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CAHORS, an international group specialized in the development of energy distribution networks and telecommunication networks. Wherever networks are built and evolving and where energy needs are expanding, both in developed countries and in emerging countries, the CAHORS Group’s challenge is to connect energy to people. The group’s teams work as close as possible to projects and decision-makers to support development and to design and propose technical and technological solutions tailored to every need.

An employee shares the disadvantages of working at Cahors on, "Disadvantages of working at CAHORS: -Sexually harassing leaders -No Leaves -No appraisal for 3 years -No work-life balance -6 days working with long-distance travel in Ranjangaon -MD driven company, you cannot add value - Human resource is considered as Donkey Resource -No mobile phones allowed in the company -Pathetic harassing people. Not safe"


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