than just explaining or showing me how to do something in the database. I was verbally abused and harassed by a supervisor (not my direct report), had my internet search history combed through when I briefly walked away from my desk, and she referred to me as "dumber than a bag of bricks." I promptly left my position and did not give 2 weeks notice, I could not take the fear of going into work every morning for a minimum wage, part- time student position, all the while being treated with zero respect or dignity as a full-time student trying to pay my way through school."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at DePaul University full-time Cons: A heartless approach to the non-tenured faculty and staff. Poor benefits, poor pay, a "look down your nose" attitude from tenured faculty and administration."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at DePaul University full-time for more than 5 years Cons: feminism, liberalism, reduction of free speech"

Former Employee - Coordinator says

"I worked at DePaul University full-time for more than 5 years Cons: My manager and coworker who my manager hired bullied and harassed me. I made several written complaints to HR and the ombudsman as "policy" advises, however, policy was overlooked and they weren't disciplined. How can bullying be allowed when their is an anti bullying policy? Well it happened to me! I was more qualified for the managers role but she was placed in that role because of nepotism. I applied for jobs throughout the university and my manager made sure to sabotage those efforts. So much for adherence to policy and procedures and living the Vincentian way! Turnover at the university is overwhelming because issues get brushed under the rug and victims quit and my manger gets unwarranted bonuses! This place needs to be audited for misuse of funds!"

Steph says

"Dr Hill wrote an awful anti-gay article in which he claims that "28% of gay men have 1000 partners", and lied about the fact it was from 1978 San Francisco and mostly sampled bathhouse attendees. He also wrote awful tweets about how we needed to add the rest of the muslim world to the "muslim ban"."

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