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Bay News 9 (also officially known as Spectrum Bay News 9 as of September 24, 2017) is a cable news television network located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Owned by Charter Communications, it currently serves the Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Polk, Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus counties. The station, which is exclusive to Spectrum customers, provides rolling news programming 24 hours a day, with the exception of some special programming, including a weekly political program, Political Connections.

Ami D wrote "When the Baynews 9 was produced by Brighthouse the coverage seemed local and good. Now since Spectrum Has taken the lead both the news and weather coverage has gone from bad to worse. We have the possibility of a Cat 3 hurricane knocking on our door, instead of the Tropical Update at 1049 we hear how LSU knocked UCF off their perch. No longer local!!!!"


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Technician (Former Employee) says

"The rapid internal decline of this organization is really pitiful and what's worse is the current main management team will continue to foster a caustic newsroom environment. Annual performance evaluations are a joke and in three years there was never any follow-through on professional growth items mentioned. The ineptitude of the management failing to recognize there is a problem with high turnover and morale is beyond astounding. Cons: inept and uncaring managers, three-year contract with penalties (and 6-month no-compete), high stress, poor morale, little or no advancement opportunities, poor wages"

Sports Photojournalist (Current Employee) says

"Working hard and doing a great job rarely gets you kudos or a promotion. Just about all of the managers have little or no people skills, management experience and have never been outside the walls of a television station. Management is inept and the work environment is negative."

Audio Operator/Media Editor (Former Employee) says

"Bay News 9 is not a traditional news station. Anyone used to working at network affiliates will have a very hard time adjusting. This is due to several factors including the fact that management makes up their own rules for TV news. Hardly anything is done traditionally and this is on both the news and production side. "Producers" dont get a say in their shows because they are under a constant microscope from the news director/assistant news director. They do not hesitate to constantly call the control room or pay them a visit to dictate what goes on air. Producers at Bay News 9 have absolutely no creativity because they are essentially not allowed to have one. This environment trickles over to operations/productions and creates a lot of negativity and tension. The production department is basically subjected to EXTREME routine, also essentially taking away any creativity you may bring to the job. Its not all negative: the benefits are great, they're owned by the cable company so you get a giant cable package and internet for free, the benefits are very solid and the pay i thought was fair. There are also a couple of bonuses through out the year. Bay News 9 is also a good learning facility for producing, editing and operations. Not a horrible place as a first job in TV, until the daily drama and grind is finally too much to deal with. Management will also not hesitate to ask you to work longer hours, come in early, cancel vacation and frown uppon you for having a life outside of work. I've had many conversations with co-workers including reporters,producers,directors,operations Cons: management, low morale, negativity, no creativity allowed, not much advancement opportunities, strict vacation guidelines, extreme routines, dealing with personalities"

Director/Technical Director (Former Employee) says

"Morale was low most of the time. The management team for the most part is non effective. There is micromanagement and poor decisions across the board. People do what the do just to keep a job until something better comes along."

Senior Producer (Former Employee) says

"People were great, work/life balance not as wonderful. Management expects ridiculous amounts of weekends, holidays and overtime, with no switching of shifts."

Brewc983 says

"Little more than a liberal mouth piece. Holly Gregory is not a journalist. She is little more than a liberal Democrat who gets a platform to spread the socialist message. God help us!"

shirley serovey says

"their sports sucks. All they talk about is usf and florida. There is two other schools that need reconginition florida state university basket ball is in the 32 all I hear is how florida did or usf girls did this. Nothing on the mens basketball and I am so sick of hearing the bucs. If we don\'t get good coverage for our fsu guys I will never watch bay news 9 again. "

Poor reporting says

"Although I like the weather updates, which is important in our area, the reporting is very Democratic and one sided, quite frankly the absolute worst I have ever seen, especially In these trying times it makes it difficult to watch how they report the news, especially Torres- she’s about the worst person that I have ever seen on TV. I’m even thinking of canceling my service solely based on this program. Bay News 9 should stick to reporting the truth and not fabricating real news stories "

Shannon says

"Very politically biased, not really journalism but more propaganda"

Patriot says

"How you liberal coward suppress the truth from the American public and tell those lies and yet sleep at night amazes me enjoy it while you can because your days are coming to an end we know you\'re evil agenda against the American public and you will not be able to stop what is coming your way and that fat redhead pig that you have in the morning that has an attitude about the red white and blue and the American people is appalling we the American people voted to reject this corrupt globalism we also reject the corrupt media in this country go to hell"

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