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Carando is a brand of Smithfield Foods. All of our classic Italian meats stay true to the traditional recipes that our founder, Pietro Carando, brought to America from his boyhood home in Torino, Italy. One taste is all it takes to discover the authentic Italian difference of Carando.

CBS reported on the recall issued on meat shipped to 2 Long Island Target stores, "The USDA reports the meat may have spoiled due to temperature while in transit. Massachusetts-based C&S Wholesale Grocers issued the recall. Product labels and UPC code numbers for products sold at the Central Islip Target include the following: CARANDO ITALIAN DRY SALAMI & NATURAL FONTINA CHEESE – 3.16OZ (UPC Item 11845)."


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Senior Machine Repair Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management has no clue what's going on there is no structure unfairly treated employees union does not backup the employee so don't bother joining the Union they lie about Saturday's in overtime say it's an occasional when it's every Saturday they lie about overtime it's mandatory all the time very unfair place to work I recommend don't work there unless you absolutely have to Cons: A nightmare to work at"

Meat Handler (Former Employee) says

"So this company pays decent for the work you do and how you are treated. You are nothing but a number. Your family and your health means nothing to them, if you are sick you better have a clone of you come in, they have no issue firing you if you are sick or even if your son is sick. Also don't like that everyone here is someway related to. The boss, they tend to just fool around and not work and never get inn trouble. Cons: Attendance point system, boss has family who works here, favoritism, companies cater to long term employees and make newer employees pick up the slack."

meat loader (Former Employee) says

"this place is a good to work at if you like a very busy day like 8 to 10 hour shifts sometimes you work Monday through Saturday but money is ok but hey its a learning experience"