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Bregott is a mark consisting of a fat blend that includes cream , rapeseed oil , salt , lactic acid culture, vitamin A and vitamin D . Bregott is available in several different variants. The brand is owned and marketed by Arla Foods. All Bregott products contain fresh cream, rapeseed oil and a pinch of salt. The cream provides the wholesome natural taste and the rapeseed oil makes Bregott easy to spread. Bregott is first and foremost a spreadable product, which can also be used for frying, baking and cooking in general.

Arla's sales were seriously affected by a two month long boycott of Danish products in the Middle East in 2006.[15] Anger among Muslims over satirical cartoons of Muhammed published in Denmark was the initial cause. When the Danish government refused to condemn the cartoons or meet with eleven ambassadors from Muslim nations, a boycott of Danish products was organised, starting in Saudi Arabia and spreading across the Middle East. The Middle East is Arla's largest market outside of Europe. On 3 February 2006, the company said that sales in the Middle East dried up completely, costing the company US$2 million a day.[16] Soon after the boycott hit Arla's sales, the Danish government met with Muslim ambassadors and the newspaper issued an apology.


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