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Tradeweb Markets Inc. (Tradeweb) is an international financial services company that builds and operates electronic over-the-counter (OTC) marketplaces for trading fixed income products, ETFs and derivatives. The company was co-founded in 1996 by Lee Olesky and Jim Toffey. Its customers include banks, asset managers, central banks, pension funds and insurance companies.

An employee mentioned, "Tradeweb cares too much about having a good Glassdoor rating and actively try to influence ratings by soliciting good reviews from employees they think have had a positive experience.

Horrible culture amongst certain senior individuals in London who make rude and disparaging comments about more junior colleagues and foster a negative atmosphere and poor behaviours in their teams.

Senior colleagues don’t effectively delegate responsibilities and relationships meaning there is a lack of development opportunities and actual work to do for junior employees.

Long hours and face-time culture regardless of your actual workload."


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"- Incompetent Mgmt - Refuse to give raises - Refuse to promote from within - They will hire contractors before moving existing employees around - The HR Director does not provide adequate assistance even when pressed - Management does not support it's employees decisions (especially in the integration group) - They do not recognize industry standards (project mgmt, software development) as being useful or effective - Poor software development in general with little to no regard of standardization, user interface, application uptime and stability."


"Non Industry management and poor leadership with poor communication. Management really has no idea how trading desks work and don't see how poorly our customers view them."

Current Employee - Integration Manager says

"Too many rumors which builds insecurities in people's jobs.... which leads to resignations."


"Senior management and the board killed a company culture that was outstanding. They are so clueless and out of touch with the people that give their heart, soul, and personal time with their families, all the while they are laughing all the way to the bank making fat salaries and taking in huge bonuses. They need to stop throwing money at problems and reward the worker bees."


"There needs to be more communication between all departments."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Outdated (legacy) system. Too much politics -- internally and externally. Private equity investors had short-term plans."


"Market conditions drive the business and impact compensation even if employees exceed performance goals."


"Pretty closed cliques in the different offices, company is too spread out between locations No real upward mobility, though that is often difficult in a small(ish) company Lots of management changes, not really impressed with any of the choices"


"Owned by private equity. Smart managers but tough, and looking to sell. Means some positions could be eliminated post sale."