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Lead Return Merchandise Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company is nice to work for - they have a good environment and staff is amazing. Job is challenging and keeps you interested each and every day. Do what makes you happy."

Marcom (Former Employee) says

"Beware - a number of the positive reviews here are actually for other firms. This review is for Corsair. The memory and PC part company in Fremont. Cons: High turnover, low pay, bad culture"

Marcom (Former Employee) says

"Corsair has been moderately eeking out an existence for a while now. They operate in a niche and by in large they make quality products. But overall the company is just treading water, no real growth. They may gain in some areas, but they then promptly lose in others. Cons: high turnover, long hours"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Long hours for very low pay. The company culture is very meeting heavy with very little time given to complete actual work. People have a cover yourself attitude here, lots of back stabbing, and the need to kiss up to the boss. Upper management is clueless and makes rapid decisions with frequent course changes. Very little care is give to taking in people's opinion. Cons: long hours, low pay, high turnover"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"very high turn over rate. a lot of people work less then year. no work life balance.poor management.really bad demoralizing work place. toxic working environment"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"A terrible place to work management and supervisors are the worst very unprofessional will talk about you behind your back like they are in high school, and lie to cover their own butts"

None (Former Employee) says

"Controller and CFO are from UK. Position is micro management to the max. Finance employees are treated like trash. If they don't like you, you are out of the door very quickly. Cons: Finance Management Micro Management"

HR Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Corsair for 4 years in a dept that didnt get any respect. Company does not have a mission, vision, or core value statements.Never created. They pay very low with tons of work for you to do. I left due to low pay and manager told everyone I left due to the commute. Not true. Bringing in people flat is a waste of time because people just counter offer when you could have just offered better pay to begin with ."

refurb tech/warehouse men (Former Employee) says

"not a very organized company or very or team work atmosphere"

Supply Chain (Former Employee) says

"The normal raise is around 3%, even for strong performers. Little potential for advancement. Management team in Supply Chain is not very professional. High rate of employee turnover."

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Company has a nice family feel, which is great because you will never see your own. Shifts range from 10-12 hours a day (10 being the most common). Wages are kept low to keep OT payroll down. End of it all, you work hard to barely get by. Hectic work environment. Management lacks leadership and are often overwhelmed with other duties to provide necessary oversight of the day-to-day operations. Cons: Lack of organization, long hours and weekends, no room for advancement, low wages"

Janitor/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"You can work every day and help others but if you need time off good luck you will still do almost all duties and receive help on very little but your time off is about the last few hours of your day. And well when thats about 2 am why even take it....."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked here and I didn't really meet anyone except the mean people. only like 5 people for the whole world for customer service and two girls were just so mean they tried to get a few people fired. Cons: Dead culture in the office not fun"

Manager d'équipe (Current Employee) says

"Une journée type : il n y a pas de journée type : faire en sorte que les vols se déroulent du mieux possible tant pour les clients que pour l équipe. Cons: La communication"

paint line worker (Former Employee) says

"well i actually did like working for this company its was fast and easy money most of the staff was pretty cool i was just upset i got let go due to a off work injury when i had documentation from a hospital stating i had to be out for a few days"

National Vice President of Sales (Former Employee) says

"worked at The Standard full-time for more than 8 years"

Agent de propreté (Former Employee) says

"pas d avis particulier pas une priorite court experience mis fin rapidement Cons: aucun"

cajero, ayudante administrativo (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo es tranquilo siempre y cuando cada uno realice sus tareas y mantenga el area de trabajo limpio y en orden"

Agent d'escale aéroportuaire (Former Employee) says

"Très bonne entreprise,très bon salaires mais malheureusement pas de cdi pour l'escale."

sin says

"I ordered a gaming mouse and keyboard from corsair about 2 weeks ago and on their website it claims it has been shipped 3 days ago but when i check the tracking, UPS claims they still haven't even recieved the package. What I dont want to hear is "pandemic this, delay that" because every review about corsair's shipping has been bad since years before this pandemic. I want to hear that my product is actually on the way to my door and not just sitting in your warehouse collecting dust."

Later Biatch says

"multiple faulty gaming mouse , i bought a corsair m65 elite and right from the begining it started double clicking on both left and right key i send it to warranty waited more then 20 days for the re seller give me a new one , recieved it at 30 december 2020 , and now at 11 january 2021 the "new" mouse sometimes doesnt register the left click , so basicly the warranty time lasted more then the mouse life time , this is inadmissible for a "premium" mouse that costs 69 € i had brandless mouse that lasted more then this , and now i am the one that has again to go trough the inconvinient process of the warranty . 10 days you mouse must be made out of pure garbage"

dark goat racer says

"This is the absolute worst company you could possibly buy from. They refuse to be contacted at all regarding a full line of faulty products."

Dennis Mulvena says

"Placed an order for Elgato Stream Deck Mini Dec 30th. I check the order status and all is says is "Order Booked". Reached out by email and Twitter to Corsair, no reply. I received a canned response email saying a rep would get back to me in 2-3 business day. No one has reached out to me. Corsair Twitter, no response. Elgato Twitter said they would look into it, have not heard back in days. Very poor customer support from Corsair."

Scott Nahajec says

"I bought a corsair 128GB usb keyring, for those moments that you need one. Ive used it, but not really needed it over 5yrs. The day I do it doesnt working! To be honest, I believe this is more due to the poor design. Why design a usb keyring that is obviously going to bang against keys etc on a daily basis, with a design thats not structurally sound, or made from weak materials. Disappointed."

Donny Mantra says

"Ordered a mouse during the black friday sales as a christmas present on their official Amazon store. Worked great for a couple weeks then connection kept cutting out for short periods so sent it back for a replacement. Instead, the quick fired me what I had paid back into my account with no reply and have now jacked up the price to be three times what I paid for it originally! So now I can't buy another and they have no christmas gift. Shocking practice from a company this size, price gouging people instead of delivering a product replacement."

Daniel says

"Contacted Corsair Via Twitter and Email both have been ignored i only needed a very basic help /support but nope no contact from corsair yet they reply to requests sent after mine ticket number is (2003886187)."

Mr G Dennett says

"Their lifetime warranty had me jumping through hoops to get a return started on a faulty ram module, but in the end I gave up, quite a rude reply to one of my e-mails, Having used their memory for almost thirty years i wont be using it anymore."

Mackatax says

"What can I say, that hasn't already been said..."

Aaron Sneath says

"I ordered a K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard directly from Corsairs website, after a few days of waiting it arrived. processing and shipping time wasn't bad at all. However upon opening the box (Which the box was in perfect condition) I found the keyboard with a damaged corner on the aluminum and a rattling noise inside the keyboard. So I called Corsair and spoke to someone and said that the keyboard was damaged and send pictures and so on. So they approved the warranty. But that wasn't the issue. What made me actually irritated considering I got this keyboard on sale for $159.99 instead of the steep $199.99 price tag was that I found out after receiving the email with what I thought was a shipping label, was just a shipping address. Why would I pay shipping twice on something that wasn't right the first time??? So I called and asked if they expect me to pay the shipping for a warranty item I've owned for no more than 10 minutes before noticing a manufacturer defect or damage. Their reply was yes because you're returning it to us for warranty. I told them that it would basically defeat the sale price on it and at that point I might as well just actually return it and get a Logitech keyboard. However the guy I was talking to said they could send a prepaid shipping label which he did. The problem was resolved but when you find your product damaged upon arrival you should not have to worry about paying shipping AGAIN to just get the brand new keyboard that you were actually expected instead of a beat up one. This is just more or less alarming to me especially when I'm also considering purchasing a Mouse from them as well. Makes me wonder if I want to even buy a mouse from their company. I've owned lots of logitech keyboards and mice and have had to call for warranty on a keyboard through them before and they sent a new keyboard almost no questions asked other than what the problem was and shipped a new one out and didn't even make me return the old one (which I found odd but hey)"

xiran says

"I placed an order for a power supply on Monday, when there were PSUs in stock. My money was taken (through AmazonPay), and the order was marked as "BOOKED". I figured it would ship by Friday or so, as their website says items ship from 2-5 days after the order's been placed. It's the last piece I need to build my PC, and the return window for all my other items is closing in about a week. I tried cancelling the next day because I found a better deal on I cannot cancel the order. I opened a ticket (2003883861), and the only response I got 2 days later was a rather useless "Thank you for reaching out to us. I will now forward your request to our relevant department to process accordingly. You'll receive an update from them directly." Today is Saturday, the order is still "booked", not shipped, haven't gotten any updates, and when I checked, it now shows that power supply as "out of stock". I looked into the "return" option on, and found that I'll have to refuse the delivery if it ever gets shipped, or pay for the return shipping. These things are heavy, so I don't want to deal with that. Why does Corsair let us place orders and then hold our money hostage with no "cancel" option when they haven't been shipped and I can't even get an ETA?? It's ridiculous. --- If this problem gets fixed and/or I get that PSU in my hands without further issues, I will update this review. Else, consider it unresolved. --- [EDIT 1] Some 10 minutes after I posted this review, I got this email. Doesn't even say if the item has been packaged or not, no ETA on when it'll be shipped, nothing. I have replied asking if it's possible to cancel or not. Will keep this review updated. "Thank you for contacting Corsair. We apologize for the delayed response on your ticket. I checked your profile and reviewed your account and found that the order is already been processed and the ship date if to be confirmed. Right now, we don't have any exact time on when it will be ship out but rest assured that once the item is shipped then tracking number will be sent via email." [/edit 1] --- [EDIT 2] Got a response here from Corsair (below) on Monday. About 20min later, I got my money back through AmazonPay, and it appeared back on my bank shortly after. I have changed my review from 1 to 2 stars. Additionally, today changed their price to match's. :thinking: I like Corsair's products, but I don't like the online marketing. I won't be buying from the website again; I'll just stick to in-real-life retailers, NewEgg, or Amazon - those I know to be reliable. [/edit 2]"

Upset Eddie says

"--------------------------------------------- Update 22/Dec/2020: Changing rating from 1 star to 3 stars as a replacement headset has been dispatched. Although corsair did not honor their words, I am assured the replacement is as good as what I requested. According to them this was the only headset (of the entire range) left in stock. Overall: negative experience dealing with the returns process, I appreciate it's a pandemic so people are working from home. However, this does not excuse people from not responding to all queries raised or providing me with a means to make a complaint, which I asked to do several times. --------------------------------------------- Update: I have now been pressurised in either accepting what they are offering (although this is different to what was initially discussed) or to have a refund... I have also requested it someone can call me as typing is an issue but this was ignored, as was my request to provide me with details in relation to how I can make an official complaint. ---------------------------------------------------- Due to a physical disability I have to be picky in the computer peripherals i use. spent weeks testing products and then decided to spend £400 on corsair peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset, wireless charging mousepad, lapad). Raised support query in relation to headset, after following instructions still had issues with headset... advised to raise an RMA (2003755892). At this point I asked if a headset can be posted to me first, and then I would sent out the faulty headset as I use this for speech to type. Advisor said this is not possible even though on their website they mentioned that you can do this as long as you use a credit card for a holding fee. Nevertheless, I waited several days for return labels, received two emails with two different return addresses, one in UK and one in Holland. I was confused with where this had to go, so I sent it to the address that was sent to me in the first email. I received an email, 1 week ago, saying that my headset had been received, and processed and a new headset should be dispatched in 1 business day. Spoke to several different customer service representatives thereafter, who came up with many different stories from "the item has been picked and is to be dispatched", to "we are not sure why you have not had a replacement yet". At this point I was advised that a tier 3 escalation had been done, I waited several days, chased up several times and still no response from the tier 3 team. I was then finally emailed by a lady who explained that my headset was out of stock, and due to the inconvenience I am able to upgrade to another headset. I emailed back, thanked the advisor and explained that I would like to have the VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS SE High-Fidelity Gaming Headset — Gunmetal (EU) and I would not mind paying the difference. The conversation then went quiet, I assume this is because they do not work weekends, so I called this morning to see if it had been dispatched. The advisor on the telephone said to me that this upgrade cannot happen, and he could not see an escalation to tier 3. He said he would contact the advisors involved to try to resolve this... however, apart from the lady who actually offered a solution, the other advisors involved just provided misinformation and confusion to create an atmosphere of chaos. Corsair, please do not make false promises if you cannot keep them. Please do not respond to emails if you have not completely read them. Most importantly, please do not provide information which is factually incorrect - this just leads to frustration and confusion. p.s. in case you have skimmed this post, like some of my support ticket responses, I use your headset to be able to communicate with the word (speech to text), so I hope you can appreciate why this has become a big issue for me."