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Ben Sherman is a British clothing brand selling shirts, sweaters, suits, outerwear, shoes and accessories predominantly for men. Ben Sherman designs sometimes feature the Royal Air Force roundel which is often called the mod target. In its beginnings in the 1960s, the company made its mark with fashionable short sleeved, button-down collared shirts.

A former customer shared in a review "I used think Ben Sherman was quality clothing till a hole appeared on the label line of a T Shirt after twelve months. The T Shirt was not worn regularly so it was certainly not fair ware and tear. I purchased the item from MYER using cash so was unable to obtain an exchange from the store. I attempted to gain an exchange from Ben Sherman Australia and was shocked by the response, under Australian Consumer Law we don't have any obligations without proof of purchase. Great attitude Ben Sherman Pty Ltd you have certainly lost a customer who used to regularly purchase your clothing line."


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Current Employee - Store Manager says

"no work life balance, exploitation of staff members, minimum payment, lots of responsibilities, no appreciation whatsoever, clearly not respecting employees needs, labors laws are considered optional, because everybody who does not play along gets replaced anyway, therefore staff members change constantly. therefore nobody knows what to do. Management clearly does not care about people, unless they are paying customers. TO BE REALLY CLEAR: I would rather be Donald Trumps ass-wiping-assistant, than ever having to work for this company."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"Not enough for the stress and unreachable targets, plus management unrealistic expectations"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management of the stores was horrible with unmanaged stores for months."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management, especially behind the scenes at head office. Communication was terrible. The brand has big steps to take in striving for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Feels very antiquated and outdated. Clothes far too expensive for the quality."

Current Employee - Key Holder says

"If its owned under Jaytex. Ha, good luck. They're a joke. Don't be fooled because they will easily bully you into stuff they don't even know for themselves. Asking for a raise; even you if you topped the previous top seller or if you stayed with the company for 6 years. Good luck getting a raise."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor direction from Management, a lot of work done for nothing."

Former Employee - Sales says

"It’s sales so it’s unavoidable with micro management"

Former Employee - Visual Merchandiser says

"Didn't get paid as well as the other shops in the area. Was one of two visual merchandisers in the store but there weren't any full time positions which I didn't understand. Pressured to be pushy salespeople. There were no opportunities for growth within the company."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"The environment can be very stressful at times. It is not commissioned based but you have to work for a sale like it is."

Former Employee - Floor Supervisor says

"Store management at the US outlets find it difficult to build, maintain and motivate a talented staff, but rather keep a high turnover and separate employment with you when they are bored. Often unprofessional management due to the company hiring it's store managers at a young age. Unorganized outlet structure. You will notice operational short falls, and marketing errors from time to time. I did not even receive a new hire training/company handbook when I got hired as a supervisor. Ben Sherman has much more growing to do for a UK company trying to make a mark in the US market. Great brand, just needs more time."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The worst 6 months of my life - so far. Poorly managed, shoddy production, abhorrent administration and an institutionalized atmosphere of bulling. This brand should have died out in the 2000s..."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I love Ben Sherman as a brand due to it's history in many subcultures. For some reason the company seems unable to see positive from negative and wants to eliminate their entire history altogether. What that leaves is a JCREW like brand selling shirts for over 120 dollars that are made in china and the fabric often feels like it. Occasionally they would make something worthwhile but they never recognized it because they were in it for the short term buck instead of building the brand, This becomes a major problem with the revolving door of both store management and head office positions. It seems every season everything changed, clothes, brand direction, employee policies, etc. Also as sales declined sales techniques got ever more aggressive and we started doing floor resets 3 times a week as if faded pink chinos would sell better based on if they were on a table near the back or a table in a corner. The sad thing is that this really is a problem that goes all the way up and until there is stability all you can hope for is low pay and a lot of headaches."

Asesor de Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Siempre me sentí a gusto con mi grupo de trabajo. Las tiendas son muy bonitasBuen Horario de trabajo, Trabajo en grupo, Metas por venta.Inconvenientes a nivel Administrativo y poca a atencion a las necesidades de lo trabajadores"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great product and service. The company closed in the US. It was located in San Francisco. Great collection of men's clothing, the quality was good and the style trendy."

Part-time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for a year, and I'd suggest getting a second job if you're not part of the management team (keyholder, assistant, manager) because the company doesn't make enough money for them to give hours to part-timers. You'll be in there maybe once a week. Peak season (Black Friday & Christmas) is the only time you'll get good hours in, but other than that, it's hard to say if you'll be guaranteed any hours. It also depends on your location too, because I know the Vaughan location is high-volume, meaning they need the extra help, so you might see something different there. Because it is a high-end brand, a lot of people don't feel very receptive to the price and it's just starting to gain traction in Canada (it's HUGE in the UK, which is where it originates from) so a lot of people don't know about the brand which makes it difficult to not only get sales in, but for customers to even come into the store.. I remember days where I'd have enough time to finish cleaning up the entire store and have nothing to do for the majority of my shift because hardly any customers would show up, let alone buy anything. I think it's twice a year that they do their employee sale where you can get 70% off 5 items in the store. The regular sales they have for customers are pretty much the same as your regular employee discount (50%), so getting that sale is great. You also get free items every few months to sell the merchandise and showcase how the fits and styles are.Free clothes, discount daysNot many hours to go around, slow most of the time"

Stock Room Manager (Former Employee) says

"The staff was to laid back and no one was ever proactive. Everyone liked being told what to do when there was nothing to do when the store was slow. The actual staff was really unfriendly."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"My responsibilities at Ben Sherman varied from day to day activities, to other responsibilities that were less frequent. On a day-to-day basis, I effectively run the shop floor to maximise sales and a smooth running. I delegate jobs to sales advisors, as well as leading by example and helping with shop floor duties and being a high quality key sales member. I track the sales advisors growth within their role, give appraisal where it was needed as well as critical evaluation followed by extra training and advice. This was my favourite part of my job. Although selling and connecting with customers to a high quality is personally very rewarding, seeing others grow, becoming better, and reaching goals (both KPI targets and personal set) with my help brings me so much joy. I like to work 1:1 with the staff while training, seeing them enjoy work, and become ecstatic when they finally reach their goal, makes my heart melt. I also carry out paper work and IT based tasks such as cashing up, sales evaluation and analysis, ordering, communicating with head office, and emails. I also quite enjoy this aspect of my job as I do like to work with computers and I am mathematically minded and thrive on a challenge. Ben Sherman as a company is small, but rapidly growing. Everybody in the company is a pleasure to work with, so friendly and always ready and happy to provide help. The support of the company is immense and it's a positive environment to be in. With Ben Sherman, I have already gone beyond my role and have taken a key role within recruitment of the sales advisors and set up a brandUniform allowance, bonus scheme, incentives, the friendly company"

Edward St Leger says

"Bought 2 pairs of Ben Sherman pumps not canvas in white and black impossible to get response from mandm direct have mailed them few times no number to call them only worn few times and exact same problem with both pairs sole is cracked in both pairs in same place can't wear them if you don't want wet socks never again and no comeback like new"

Craig Knibbs says

"Only four months after purchasing some Ben Sherman shoes, they are falling apart with minimal wear... typically shoes last me 2 to 3 years, not months!"

NigeG says

"I made the assumption that when one purchased something from a Premium Brand that you should expect a reasonable quality product. Sadly I was mistaken in this case.

Purchased from the charlatans at M and M Direct - that’s another sorry tale. Customer Service is a joke. They want me to return them to check that it’s “fair wear and tear”.

Back on topic: my Slippers arrived on the 5th October. By the 21st they have holes in both where the sole is coming away from the uppers. They’ve been worn every day inside my house, not outside at all. I expected they would last at least three months, possibly more than six. Sadly less than three weeks.

Good job I paid a discounted price of £14.99 and not the £35 plus RRP! Even so that’s £0.93 per day!!

So Ben Sherman I very much doubt I will be buying anything from you ever again."

Kaveh says

"Very very bad customer service. After a few years being their customer and receiving a lot of email advertisements, I ordered to black polo shirt. They sent me only ONE.
I tried to inform them but no one cares.
Please don’t spent your Monday on them."

Mike Smith says

"Horrible customer service. I will never buy another product from them. Neither should you!!"

Sanzai Amgalan says

"Bad shoes, not recommend to buy"

Martin says

"Bought a pair of brown suede boots lasted 4 days then ripped all down one side were they was stitched to the sole very disapointed"

Michael McCabe says

"You can fool some of the people some of the time ....................
I bought an expensive pair of Ben Sherman Shoes, beautiful to look at and wear - for a day or tow, that is! I am now on Day 3 of wearing them, and I nearly tripped on the pavement as the sole came away from the shoe on the right hand foot. What a pair of crap shoes! Never, ever again. Seems like they think they can produce inferior quality footwear without any regard for the personal safety of the wearer. Shame on you Ben Sherman. I'll never purchase anything form your label again. Load of rubbish!"

Gerry Wood says

"My Name is Gerry Wood back in the 70s l cut for 50% of the pop world & the same for the film world.Princes,Dukes,Earls Mens Ladies, Childrens, we even shared a stand with Ben a true Pro. l purchased LS Riley CRAP Fabric when washed 40 and the shirt stunk of curry, buttons CRAP CRAP CRAP YOU ARE A DISGRACE and iron WET"

Lesley Covington says

"NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Spent a lot of money on a made to measure suit and the seat of the trousers wore away after little over a year. They repaired it with a patch over the bum and said this was a goodwill gesture! They refused to do anything further about it."

George says

"Had a poor experience with them - i bought a suit that tore after a year. Contacted them, but they refused to do anything about it. Will never buy from them again,"

Gidon Amsellem says

"Terrible company. No customer service. I bought a Ben Sherman suit and three months later the dye ran off the lapel and the company has refused to do anything to rectify the situation. DO NOT BUY BEN SHERMAN'S CHEAP PRODUCTS!"

Oliver Birk says

"I have bought a pair of expensive Ben Sherman shoes, and After just 3 weeks, one of the heels suddenly fell of, and i have not done anything, but walking in them. Well, i went back to the shop, where i had bought them, and they have send it back to Ben Sherman.

Now a month have last by, and i have, several times, been down to the shop and they have not heard ANYTHING!

A month? I have absolutely no intentions of shopping Ben Sherman things agian, and i would defenitly not recommend it!"

Paul Bowman says

"After ordering some goods from Ben Sherman in January and Ben Sherman sending the wrong size, which I returned showing the size I had ordered, Ben Sherman have still not exchanged the goods or refunded my money. They do not bother to contact me to let me know what is happening outside of an automated email telling me that they are experiencing problems. I have now been waiting a month for Ben Sherman to resolve their mistake. One of the last times I ordered goods from Ben Sherman they didn't deliver and failed to then tell me the item was out of stock. They did this twice. There is no phone number listed and no complaints procedure in place. They still have my money and won't adequately communicate with me. I have been a customer for some years so I am shocked at this lack of care and professionalism. Very frustrating and disempowering as a customer."

Paul Turner says

I returned the above order on Tuesday 8th December.
I sent an email to webhelp on Monday 14th December received an automated response saying my query would be dealt with in 2 days, and got NO REPLY.

So I sent a follow-up email on Wednesday 16th December and still got NO REPLY.

All I want is confirmation that you have received the item and are progressing the refund. It's extremely shoddy service that I have heard nothing from you at all. Please can somebody contact me ASAP."

Tom Johnston says

"I am sad to say that I agree with these reviews. Ben Sherman was a near-mythical brand, the original owner build a sterling reputation with quality products. As a kid, you would save up to buy great quality Ben Sherman apparel at premium prices.

I now often see Ben Sherman products in discount chain stores (Marshall’s, etc.), shirts priced at $19.99
here in Boston, and, given that they are polyester knock-offs of what the Sherman brand used to be, barely worth that. The original brand owner sold it years ago, the new owners could not be doing more to drive it into the ground than if they were intending to. Sad what it’s come to. Sherman is a specialty brand, and even if they wanted to make a play to mainstream it more: the quality is so incredibly bad and tacky that the knew owners should be publicly shamed. Ben Sherman deserves so much better. They could fix the quality and re-brand and get people’s attention, so deep is the love for Ben and so entrenched in people’s history..."

richard machin says

"bought a ben sherman stainless steel bracelet watch from argos today advertised as mens it wouldnt even go over my hand as the strap was too small , it would probably have fitted a young teenage boy better ,i am very dissapointed as i have to return the watch for a refund i think the watches are badly designed and the straps should be made much bigger ."

Martin says

"Bought a pair of Ben Sherman shoes for my son, primarily for school and his weekend job. Looked OK in the shop although not cheap.
Within 6 weeks both heels worn, one worn through.
Took to local cobbler who re-heeled for £15, and he showed me the heel substrate. MADE OF PAPER.
How on earth can a pair of quality shoes be made using compressed paper ? What would happen when they get wet ?
Advised BenSherman who were polite but otherwise unhelpful
Lesson for one & all - avoid Ben Sherman, their shoes at least"

Angela Berry says

"With my rating, I bet you know if am satisfied or not"

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