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Barnes & Noble, Inc., is an American bookseller. It is a Fortune 1000 company and the bookseller with the largest number of retail outlets in the United States. As of March 7, 2019, the company operates 627 retail stores in all 50 U.S. states. In August 2019, Elliott Management Corporation acquired the company.Barnes & Noble operates mainly through its Barnes & Noble Booksellers chain of bookstores. The company's headquarters are at 122 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Arthur from Sweetwater wrote "I ordered books on July 2. As of July 24, they have not arrived. I got the order numbers from my receipt and typed the order numbers into my account. They no longer show up in my order list. They lost the orders. I can get the same books from Amazon within a week, with no problems, because Amazon doesn't lose orders. I can understand why Barnes & Noble is going out of business. "B&N" must stand for "BROKE AND NO GOOD." I have had many bad experiences with BROKE AND NO GOOD in the past of a similar kind. I will never order from them again."


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Former Employee - Store Manager says

"The company is absolutely lost."

Former Employee - Stocker says

"The work environment is terrible."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"No real book culture- all profit"

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"no set schedule, low pay, no benefits"

Former Employee - Book Seller says

"terrible leadership, terrible pay, terrible expectations"

Current Employee - District Manager says

"The management team does not value your results, contributions or experience. You will be tossed aside like discarded tissues. Do not trust a word leadership says because they will mislead you at every turn."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Vindictive management from the top down. If you want the most stressful environment, you've found it!"

Former Employee - Barista says

"Management, hours, schedule, and everything"

Former Employee - Head Cashier says

"I've worked in multiple BN stores, and I am speaking *specifically* to the Boston Prudential Center location, which was honestly one of my worst experiences as an employee ever. I came out as trans about four months into my time there (and I worked there for over a year). Initially, management told me they were supportive, would use my pronouns, and were nice about it so I thought everything would be fine. But as time went on, I increasingly realized that would not be the case. Months upon months went by as several managers—and some coworkers—consistently continued to misgender me. I was patient at first, reminding people to use my pronouns—even offering two sets of pronouns to choose from to make it easier—and figured it would take a little getting used to. But when four months went by and the same managers were still consistently misgendering me, I began to get frustrated. I asked management if I could wear a pronoun pin on my lanyard to help remind people and I was told pins were not allowed—even though one coworker wore a lanyard with literally a dozen pins and was never reprimanded. I expressed my frustration to management and was told everyone was doing their best, to be patient, etc—and yet, nothing changed. Six months after I came out I was still getting consistently misgendered by the same managers, and to add to the problem, a coworker had begun harassing me. This coworker would also consistently misgender me, except when I corrected them they directly told me they didn't care. I brought it up with management again and again, until one manager told me I was partially at fault for my own harassment—because, according to the coworker harassing me, they felt I was being disrespectful to them by correcting them when they misgendered me. I was so upset by this manager insinuating I was at fault for being harassed that I finally requested to speak to higher management about the issue directly. When I did explain to higher management how this coworker was harassing me and why the manager's response was not acceptable, they told me that the coworker harassing me was a friend, and while they had had problems with this coworker before, the coworker was doing their best and wasn't a bad person. They chalked it up to personalities clashing, then compared my asking people to use my pronouns to asking to be called a zebra (this example was supposed to somehow show how supportive higher management is, because if I wanted to be called a zebra they would respect that, because apparently asking people to respect my personhood is the same as wanting to be called an animal). Nothing ever changed until the day I left. The transphobic abuse I endured while working there made me depressed and I dreaded work every day until the day I finally found a job elsewhere in a truly welcoming environment. Management at the Prudential Center BN is an absolute mess, and I especially strongly advise against working there if you are a trans person. They'll say they'll be supportive—but they won't be."

Former Employee - Bookseller says

"Everything else that you had to deal with."

Receiving Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a part-time worker and told I would get between 20 and 30 hours a week. Hours ended up being between 10 and 15 with low pay and little training or possibility of advancement. The store manager had poor interpersonal skills and used unflattering nicknames for workers. Located near WegmansNo appreciation for hard work and dependability"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"There is not advancement and there is no job security here. The store management dont treat the employee well and they try to easily hire a bunch of new inexperienced workers when they dont give the older employees any hours for weeks. good customerseverything else"

Salesperson (Former Employee) says

"You will HATE working for the women in this company, particularly this company's management team who spend more time making your life miserable than they do actual work to increase sales! The District Manager and Store Managers are not to be trusted. They should have been fired years ago. If they are nice to you, do not trust them, they will stab you in the back and write you up a day later. I've never seen a place where the women are so vicious and evil. You do get a checkEverything else. Miserable environment."

Café Lead (Former Employee) says

"Very little chance of advancement. Pay was not worth it for the constant task we do. Manager and Assistant Manager treated employees unfairly on a regular basis."

Head Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend, especially if you love books. Often encouraged to sell what they want you to sell, not what you enjoy reading. Unrealistic sales goals. Managers are mostly a nightmare. Very, very low pay considering managers want your total devotion to the jobGood discountAlmost everything else"

Bargain Lead/ Sales Lead/ Head Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Not worth the headache. Terrible corporate communication. No rapport or seniority considered. They laid off hundreds of their most experienced staff a couple years ago and we're ruthless during COVID-19. I worked for this company on and off since 2013 and was laid off without pay during a pandemic! Terrible. You are just a number to them. Don't do it"

Cashier/Bookseller (Former Employee) says

"Greet and help customers to find books, cross selling to other selections. Upselling clients to " Barnes & Noble credit" card and yearly memberships.Being surrounded by bookseverything else"

Barista (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be thrown into an extremely stressful work environment, then by all means, work here. There is little to no training, then when you try to learn and get better, the other employees will get annoyed because you're "too slow". Then you're stuck on register for 8 hours without learning how to make drinks."

Bookseller (Former Employee) says

"There is nothing rewarding about working for Barnes and Noble. It is a greedy corporation that does not care about the people it employs. The work environment is not sanitary, and the company is extremely wasteful. Management tactics are not fair. It is the fast food of book retail. They will not last long."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I hated it here. The Huntington Beach main manager was terrible. The assistant managers were wonderful. Coworkers made this place bearable. I would never choose to willingly work here but if you must. you must."

Bookseller/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Good luck getting hours or advancement. You will receive neither. Your job is boring. The hours drag on and on and on because you're not really doing anything but dealing with customers meaningless requests. Most shifts are laughable, meaning you'll work from 1 to 2, that's how short hours are to pass out between employees, and, unless you're a "bully" and are constantly harass fellow employees for their hours your paycheck will be next to nothing."

Cash Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Nothing but selling memberships if you dont your fired. No benefits. Manager was abusive and a bully. He would hide behind displays to watch you and then berate you or give you negative sticky notes.NoneNo benefits, no paid time off and no full time positions."

Bookseller/Customer Service/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"The management at this store was completely inept; when they aren't simply pulling tills, existing within their own to make displays and talk about the rest of the employees, and doing literally the same job as the Booksellers on the floor they are reading statistics or holding pointless meetings that accomplish nothing. There is no training program either beyond a binder with poorly-writtenC outdates, and confusing instructions. Worst work experience I've had, despite countless promises of inclusivity and attention to employee needs."

Book Seller and Barista (Former Employee) says

"The managers pick their favorites and give th the first choice on shifts. Also there is no support in the cafe so although was a bookseller I spent the majority of my time covering for the cafe. The management is very liberal and political"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Management refuses to hire any new employees, They send out emails stating they will be looking for other candidates months and months later. They do "Phone" interviews and never call back but months later send out emails refusing any new person, It's like they only prefer students."

Perk Place Café - Barista (Former Employee) says

"No hours, extremely early lunches sometimes an hour after getting to work, like pulling teeth to get someone to cover when it's break time, just all around unhappy with the company"

Café Manager (Former Employee) says

"stores are understaffed, employees don’t feel appreciated/valued, store managers don’t care enough or micro manage . being a cafe manager is not worth the stress for the pay. You have to run cafe with not much help unless you luck out with a really supportive store manager. You have to follow a lot of corporate guidelines, which is fine but they change them last minute or don’t send you the correct signage. You don’t get any time to do manager things . You are expected to be doing all the barista gals with no other staff and getting manager stuff done. Cafe gets the smaller amount of hours in the store. S"

Barista/Cashier/Bookseller (Former Employee) says

"So understaffed most of the time, very stressful place. Working in the cafe was horrible. The manager is lazy and does not do anything and when we are busy she always disappears. The coworkers were nice and made you feel welcomed. The pay was not worth it for how much you had to work."

Barista/Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"While you will meet some amazing booksellers and people in general Barnes and Noble as a company does not care about their employees. I have worked for this company for 16 years in 3 different stores some managers are worse then others and forget asking the”we listen” line for help it’s not confidential and only hurts the reporting bookseller in the end."

Receiving Manager (Former Employee) says

"They expect more from their employees than is humanly possible for very little pay. Also the B&N corporate takes every opportunity to make terrible business decisions, then cuts hours for employees to make up for it."

Clayton A. says

" misquoted the delivery date for a Christmas gift TWICE, and refused to cancel the order despite my asking them to on three occasions before the order was even shipped. On 12/15/20 Barnes & Noble quoted me a delivery date of 12/18/20 for the xmas gift. But the same day, about an hour after I placed the order, B&N notified me via email that the new delivery date for the item would be 12/31/20! (after Christmas) On 12/15/20 I contacted B&N via chat and asked to cancel the order. I was told the order cancellation request would be put in. On 12/22/20 I called Barnes & Noble customer support to check on the cancellation. I was told it could not be processed, despite the fact that the item had STILL not be shipped and my card had not yet been charged. 12/31/20 (the revised delivery date) came and went and the order STILL hadn't left the warehouse. On 01/04/21 I e-mailed Barnes & Noble and again asked that the order be cancelled as it was past Christmas, past the originally promised 12/18 delivery date, and now past the revised 12/31/20 delivery date and the item STILL hadn't been shipped nor had the card been charged. On 01/05/21 Barnes & Noble shipped the item, despite my asking them not to three times, as no one would be at the delivery address to accept the package anymore. On 01/09/21 I began a back and forth exchange of 12 e-mail messages trying to reason with the vendor. I explained that I can't physically return the book as no one is currently staying at the delivery address. I explained how many times I'd tried to get them to cancel it. I reiterated how they didn't honor the original or the revised delivery date, and how it's unreasonable to expect me to get on a plane and fly across the country to return the book. In all honesty, the book and packaging has now been outside for weeks, and I'm sure it's likely to have been destroyed by weather events. They still don't care and told me I need to physically return this likely destroyed book in another state. I even paid $7.99 for expedited shipping and they couldn't even bring themselves to refund that. Amazon refunded my ENTIRE order when it arrived late once. B&N isn't going to stay relevant in this online commerce space if they don't take care of their customers. Whatever loyalty they had will diminish, and they'll continue to close retail stores in-person sales continue to decline. Any shareholders out there take heed, as this is not a sustainable business model!"

relisem says

"Purchased two books online. One came defective and I decided to return both in store. Because I used a debit card via PayPal they said I could not return the books for anything other than store credit. I was not made aware of this as a stipulation at any point. Obviously there are many books available and I can find something else to buy but, That is not the point. I went to the store with intent to return for a full refund and was not allowed because I used PayPal. If Barnes and Noble offers PayPal as a payment option they should make purchasers well aware that if they were to do a return they are only able to receive store credit. I would have manually entered my card instead of using PayPal if I was made aware of this. Felt like others should know this stipulation. On top of that, the store manager was rude about it. Also, before I went to the store, I reached out to customer service about the damaged book I received and never heard back. Overall, terrible customer service from Barnes and Noble. I have no interest in shopping from them again as I feel my purchases and money are not protected. What a bummer and borderline scam."

Matt Anderson says

"Free Shipping they advertise is not true. Went to website and added 2 books that their site claimed qualify for free shipping. Website would not honor the free shipping even though both books were marked on their site as being eligible for it."

upsetting says

"I bought a book online and it was suppose to be brand new, of course. However, when I received the package one week later, the book I received had a folded cover and a dent, as well as two pages that were smudged with ink. The packaging and handling was very minimal, and there was no care into choosing a high quality book before packaging. I am so upset and it's frustrating because the book I ordered online is not available near me in stores. I've also read many reviews about how little care they put into packaging and others have received banged books as well. Such a big company and they cannot put in the time to serve their customers better. This is absolutely ridiculous. I would not have purchased online anyway if the book was available in store. Purchase someplace else like Amazon instead if you cannot go in person. Absolutely terrible."

Kris says

"Ordered a book in paperback that is in pre-order status until March 2021, although shipping says may get it by Jan13th. Customer Service says the order has already gone to the warehouse for shipping, so they cannot cancel it. Apparently the "warehouse" is a vault without phones or humans. I cannot even change the shipping address. I regret going back to B&N instead of just using Amazon."

Tad Beavers says

"Failed to notify me that my product was out of stock and wouldn't be shipping anywhere close to the expected delivery time. Was unable to give me any expected delivery date."

bronxparkbench says

"Purchased a book as brand new, paying full price. When it arrived, I noticed a printing error on several of the pages. I contacted the publisher and verified this. I returned the book. B&N did not place the cost of the return on me, which I am thankful. The problem, however, is that they tried to sell me a book as new that should have been discounted or not sold at all."

Cate Farris says

"11 hours ago I placed an online order, on 12/13, received confirmation of order and shipping. Received a shipping update, on 12/18, notifying me that the package would be delayed. Apparently, later, on 12/18, they sent another email saying the order had been CANCALED. Wth!? Of course, I didn’t see that email until 12/21! I called customer service and they had no explanation. No explanation!?!? Its too late to find another toy for my nephew. Very disappointing!"

Janie says

"What happens that barnes and nobles? I ordered a book at there store to have it t delivered to my son on 12/9/20. They never emailed me that it was can't on 12/12/20. I called customer service and there claiming I'm only getting $43.00 back when I spend $67.00. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I have the membership but if this is how barnes and nobles do business and treat there customers by robbing them no thank you! I didn't get what I paid for! Beware since covid happened there just out for themselves it seems!"

Rennie says

"I used to love Barnes and Nobles it after what I have seen and heard tonight I will not be coming back in the future. The customer service was rude and they had lied about not having a book they actually had. I understand mistakes happen with the book, however what I witnessed tonight regarding a customer was disposable. Disappointment doesn't discribe my feelings."

B&N Non Customer says

"Due to mail delays this year due to COVID, I thought emailed gift certificates would be a good idea. Ordered electronic gift certificates and told my family I hoped they enjoyed them. They all notified me they had not received them. Was shocked because these are electronic gift certificates so just assumed they would get them instantaneously. I got on chat with Barnes & Noble and they told me to call this "Sales Audit" number. I asked why they couldn't help me and they were vague but said the order should have gone through. I asked chat person if they could cancel my order and they said no, I would need to talk to Sales Audit line. Got on hold with the Sales Audit line and waited a good hour with no idea for when my call would be answered when I saw there was an option to cancel my order online. Not sure why the chat customer service rep couldn't have mentioned that when I asked them to cancel the order. Cancelled and will never do business with B&N again. I thought I would avoid using Amazon this year but B&N is worse. Would not recommend. They seem like a sketchy company, which is surprising. I thought B&N were reputable. Who knew. Also, it was not an issue with my payment method, which Barnes and Noble used successfully about a month ago for a book purchase. It's their loss. I turned around and bought my family gift certificates with another company which they received instantly as expected. It was embarrassing explaining this absurd situation to my family and a huge waste of most of my Sunday."

Eliana Kashierski says

"I bought Las mil y una noches book a few months ago and it was a very bad surprise. The font size in the book was so small that I need a magnifying lenses to read it. I was so upset that I took the book back to the store but in the store they did not accept the book because I did order online even though in the receipt said that you can return to the closes store. So I had to call Barnes and noble office in order for them to send me a shipping label in order for me to send it back to their store. I will never ever recommend anybody to order books online from this store it was a very bad experience. I waist my money and gas trying to return this book. The store should said the size of the font so I don't have to waist my time and money."

RUMY says

"0 stars is all Barnes and Noble deserves for their horrible customer service. Don't order from them online. An item was left off my order. I called their support line to try to talk to a rep about it. The first time, the call was ended after I had waited 25 minutes. The second time, I waited 47 minutes and no one ever picked up. I sent them an email, but after a week and a half, I've still not received a reply. A company with this little regard for its customers doesn't deserve your business and they definitely won't get anymore of mine."

J L says

"I wish I had check this website before I ordered on barnes and noble website. If only I can give them 0 star. I bought a toy as a Christmas gift for full price only to find out that I got ripped off. The toy arrived in a torn box, did not work, and was obviously marked down to 50% off. I emailed them and had given them enough days to reply back, but they did not care enough about their customers to respond back. I also called them after not hearing from them, but had to wait forever and did not get anyone on the phone either. I tried to return the item in store only to get a store credit. I can return it by mail, but I would be responsible for the shipping. I would not buy from Barnes and Noble anymore. Worst customer service ever."

Pat Darden says

"Boycott these stores. They REQUIRE a mask in order to shop in their stores and buying online carries no guarantees of successful delivery or condition of merchandise. Customer service is lacking. They are going out of business and we should all be thankful. Management is a liberal idiot! BOYCOTT"

Heywood says

"Your website will not allow me to change billing details - the UK does not appear in the list of countries, so how can I buy for my grandchildren in New York?"

LOUISE Whitney says

"I ordered a book and was charged for it but have never received it Louise Whitney"

David M Bozarth says

"Sent a damaged vinyl LP. Attempt to return for replace/refund is a total disaster. Extremely poor or no communication, less than helpful personnel, unclear/incomplete directions. Just pray they get your order right."

HC says

"I ordered a Funko pop online. It came by the estimated delivery date, but the box was a little bit banged up."

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