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Cheryl's cookie delivery makes the best cookie gifts to send to family & friends. Send cookies, brownies & gourmet desserts from Cheryl's.

An angry customer shared in a review ""My Grandma had ordered cookies from Cheryl's for me to thank me, she ordered it April 9th of 2020. It has been over three weeks now and it has not come or shipped, so we called customer service and we could not understand her. she told us it would be shipped by the next day. so we waited till the next day it and still hasn't shipped so we called back and told her that "we called you yesterday and you told us it would be shipped and it still hasn't" and she was no help to be honest. It is now April 17th of 2020 and it is still not shipped. I would not recommend this at all. By the time it gets here the cookies will probably be gross and stale."


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Lori Young says

"I must say I was excited to receive a gift of Cheryl's cookies at my job and they were excellent. However... I tried to place a bulk order for my company (for holiday gifts) and did not receive good customer service at all. Called 4 times and put on hold for at least 45 minutes each time and was given instructions each time for the next contact to help with tax exempt order. Sent emails to follow up each time also. The last call I talked to a very nice representative who took my order by phone and stated that I would get a call back from her as soon as her supervisor got more info for me. Also followed up with emails to customer service and corporate. Never got a call back or email back from this company even though I proceeded with every instruction that was given me to place this tax exempt order. I waited a week and had to go ahead and place $3,000.00 order with another company. I guess that wasn't enough money to spend to get good customer service. Still to this day 6weeks later, have not heard back from this company. Very disappointing."


"I ordered cookies to be sent to a relative in New York on December 8. The delivery date was December 15. I received a tracking number. The package got as far as the local post office ready for delivery, when I got a notification that the package was damaged and was sent back to the facility. That was on December 15. Tried calling Cheryl's was on hold a very long time, could not hang on any longer. Tried several times again same result. Tried E mail several times,no response. Post office which I assume is a rural one, was no help either,told me to contact Fed Ex or Cheryl's So now January 5 th is here with no cookies"

KeithH says

"Bottom line for anyone thinking about buying cookies from Cheryl's Cookies - RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! First off, Cheryl's Cookies is one of a slew of companies run or owned by 1-800-Flowers. I fully intend to avoid all of them. They are: 1-800-Flowers Personalization Mall Harry & David Simply Chocolate Popcorn Factory Cheryl's Cookies 1-800-Baskets Sheri's Berries Wolferman's Bakery Bloom Net Fruit Bouque DesignPac Moose Munch Stockyards Napco Basically, each of them offers some "high-end" (aka way over-priced) products of a wide variety of edible products. In hindsight, I decided to check up on them and there are plenty of red flags that make it clear these are companies to avoid. Just with Cheryl's Cookies, there have been 92 complaints filed with the BBB in the past three years. Our experience with Cheryl's Cookies? - on 12/5, my wife ordered a dozen Christmas cookies for my father (at almost $4 apiece!). FedEx got the order on 12/9 and turned it over to USPS for delivery on 12/18. USPS finally delivered the cookies on 1/3. So 9 days for FedEx and 16 days for USPS to deliver the product ordered on 12/5. Yes, I called to confirm they were finally received and to warn to be careful before eating any, After a month, either they are chocked full of chemical preservatives or too stale to eat. Okay, I do realize we're in the middle of a pandemic and all of the shipping companies got slammed with packages this year. It doesn't require a PHD in rocket science to expect delivery delays and Cheryl's should have not been surprised at all. It was all over the news the entire holiday season. Why have USPS deliver it from the recipient's local post office? Have FedEx deliver it. Each time you add a shipper to the chain, you increase the risk of problems exponentially. Two delays are going to be longer than one! Okay, it does seem a bit harsh skewering Cheryl's over shipping problems. That wasn't all. We did get a email confirming the order that contained a link to track you order status. That webpage tells you if your order is confirmed, in transit or delivered along with a shipper's tracking number and a scheduled delivery date. Guess what, despite a 12/15 scheduled delivery date (10 days after being ordered), that webpage showed no tracking number and the order still having a "Confirmed" status on 12/17 when I finally called them. Remember that the order had actually shipped on 12/9. Also, we never received a shipping confirmation but emails can get lost in transit. I was given a tracking number when I called. By the way, the order tracking page still shows our order as "Confirmed" and not yet delivered much less in transit. They can't even get the basics right! No I don't want a refund from Cheryl's. I'm no masochist. I just want to do what I can to warn folks to avoid these companies at all costs. If you did business with one and didn't have any problems, I strongly recommend you consider yourself fortunate and that you go start buying lottery tickets!"

Mark says

"Ordered Christmas Cookies online for delivery on 24 Dec. I specified that they must be delivered on 24 Dec. I even took the extra step to do a chat online with a customer service rep and I was told that the order would be delivered on Christmas Eve. The cookies were shipped and delivered on the 22nd. They sat in the doorway of the recipient's house for two days in the sun and were melted and ruined. The total amount paid was almost $60.00. After contacting customer service, I was advised that the cookies were delivered. When I asked them to read me the delivery instructions, I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes. The rep came back and advised me that they do not guarantee deliveries and due to the Christmas Holiday all shipments are sent "whenever". I was appaled. I asked what form of compensation I would recieve and was subjected to being told basically this was my fault and that I should not expect to special instructions to be followed during the busy holiday season, no refund provided because the were "delivered". Please save your money, support local business that will take pride in their work and customer service and provide the recipients of your gifts a much better experience. The person who recieved the gift, said there were two cookies on the bottom that were intact, and the taste was not what they were expecting. Buy Beware here."

Michele Morgan says

"Ordered cookies for an elderly woman for Christmas since she is locked in because of covid. Ordered over 2 weeks before asked them to be delivered and they were not delivered. I was lucky one time to actually talk to someone with customer service and they said my account would be credited. That has not happened and now i am unable to contact them. Horrible experience. Never will order from them again."

David Eccles says

"This company produces great product, but the call centre is based in the Philippines, and the agents work twelve hour shifts with very short breaks. They all got laid off a few days before Christmas. They are paid extremely poorly sometimes a $1 per hour. Think about these agents when buying the items."

Dawn S says

"Unfortunately, Cheryl's is no longer my choice for cookie gifts. Their quality has gone down hill over recent years. I placed an order in the fall and they substituted some of my cookie choices without (!) contacting me. The PB & J cookies were awful. I assume they had a surplus and that is why they threw those in my order. They confirmed they would send me a replacement shipment three different times. I received nothing except a $20 coupon for a future order. I will not be using Cheryls again."

Duke Louver says

"some of the worst tasting cookies! Just no flavor at all! Better off to stick to the local bakery."

Cheryl A. Grafton says

"Most horrible experience ever. Ordered a Christmas tray on 12/11. 12/13 I was told they would ship 12/14 and be delivered 12/16. This date came and went. I kept getting pushed out a days. On the 21st I was advised the cookies were with Fed Ex for 12/23 delivery. Today I'm told they never made it to Fed Ex and my order is lost. Worse service and experience I've ever had with a retailer. She should be shut down!"

Laura Jenkins says

"Wish I would have seen these reviews before placing a VERY large order with Cheryl’s for our client holiday gifts. Found out today that one of our top clients never received their cookies and now I’m wondering how many others didn’t get them either. I called three times and each call was over 30 minutes with someone who didn’t speak English well. In addition, I kept hearing a rooster crowing in the background. The representative kept apologizing for the background noise but it was annoying. I was told the order shipped but was lost in transit and they were having problems with FedEx. They had no idea when/if the package would arrive. I requested that they send another cookie tin and was told the next delivery wouldn’t be until Jan 5. The order was supposed to be delivered on 12/17. The worst part is I was never notified about the order being lost in transit. And it doesn’t appear Cheryl’s is keeping track either. And trying to talk to someone on the phone is futile. I won’t be using them next year. Anytime a company starts outsourcing their customer service team, it’s never a good sign and always frustrating to deal with."

Jan says

"If I could give a 0, I would. I ordered a tower on 12/2 to be delivered on 12/19. It was never delivered. I have been contacting them for days and the say it shipped, nothing they can do. Tonight at 10PM they email me to say it will not be coming. Too bad for me. NO compassion and they refused to overnight me another one. It was a Christmas gift yet they tell me to come back in January. Horrible Company!!! This was my 1st and last time dealing with Cheryl's. I will NEVER order from here again."

Sally Doffer says

"Horrible customer service. From Cheryls Cookies your order can be outsourced to another "sister" company without notifying you in advance of placing the order. Then when you have a problem Cheryls bounces you back to the "sister" company and vice-a-versa. A nightmare. And orders will not be delivered by Xmas. I got so frustrated I cancelled everything."

Andrea Chisolm says

"Horrible, Horrible customer service!!!! If I could give a rating of -1000 I would! Order from one of the emails they sent me advertising special $9.99 celebration passport. I was charged $29.99 and when I emailed and called to cancel they said order already in process and it couldn't be canceled. They also said I would have to contact 1-800-Flowers celebration passport customer service team to get the over charge cancelled. Emailed the 3 times, called and was on hold for over 2 hours with no one answering the call. Just a stupid message kept playing about how busy they are and the next available rep would be on the phone. I will never ever do business again with Cheryl's cookies, or any of their affiliated companies, 1-800-Flowers, David's and the rest. If this is the way they cheat people and have the worst customer service, it must be the same with all the other horrible companies."

Jen says

"If y'all ordered from Cheryl's for the holiday, you better prepare your recipients for disappointment. I placed my order a week ago, which was a nightmare in itself. Would have scrapped it but I had already spent so much time inputting all the addresses and gift card sentiments and didn't want to start over with a different vendor. The orders were supposed to start arriving today. The problem is that they haven't even shipped. Called Customer Support to talk to yet another outsourced rep who is not fluent in English. She says the cookies have shipped. I said the Cheryl's website shows they have not and there is no tracking number for me to find out where the order is at. She insists that they have shipped, so I asked for a tracking number. She says they have shipped but they are not with the courier yet, so that's why there's no tracking number. This doesn't make sense because they cannot leave the shipping facility without a FedEx tracking number. I continue to get the run-around about how they sort of shipped, but not really, well maybe tonight, and so on. I can already tell how this will end, which is with a ton of disappointed people on my Christmas list while it is now too late for me to start over with a new vendor. It's not enough to just write bad reviews here. It's a violation of the FTC rules, since Cheryl's is a catalog merchant. They are owned by a billion dollar corporation. This is grossly unacceptable. Please tell everyone you know to stop ordering, not just with Cheryl's, but with all the Cheryl's related companies. Until the CEO's see a drop in revenue this absolutely horrendous treatment of their customers will not end. Please do your part to help put these tone-deaf theft merchants out of business."

Consumer says

"Horrible customer service!!! I called three separate times just to connect with someone. The phone was disconnected twice, and the third time, I finally spoke with someone and told them about the issue and gave them my phone number to call back in case there were further issues and we were disconnected mid order. After spending close to an hour trying to find a product that was in stock, I placed four separate orders for close to $400.00. I WAS DISCONNECTED after spending so much time on the phone! I waited for the call back and the service rep never called back! I called Cheryl's cookies and asked to speak with a supervisor regarding my complete frustration. Guess what....NO CALL BACK! I guess they didn't need my $400.00. I will never use them, because if an order is placed and purchased, who knows if it will ever get to the recipient."

Toni Kash says

"This was a terrible experience. I tried to order a gift basket for my Daughter and her family, got someone on the phone who did not speak good English, over 1/2 hour on the phone with her repeating everything over and over again, kept saying "wait a minute", "oh sorry" etc. I asked what the problem was, no answer. I heard a dog barking in the background so assume she was working from home. After she finally got the order number straight she told me it would be $26.00 shipping on a $49.00 order, I was incredulous and asked her to clarify and she repeated the amount. I said never mind, cancel my order and I will never do business with this company again. An absolutely exhausting and unnecessary experience."

Rodney Leadingham says

"Ordered 30 shipments for out top clients on 12/2/2020. System was horrible to use and not user-friendly for multiple purchases under one order number. Kept erroring out. Couldn't call as no one spoke English hardly and asked the same standard question over again even though it was answered already. Clear we were going nowhere. Many issues with this process and kept trying as our sales team really wanted these so I grinned and beared it. Many rinse-repeat issues from above but finally got them ordered. They showed in-stock and delivery by 12/10/2020. Only 5 of 30 went out. Chatted them and same issues with no English. Called and same thing. Frustrated and tried next day hoping to get someone else. Grinned and beared it and struggled my way through on a >30 minute chat session to get a status update. New delivery date is now 12/14. 12/14 they still don't show as shipped. Currently over 40 minutes in chat session trying to get it resolved...rinse-repeat ealier comments. Gotta love it (NOT)!"

Tammy McFarland says

"Worse customer service ever !! After being on hold for 30minutes I left my number for a call back that never came . Finally got a live person who couldn’t help me because they sold out of cookie memberships ...a company that sells cookies ....asked for a supervisor she said she would have one call me back in 30 minutes , that never happened . Will never give this company another dollar !!! See why Cheryl herself sold out !!"

Maureen Baird says

"Horrible customer service! Package never arrived and Cheryl’s customer service did nothing to correct the problem. Would not provide a refund or any assistance! Never again! I should’ve checked all these horrific reviews prior to ever ordering! Be warned, not worth the risk!"

J Knutson says

"The foreign customer service I could not understand and who could answer no questions has turned me off this company"

Allie says

"I ordered Cheryl\'s cookies from QVC. NEVER AGAIN. They we half the normal size of their cookies, there were six bags of hard cookies. I hate hard cookies, I like the soft ones. They were terribly over priced. Never again. I used to like them, they are going downhill fast."

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