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Cokesbury is the retail division of the United Methodist Publishing House. Based in Nashville, TN, Cokesbury serves as an agency of the United Methodist Church but serves also as an ecumenical resource provider to other denominations.


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Aaron Taylor says

"I will no longer be using Cokesbury for any of our church's resources. I purchased a downloadable curriculum resource from them which turned out to be the EXACT same curriculum from several years prior under a different name. I requested a refund, and they refused to work with me despite having already purchased the material two years prior at another congregation because I was unable to give them an order number. If this is how they choose to treat customers who have supported them for years, I will no longer be purchasing resources for our church from them."

Pam Gaddis says

"They sell books they don’t have in stock. Takes several weeks to get They don’t tell you that upfront"