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The Bass Brewery was founded in 1777 by William Bass in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England. The main brand was Bass Pale Ale, once the highest-selling beer in the UK. By 1877, Bass had become the largest brewery in the world, with an annual output of one million barrels.

An outraged customer mentioned, "No! No! No! Sigh. Once again ABInbev has screwed beer drinkers. I had not drunk Bass Brewer for a long time. I tried it at a pub and instantly regretted my decision. Color of weakly brewed tea w/lots of streaming bubbles. Faint whiff of something I couldn't quite put my finger on but whatever it was wasn't pleasant. Same for the taste. I usually don't make the infamous yuck face but I did this time around. The head of foam was like soap and there was a very nasty aftertaste. Looked at the bottle's label-for some odd reason they didn't have it on tap but in bottles only-and now I see why. Brewed in New York of all places. I really don't like to taste corn/rice/cereal grain funk in my beer. This was so bad I almost ordered a Bud for my second round...almost. I already had a low and I mean low opinion of products coming out of AB-Inbev and this just confirmed it. If you like it more power to you. Bass just isn't what it used to be and clearly not my cup of tea. Should have known. Oh well live and learn. Over all a very nasty and pale imitation of what was once a decent pale ale. A rep for AB claimed that the formula or recipe had not been altered. Given AB's track record I don't really believe that. I don't think I will be making this mistake again. Grade wise I have to give Bass Pale Ale an F. The American brewed version at least."


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