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Alpine Data Labs is an advanced analytics interface working with Apache Hadoop and big data. It provides a collaborative, visual environment to create and deploy analytics workflow and predictive models. This aims to make analytics more suitable for business analyst level staff, like sales and other departments using the data, rather than requiring a "data engineer" or "data scientist" who understands languages like MapReduce or Pig.

Datalabs has dysfunctional management that fires people randomly, employees are unappreciated and there is a toxic working environment, an ex-employee shared a review at

"1. Dysfunctional Management 2. Big company culture - the management is from companies like SAP, Apple, etc. 3. No processes 4. Alpine is a wannabe "start-up" 5. They don't value their own people 6. People leave this company all the time for no apparent reason7. Management has a culture of firing people randomly. 8. Stressful environment."


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