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Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Credit can have many disadvantages, its easy to overspend, there are high-interest rates that can increase and terms and conditions are hard to understand, according to an article by WalletHub at

"Easy to overspend. it’s easy for balances to get away from you if you’re not careful. High-interest rates. If you don’t pay your balance in full by the due date, you will have to pay interest to the credit company. And those interest charges will accrue at a very high rate. Confusing terms. Credit terms and conditions aren’t always the easiest to understand. In some cases, people end up being surprised by certain interest rates."


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Collector (Former Employee) says

"I recently applied to this company more than 4 times and I check my resume to see if I would be a good fit for the position and to my knowledge I would be a good fit for the positions that they offer to people to apply but I never got accepted. This company keeps advertising on Indeed, but no one still isn't reaching out to me. It's really hard to get chosen with applying for this company. I hope someone reaches out to me."

Accountant Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Don't spend your time. I did submit several time, but they send me back for next day they pick another candidate. I guess they post their position for people visit their wedsite and do trafic . Cons: Poor"

Market Area Manager Running a territory (Former Employee) says

"Job is great--but program doesn't work with many dealerships in California. Program requires dealerships work differently than they do with all other lenders and it is complicated for desk managers and finance managers. Management with credit acceptance is green, and doesn't know how to assist sales staff. Instead of making changes to the program or training managers and sales staff--upper management blames sales staff for not getting the program to work in dealerships. all feedback from dealerships and sales staff is ignored."

Redemption Specialist (Current Employee) says

"working for this company is the worst , i have never worked for a company thats this bad i cry myself to work every day , there is no support system they only care about their selves not the employees"

Repossession Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is not a great place to work, the people are unprofessional, there’s no merit on compensation, management finds any reason to keep your monthly bonus. They make up anything to avoid you from progressing, the attrition rate is horrible!"

Front End Collector (Former Employee) says

"Hourly wage should be a lot more."

Repossession Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Upper Management hasn't a clue as to what's happening. Very clique-ish. Be a brown noser and fake and you'll do fine here. NEVER share your opinion, no matter how tactfully, even if asked. It won't be appreciated. Cons: All of it."

Front End Collector (Former Employee) says

"They lure you in with all these benefits but they are really petty and sneaky. Don't miss team meetings and don't go negative in your PTO. Do your work and go home. If you don't show PRIDE you could be at risk of being fired. Its like being in highschool. They are back stabbers and manipulators. My own supervisor smiled in my face and worked against me. NEVER EVER AGAIN."

customer service (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible company to work for. The bosses are never on the same page and rarely follow through on anything. If you aren't a favorite you are doomed there."

Market Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company will absorb all your hard work and when you can't produce anymore will spit you out for their next fresh meat. Cons: poor management"

Area Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pigeon style management that flies in eats, craps all over you, then flies back out. Poor field management and a Director in Florida who is an old car dog that runs his team like his old car dealership, which is now out of business if that tells you anything. Do yourself a favor and find a better place to work. Total waste of time. Cons: poor leadership, poor compensation, and cut throat environment"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"Customers felt hoodwinked by the dealers "digital application" they often were not allowed to review or given a paper copy of. Once they signed the acknowledgement paper that the application was digital, it was off to the fraud races! And then you as a customer service agent got to deal with the angry customers. Working in service at CA was like being the company receptionist. All calls to the company seem to route to service and then good luck trying to get the correct department to take the transfer, 3 or 4 minutes into the call when you finally figure out where the call should be routed. My "favorite" was dealer services calling customers for loan application information, leaving a message and then when the customer calls back, they would refuse the call transfer from service !! Was a very ghetto environment regarding management behavior, I would say was mildly racist. Amazing how some employees got schedule choices and then others were just told one schedule with no alternatives. Same thing with getting full time after starting at part time-some went full right away and others had to wait months! My supervisor was indifferent and ignorant and I was not allowed to transfer to another team."

Repossession (Former Employee) says

"Front end collections is the best place to work and there has been alot of changes. Repossession is not the place to be. The tenured supervisors in Repossession are not compassionate nor empathetic to family circumstances. Watch your back, you nay get fired if you do the job better than the supervisor. Don't ask too many questions though. Then you'll be considered incompetent because the training isn't up to par. Cons: Repossession supervisors and management"

Collector (Former Employee) says

"Take countless inbound and outbound calls like a robot for the whole 8 hr shift. All the company is concerned with is you COLLECTING MONEY for them. No room for advancement or cross training into other departments. Dead end type of job. The job had no meaning because the company does not hold their customers accountable for paying late or for breaking their payment arrangements. I often felt like I worked for a "SWEAT SHOP". Management & supervisors are big fakes. Most are arrogant and act like they care about their employees but they'll throw you and anyone else under the bus. Co workers were okay, most loyal and hardworking: but UNDER PAID. The company used to have a solid bonus and profit sharing structure but recently, they've began to chip away at that so it's more profitable for the company & less for the employees. SAD. Hardest part of the job is working on that god awful auto dialer for 8 hours and having your supervisor tell you not to take your break so that you could meet UTL goals for the month. The only thing I enjoyed was if you made the top team for the month, you got to attend a outing/lunch company paid for. Staying there 2 years was a total waste of my time. I'm so glad and relieved to be out of there. Cons: Short breaks, Favoritism, Poor moral, Employees are treated like Kindergardners and Robots."

Peon (Former Employee) says

"The culture at Credit Acceptance is 'old school' and fails to embrace new technology. IT management has the 'good ole boy' mentality and you're either in or your out. If you're out, always look over your shoulder because you are marked and they will fabricate ways to get rid of you. VP's often have an inflated ego about their skills when in reality they don't have a clue. Credit Acceptance is where careers go to die. Leadership flounders and has no true direction and no desire to change it. Fellow team members are great (as is usually the case), but it doesn't make up for the toxic environment in which you have to work. Cons: Management/leadership"

c/s,senior and legal collections,repossessions (Former Employee) says

"typical day at work for the last position of customer service waiting for inbound calls and be ready to handle the situation Cons: customer yelling, and swearing at you for things you have no control of but i try to get them to calm down"

Associate Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"NOT a great place to work in tech Cons: Old fashioned management, no flex time, no work from home, too many meetings, no innovation, outdated technology"

Treasury Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not a good work environment far as culture and values Cons: unusual work environment"

Collector (Former Employee) says

"Training was super short, and we were just thrown on calls without proper training. We were told to just use common sense instead of following protocol. When asking for help from supervisors or senior collectors, we would never get answers and would have to make up answers to the customers. It was just a mess and not worth it. A lot of scamming going on and unless you were there for a while, you were just another replaceable number. Cons: Favoritism, no proper training"

Senior Collector (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there. Poor upper management, no room for growth, and they have no concern for people who become sick with serious medical conditions"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"I worked at Credit Corp full-time for less than a year Cons: Senior management has no idea what they are doing."

Former Employee - CRM Manager says

"I worked at Credit Corp full-time for more than a year Cons: Management from Australia is sexist and doesn’t care about the US CRMs staff at all. only likes treats favorites well and dismisses everyone else like they are not humans. The operations managers also only care about power and being right and don’t take staff problems seriously. Management only care about their favorites. The job is so soul sucking. Accounts they have are so bad. Called customers asking them to pay for dental work they never actually got with TPMs telling them they still have to pay. They also haven’t taken the pandemic seriously and so many staff have gotten sick from covid. It’s dangerous to work here. So glad to be out."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Credit Corp full-time for less than a year Cons: This company has had a few positive test. Unfortunately how they are handling the people who have been in contact with those few cases is not okay. They are making employees come in even when they have had direct contact with a positive test. They are also issuing attendance warnings and finals if people are calling in due to being sick. They are not having employees wear mask or sanitize desk daily there is not enough cleaning supplies or sanitize going around commen areas are not being cleaned often enough.. Credit corp solutions is more concerned about money then the employees safety and health right now."

Current Employee - CRM says

"I have been working at Credit Corp full-time for more than a year Cons: Upper management is uneducated and very uninspiring. They will completely lie about room for advancement and growth be advised."


"I worked at Credit Corp Cons: I got hired with start date. I show up the start date and they pull me and said they can have me working there with my background. No call or email saying my employment has ended or anything. The good reviews is obviously the manager trying to get their over all rating up so people will consider the job."


"I worked at Credit Corp Cons: Everything that is wrong with collections"

Former Employee - Middle Manager says

"I worked at Credit Corp full-time for less than a year Cons: The management style, and the corporate policies are insane here! While this company is based out of Australia, they have some crazy ideas here. I made my way quickly into the ranks of management and sat through many meetings with the higher ups where they would say things such as, "Lets fire a few people and start flexing our muscles. That will bring on change." Then out of nowhere they would fire someone. I later became one of those "examples". They decided to pick an obscure piece of policy to sight me on, and let me go. Here is the kicker... They will promise bonuses and other great incentives for working there. Being a manager, I was on a bonus schedule set to pay out. I had discussed the possibility of moving up, and or getting a raise, and everything was looking really good. I was told I was doing great, and that it was just a matter of time to see some great possibilities with the company. Well, last month toward the bonus payout and I am almost there, when out of nowhere after having amazing reviews, they move forward with firing me. No warning at all. I was not the first, and I am sure I am not the last. If anyone is recommending this place, I would bet money that they enjoy the company there and that is it. This place is a joke and will continue to be a joke if they can't mold to a standard United States business practice. Management had multiple meetings with members of the teams to discuss the fact that if they did not pass certain audits that the business would be going under. Then another member of management would have a meeting saying that is entirely not true. They would then blame others for spreading rumors that were not in management. These meetings were held publicly with phone agents and were not a secret of the company. There was a time period where the managers that were flown in from Australia were doing and distributing drugs at the workplace. While a lot of them got off with a warning and continued to work there, or in severe cases and to save their bacon they flew them back to Australia where they kept their jobs. However, those that actually worked hard, but had a performance issue, or were struggling with other personal issues, they didn't matter to them. Just a pawn in the game. They claim "Australian Transparency" and "We think outside the square" and other random tidbits that are misleading. The benefits are some of the lowest I have compared. I compared with others at other reputable call centers for having crappy insurance, and mine lost the battle every time. High payments, high deductibles, and overall not great. HR was a complete joke. It was all outsourced and it appeared their main job was to look like they were doing their job so that the company they worked for could keep billing for hours. Issues shared with HR seemed to either be disregarded, or they were twisted and used against you. I had a management experience with a manager that discouraged me taking some time off for the next day when I found out my son needed to go in for a semi emergency surgery. That is unbelievable! I was upfront and let them know everything I could and they still treated me as if I was putting them out. It is a collections company. It is not as if I didn't finish some task that they would go under. I was asking for a few hours, in which I may have lost them money collecting, sure I can admit that. I will end there even though there is so much more to say. Morale of the story, STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. There are a thousand better places to work in the same area, for similar to better pay. Go find an employer that at least cares SOMEWHAT about its people."

Former Employee - Relationship Manager says

"I worked at Credit Corp full-time for more than 3 years Cons: This company is horrible, actually ruined my life because of how disgusting management are there. Massive boys club and gross behaviour from most, if not from all the people who work there. If you want to keep your soul DONT WORK HERE"

Former Employee - Customer Relations says

"I worked at Credit Corp full-time for more than 3 years Cons: KPIs are hard to reach: personal and team targets, min 2h talk time, minimum revenue has to be reached otherwise you will be penalised by having your bonus or even pay held or taken away completely. Constant nagging by manager breathing above your neck. It's all about who you know there if you want to move up. Micro managed. Too negative. Not enough praise and too much of all the things you did wrong. Inside everything becomes too personal. You are timed if you go to the toilet! Finally too much backstabbing. Noone has your back you are just the number. No emotions involved, no understanding, simply none cares."

Former Employee - Senior CRM says

"I worked at Credit Corp full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Run by bullies, regional managers motto to hire males is, would they take no for an answer in a nightclub. Disgusting treatment of staff, underpaid."

Leighton Jeffrey says

"They keep spamming my email and their unsubscribe function on their website is broken so you can't stop them from spamming you...."

Vincent Antonelli says

"Paid the fee to have them report utilities and rent payments. Linked my account and apparently they couldn't find a Single payment. STAY AWAY-SCAM"

Cathy Talley says

"I have been with them for a while. They do nothing to help anyone. How can I have an F score when I have no open accounts! Nothing has ever changed with them, and nothing has been updated on my credit. If I had to use them compared to nothing at all, I would use nothing at all!"

Thomas says

"I was declined an account with because I have no FICO score. I am building credit, and this makes no sense. I thought that was what you were all about? I will have have a FICO score in five more months, but in the meantime is no help at all.
Fortunately I became a member of Credit Karma and Wallethub, and both have been very helpful. Thanks to these sites I have already been approved for three credit cards, one with a 2K limit! Keep in mind that I have no FICO score, and got an Amex card with a 2K limit! All I needed was the guidance they provided. You guys need to have a program that helps people like me."

Tasha says

"waste of time."

Verna says

"I meant to give 5 stars but accidentally typed the wrong key. I give it an excellent rating."

Linda says

"Unable to successfully log-in."

James says

"Bland and boring app."

Charles says

"not worth trouble"

Raymond says

"4 weeks I have tried to get account going you keep telling me I have an account which I don't someone use my name my birthday is new some information I'll be I guess and they set up a thing with a email that doesn't even belong to me and I can't get in I can't start anything so I'm frustrated I don't know what he wanted to do with Credit Karma cuz it just keeps driving me around in circles and circles and circles I'm too frustrated so no you don't have a good review for me and I try to take anybody else be careful the people get your information and they will screw you"

Mona says

"To "charge" a customer every year for their use of the credit card whether you use it or not, is just another way of "stealing" from people. That's why I canceled my account with this company."

Amanda says

"I don't get my credit stop this 💳"

Shannon says

"This site is based on one credit reporting agency and it's not even up to date. Credit karma has two agencies and they are up to date. I learned this when I saw a low score on this site but when I went to the credit agencies site, it was no where near the number had. Functions are very limited as well. I can do so much more with credit karma. I'll stick with them thanks."

Ricky says

"I can't login to my account for the past two weeks. The service is bad. Credit Karma (CK)doesn't provide a contract number, they will not return any service from the help service request. Just absolutely ridiculous and nonsense the way CK their customers."

Tracy says

"Directed me to Experian site which would not allow me to dispute issues found on report even though it is supposed to...could not give me my credit scores even though you are supposed to see them in minutes...was not free like it advertised, expected a credit card to show me scores that it couldn't show me anyway"

Anthony Swain says

"They haven't done anything for me, so what am i reviewing, you got it nothing."

Jeffrey says

"Why were customer reps calling me? Annoying. All i wanted was a soft score to gage myself."

Patrick says

"They are giving me the run-around"

Rae says

"Not the same score as a credit check"

Robert says

"Did not like the 3 credit bureaus report limit to once a Year"