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Condor, legally incorporated as Condor Flugdienst GmbH, is a German charter airline based in Frankfurt. It operates scheduled flights to leisure destinations in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South Asia and North America. Its main base is at Frankfurt Airport with further smaller bases at other German airports.

An outraged traveler mentioned, "Word of warning to potential passengers: DO NOT BOOK A CONDOR FLIGHT!! For background, we had an outgoing flight from Frankfurt to Punta Cana which was a disaster in and of itself. But at least we got there in one piece. The return flight four days later was also a disaster. Astoundingly poor quality of the aircraft aside, the plane left the gate to taxi to the aircraft, but then turned around due to an engine failure, and was eventually cancelled. The extensive problems over these two experiences can be roughly split into two categories. Passenger experience: The worst I have ever come across - Non-existent legroom in all seats, including "premium" economy and business class on two of the planes we've been on as part of this trip. The replacement plane (an old Air New Zealand - key word here: old - had more legroom - Seats that barely accommodate the width of a fully grown man, regardless of any healthier passenger - No in-flight entertainment on long haul flights unless you purchase an iPad like device for 8€. On both return flights, there was no option for in flight entertainment at all! - Understaffed, inexperienced and unprofessional cabin crew. They had to be reminded to make announcements in English (!), were conducting themselves very unprofessionally in view of passengers, and generally were not able to manage a tense and stressed passenger pool during the 3 hours that they kept us on the plane while they tried to fix the turbine - Extreme wear and tear of the aircraft. All three planes I have been on were dirty, litter was still to be found around the seats, and the seats themselves were broken in many cases (see photos). The replacement plane we were put on had on overwhelming stench of urine throughout the whole cabin, and dust and mildew around the reading lights.

Safety: These planes are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!!!!! (See photos) - Exposed wiring, visible rust on outer panels - Duct tape holding the door together - Engine turbine failure!!! Which resulted in the cancellation of the flight (thank goodness). However, they tried to have a SINGLE engineer fix this problem, lifting the whole turbine panel and working with only a little headlamp! For the whole turbine! Furthermore, the pilot did not speak sufficient English to communicate the ongoing issue to the passengers properly. In three hours of trying to fix the engine, we only heard from the captain twice, in both cases, very incoherently.

Overall observation: I cannot criticise this airline enough. It is without doubt the worst organisation, service and experience I have ever witnessed. It seems to me that this airline acquires and operates planes on the leanest budget possible, sacrificing the wellbeing and comfort of the passengers to maximise their margins (one plane we were on still had Malaysia Airlines branding all over the inside, another plane was Air New Zealand, but both flights were bizarrely operated by an organisation called Wamos which we only found out upon pulling up to the unmarked and unpainted airplane!).

So once again, DO NOT book on to this airline. It is bad enough that they don't care about passenger experience and comfort, however they clearly play fast and loose with the technical quality of the aircraft, potentially putting passengers at risk. This is unacceptable, and I will most definitely be exploring ways to lobby for a formal investigation of this airline and stop them operating dirty, disgusting and, frankly, dangerous flights."


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Fine B. says

"Don't book this airline. They are incompetent and the staff is cheeky instead of helping on the phone. I traveled a lot (more than 50 countrys), but this airline is the worst I have ever seen! I will never ever fly with Condor again. Buchen Sie diese Fluggesellschaft nicht. Sie sind inkompetent und das Personal ist frech, anstatt zu helfen am Telefon. Ich bin viel gereist (mehr als 50 Länder), aber dieser Airline ist die schlimmste, die ich je gesehen habe! Ich werde niemals mehr mit Condor fliegen."

Jackie G says

"Do not book with this airlines. They have given me nothing but the run-around for a Covid related refund. When I finally complained to the department of transportation, they said that my flight should be refunded by condor. They reached out to Condor. Condor agreed to give me a refund. They asked for bank routing information so that they could deposit the refund into my bank account which I supplied. I've been waiting for 2 ½ months. They have not responded to any of my emails asking for updates. The phone customer service people are trained to give the run-around on the phone. They have a stock answer: Wait 3 weeks and you will get your refund (I've been told that 3x). NO refund ever comes. There is NO ONE at condor who can resolve a problem via the telephone. The WORST customer service ever. This would have been my first flight on condor, but I will never fly condor now. Still waiting for the refund they promised me in an email."

Yolanda Fierro says

"Today I Booked a flight and by boarding they asked us about a QR code from Greece because of corona. I didn’t know it and you have to make it 24 hours before, still they sold the ticket. And I didn’t saw at the page"

Paul says

"Absolutely avoid this company. Still waiting on a refund from 2019 which they said they will honour but with no timescale given. Customers services will ignore you and put the phone down on you if you ask too many questions."

Kani Eliassi says

"Gigantic and very hidden "service fee" at checkout. Would never recommend."

Azra says

"My family and I booked 4 flight tickets through Condor. Weeks before our vacation we contacted you, our hotel, the Danish embassy in Italy, and the German embassy in Italy. Besides that, we read all of the travel guides to inform ourselves about any restrictions in Italy and on Sardinia. No one told us that there were any documents to fill out before departure, and we could not read anywhere anything about it. When we came to the airport (Berlin - Schönefeld), the employees told us that we have to fill out all of the documents, or else we would not get on the plain. No one could help us to fill out the documents, and it was really hard to fill them out because they only were on Italian and Germany, we were able to translate the questions trough google translate, but the questions made no sense because it was translated so bad. The employees just stood there and laughed at us and made fun of how stupid we were. This is the most awful experience that my family and I have ever had. We could not hold our tears back, most of all because of the terrible treatment we got, but also because we have worked so hard to get on this vacation, and we have really tried our best, to get to know about all of the information, that we could, but no one mentioned these document. When we came home to Denmark I contacted the Danish embassy in Italy AGAIN, and they told me that these documents should not be required. It is only required to sign a sworn statement when the passengers arrive to Italy or Sardinia. For a next time, I hope you will consider informing your passengers about this important informations. We weren't the only passengers who did not fill out these documents before departure, the only reason the other passengers succeeded to fill out the documents was that they knew the language, and besides that one passenger was allowed to go on the plain without the documents. That's not fair."

Oscar Rojas says

"This shouldn't be a one-star review because we had flown several times between Germany and Mexico and all of those have been great. But what really pisses me off is that we requested the cancellation and refund of a ticket due to the Corona crisis back in April and all this time they kept telling me, wait for the cancellation e-mail, until just now some dude (that might have not been given proper training), told me by phone that the ticket was never canceled and that it was just a voucher and even offered me 10% extra for not canceling it. Which they are going to take back either way by increasing the prices. I cannot tolerate the lies. And guess what! Yep, wait another two or three weeks sir... your money is coming."

Yesim Kakalic says

"Our flight due 26 March from Hamburg to Antalya (9609183-01) was cancelled due to COVID-19. After calling the airline they assured me to refund me within 2 weeks. Nothing happened! I email the company and only received an automated response - never heard back. Then I contacted them via the live chat on their website and again they reassured me that I will receive my money back. After weeks, nothing happened. I also filled in an online refund request form and have never heard back from Condor. It's been over 2 month now and I still have not received my refund. Now they started sending me emails about how I can use a voucher to book another flight, which I do not want. I received a full refund from other airlines who cancelled the flight due to Corona. So it can not be that difficult. Not only have I not received the refund, I am now being charged in arrears because of your negligence. Not only have you not adhered to your responsibilities you have now cost me money on your pretence of your promise. Condor gives false promises and is only stalling its customers. I was happy with Condor before this incident but I will not continue being a customer to Condor anymore."

Mel A says

"Do not touch this Condor with a barge pole. On 17/5/20 They took payment and confirmed a booking for a flight to the USA in mid August. This morning I received an email cancelling the flight and sending me vouchers. I have been on hold to customer service for almost an hour. The first time I eventually seemed to get through and was diverted and asked to rate their customer service! I am again on hold. Shameful! Update: I was finally connected and have been assured I will receive a refund within 14 days. I will update if this happens."

Anna Guggenberger says

"Their "Customer Commitment" states that Condor allows flights to be refunded with no additional charge up to 24 hours after booking. The only problem is when you try to contact their customer service, they make you wait for 45+ minutes just to HANG UP on you as soon as you say the word 'refund'. Just happened to me. Still waiting to speak to someone ..."

Panmoli Sivananthan says

"Terrible service and unreliable, rude, unprofessional customer service"

Kathleen says

"I flew Condor from Seattle to Frankfurt, R/T in Dec. 2019. It was an endurance test. My luggage was lost for 11 days, so I had to use Christmas vacation funds for clothing and personal items. I am now jumping through multiple hoops to get reimbursed. I don't expect to ever see the money, even tho I have complied with everything they've asked for. The flights were torture: small, cramped, uncomfortable seats, no free entertainment, mediocre meals and beverages. There is no jetway in Frankfurt - they load passengers onto buses to & from the planes, which I've never experienced before. They also lost my bag on the return flight - apparently one entire luggage cart was left on the tarmac! So, if you like uncomfortable flights, poor customer service, and no guarantee of luggage - all at the same price of other better airlines, then Condor is the airline for you! Not for me - never again!!"

Simona Vachalkova says

"I had the worst experience flying with CONDOR, i literally ended up crying while boarding from a terrible customer tratment! I was flying from Cancun to Vienna ane then back from Vienna to Cancun since i live in Cancun, and it was the 4th time in past 2 years i have been flying this destination. On my way there, Condor even charged me for terrible quality earphones which are available for free with any other company! It is ridiculous, are they in red numbers!? The flight ticket cost €1650 for economy class which is the highest rate i have ever had to pay and i have been traveling during christmas time the same destination!! Dry nasty pasta which stinked with a piece of bread and cabbage salad which was probably already after the date of consumption and its the same on the way back, of course. Totally not worth even €1 to pay for flying with this “joke” which is called Condor. When i was doing check in of the baggage, the employee “helping” me was super rude, wasnt helpful at all and seemed like i was bothering him while he was only doing his job!!! Arriving to Munich, i came to boarding and then waited in the line with my boarding pass and my passport. When I came to the entrance, the lady told me to show her return ticket. I kindly told her that i live in cancun thats why i dont have a return ticket. She said that i cant fly until i show her a return ticket!!!!!! I couldnt believe my ears, i started shaking, trying to explain that i dont have it, that cancun is my home, that i have my papers there and everything. She sent me to a guy that was the rudest guy i have ever experienced, honestly. There were two other girls having the same problem, he was very very very rude, yelling at 3 girls who had never had a problem like this before since all 3 of us happened to be traveling WITHOUT a return ticket a lot! He even told me that he sent someone to get out my luggage out of the plane! He wasn’t at all trying to help or resolve the situation as any company should! I felt he was trying to make the situation even worse and find out how to make it impossible for me to enter the plane. I have never ever heard more stupid thing than this! They literally made us buy completely worthless flight tickets that we will never ever use! I showed them my visa, my number of tramit, everything i have to confirm I’m telling them the truth but they just didn’t care! I asked for their complete names because i truly feel this should be punished and someone competent should know this, but of course they refused! Its not okay to yell at customers, they are feeding them! Without us, there is no company, traveling should be a pleasant time and not stress! I had to buy two more tickets which cost me another €300 and this money is thrown away to trash, i will never ever see it again. I ended up crying my eyes out from so much stress and desperation from such a bad bad customer treatment. I dont expect anyone from the worst Condor to even read it but if my story could help someone to avoid CONDOR, and stress and throwing away their money, thats my satisfaction. I wish he gave me his name but im sure he knew why he didnt. It was the worst service i have ever had,i will never ever fly with them again, id rather stay home then travel with Condor, i feel harassed, i paid to get a service, not yelling, bullying.We are the customers, we should be treated like we deserve, we are all humans, this is unacceptable. Thank you for reading, i truly hope it helped."

nathan walker says

"I have been completely scammed and my family have had our consumer rights breeched and part of our holiday ruined! The extent I am willing to go to, to get my money back will be unmeasured! Yesterday the 18th of December I was denied boarding On my connection flight to Montego Bay jamaica via Frankfurt with my wife and 2 year old daughter, the member of staff that was at the boarding gate was very rude and unhelpful stating that I was late and the gate was closed.My flight was due to take off @13:45, I arrived at the gate @13:35, the flight eventually left @14:09, I tried to explain to the lady that the distance from where I arrived to where departures is, is quiet a journey especially with a toddler, we still had to clear passport control as well as airport security plus the Lufthansa flight I arrived in on was delayed.The Condor boarding gate staff then told me I had to go speak to the Lufthansa service desk for them to help us due to the fact that it was their flight that was delayed.From this point on I was pushed from pillar to post by various members of Lufthansa & Condor airlines to who’s responsibility it was to help me and my family. I was not offered a alternative flight or even a return ticket back to the start of my journey by ether airlines, after many stressful hours of going back an forth and reading through Condors company policy, It states clearly on the Condor website that if a flight is missed and was booked through Condor then they are the ones who have a duty to offer a solution by way of; flights, hotels or refunds, but we was just left stranded in Frankfurt With not a single member of Condor willing to help us! To have no compassion or humility for families with small children travelling to foreign countries, this is a Complete disgrace! And Totally unacceptable! We had to purchase new tickets to continue our journey at our own expense!!!! Condor airlines need to be shut down if this is how they are conducting their business!!!! The German travel ombudsman will here of this fraud their company has committed against my family."

Marc Hoekstra says

"CONDOR is the BIGGEST shame of German Aviation! Where the hell do I start... We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt on the 17th of December 2019 (flight DE2359 | 17 DEC 2019, 23:45) We paid € 300,- per person and I guess you get incredibly unprofessional monkey's when you pay 'peanuts'. - The plane way too small! We flew in a Boeing 757-300 on a longhaul flight from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt. Way too small of an airplane to travel in for 16 hours! Small chairs, 3 on 3 with barely any legroom. - No in-flight entertainment! No screens in the back of the Plane seats, only old crappy LCD screens from the 90's on the ceiling in the middle, on which they showed flight information and in the morning exactly 1 hour of old episodes of some comedy series. No iPads, no WiFi for use with your own phone. Nothing! - No power sockets or USB chargers whatsoever. What if your phone is almost empty and upon arrival you want to text or call your friend or loved ones? - Boarding started 1 hour later without any communication whatsoever to the passenger. Only when the boarding was finished (in a unprofessional way without microphone etc.), the captain explained that there were problems with loading the food, because of the fact that the airplane was not suitable for such a long flight (These were his own words!) - Refueling in Dubai. Another sign that the airplane was not made for such long flights. We couldn't leave the airplane and it took a little more then an hour, before we took off for the next 7 hours. - Breakfast was butter, jam, cheese, ham but NO BREAD. No communication about the fact that there was no bread. Not one of the crew explaned why there was not bread. Passengers had to ask themselves why there is no bread and some of them got a sandwich, while the rest wasn't even complaining because it's so weird I guess. Warm food was OK though. All and all, the whole charade looked incredibly unprofessional, it gave me a bad feeling. I will not ever advise anyone to fly with this organization!"

Latitcia says

"One of the worst airlines ever. They don’t have a proper service on the airplane neither on the hotline. The food is so bad, you have to bring your own. All in all, if you want to have an average satisfying trip, don’t choose Condor!"

Agents Flyhacks says

"worst service ever!!! they refused to give me refund for my rescheduled for 9 hours flight!!! their agent just hung up the phone and refused to help me! my ticket number is 7070071"

bulleyes72 says

"2 Stars for Take off and landing on time. The seats are old and hard for a flight of 4 hours. Snacks, sandwiches, water and other nonalcoholic drinks for fee. I saw the business class. It‘s so ridiculous. Only one sandwich and little chocolate for free. And the seats are the same. It‘s 65 year old German company, who forgotten what service is."

Sharon Yap says

"Not the best but acceptable. The airfare was on sale and we got a deal. The food was below average but with the price it was ok."

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