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The Dave Ramsey Show is a three-hour, self-syndicated radio program and podcast, hosted by the eponymous finance author and speaker, that airs Monday through Friday from 2-5 PM ET. It is primarily broadcast from Brentwood, Tennessee, though often during the summer it is broadcast via remote from Ramsey's lake house. As of 2008, it is one of the top ten most-listened-to radio shows.

Ramsey takes live calls on the theme of finance, and occasionally money-related Christian philosophy as it pertains to tithing, etc. During the show, he discusses life and money-related issues with callers. He is known for his complete disdain of debt collectors, calling them (among other things) "scum" and dishonest, and urging his listeners not to deal with them unless necessary, and then to get everything in writing, especially involving offers to reduce debts.

A blogger and critic of Dave Ramseys said this on his blog, "Ramsey boldly proclaims on that he’s going to deliver “The Truth About Debt Consolidation,” and instead, serves up a one-sided batch of glittering generalities, half-truths and flat-out untruths that have zero foundation to support them.

Let's review Dave Ramsey's bad math claims: “You end up paying more and staying in debt longer because of so-called consolidation. Get the facts before you consolidate.”

Just don’t get them from Dave. He doesn’t have any. He offers nothing to substantiate that premise. No data, no stats, no surveys, no government, college or industry research to prove his claim that you pay more and stay in debt longer by consolidating.

What he does offer is chance to buy an online version of “The Truth” for $119.

We don’t fault him for trying to make a buck, but if you’re peddling “The Truth” most people want the whole truth.

Not half … at least not for $119."


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