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J. Barbour & Sons Ltd is a British luxury and lifestyle brand founded by John Barbour in 1894, that designs, manufactures and markets waxed cotton outerwear, ready-to-wear, clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women, and children under the Barbour and Barbour International brands. Founded in South Shields, England, as an importer of oil cloth, J. Barbour and Sons Ltd has become well known for its waxed cotton jackets which are a common element of British country clothing. The company's waxed cotton jackets are so well known that some people refer to any waxed cotton jacket as a "Barbour jacket", irrespective of manufacturer.

Joe shared her experience, "My husband and I are big fans of Barbour clothing. Called at store to check out stock. We were very disappointed at lack of stock(this may have been just the wrong time for us) some of the stock that they had wasn't a great price. I had a few items which I purchased on sale at a barbour retailer in Penrith and they were when cheaper than the outlet e.g.. slippers in Barbour outlet were £35.00 located in bargain bin. I bought these for £15.00 in a sale. They also had a male t shirt at £ there was a stain on the front? Why does a big manufacturer with a Royal warrant try to off load merchandise. On a positive note...their new stock is great altho some items can be bought lots cheaper on line. Hate their outlet..."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"As a n update to this review we have since the date of this review changed the management of our USA retail operations and as a result we would expect that a poor review like this would no longer apply. Reviews for USA retail associates from fall 2017 on wards do seem to reflect the changes we made and indeed we are still making improvements."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"This is a very disappointing review, but it is difficult to identify which store is being talked about with the description. It would be helpful to us in any review to name the retail store you are talking about whether it is in the UK or in the USA; and then we could follow up and try and address the issues raised."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Highly autocratic top level management. If you seek a career position with real progression opportunities look elsewhere."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It is disappointing to receive this review. All I can say is what I had posted once before in recent weeks specific to the IT team. There is a clear business plan to evolve the IT team as the technology needs of the business are changing and increasing. It is exactly that, the changes in team approach and hiring additional people are driven by the business need for continuous improvement; it isn’t to do with personalities as this reviewer feels. I can only encourage the reviewer to come forward to get their issues on the table and work through them in order to move forward."


"Thanks for your posting. Strongly worded, as is your right of course. This is one that definitely needs following up at team level, and I will make sure that follow up happens this week. It is too serious a posting to sweep under any carpet without looking into. You are right, and actually no apologies for the fact that the IT team needs to change and evolve to keep up with the changes and evolution of the business. However, you’re feeling that it is about faces fitting, rather than about positive changes for changing business needs is the part that clearly needs some follow up."

Former Employee - Business Systems Analyst says

"Any problems are dealt with in an antagonistic manner by the head of the department. Rather than being honest and working through issues they try to shut them down if it makes them look bad. Too many layers in structure. Empire building when a project manager could do most of the work."

Current Employee - Order Picker says

"Thanks for quick review, from describing yourself as an order picker I presume you work with or warehouse team. All I'd say is if you feel there is a lack of organisation in your area then pipe up to your supervisor and make your views known so things can be looked at."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In IT there has been a large staff turnover in the past year which is not good. This is due to changes in personnel and poor hiring decisions although if you speak out about this it does not end well for you. All you have to do is look at the number of people who have left to see that something is not right. Not an engaging work environment, very divisive management failing to build relationships. Working here was like being in a failed marriage at times. No room for growth. It would have been a bonus to be considered just a number in that department under the current regime. If you aren't in the clique then it isn't worth going in to work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of yes men now in IT and if your opinion differs from the party line then “take it or leave it” made for a mediocre working environment that was becoming very cliquey Poor working environment, an erratic managment style to say the least. Management is older but not wiser!"


"No career progression, Poor working environment"

Helpdesk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Don't bother applying for any IT jobs with this lot unless you've a previous relationship with the head of IT. You'll already know if you're going to get the job because you'll have been told before you apply. AvoidDiscountSMT IT Leadership"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Basically, the management was horrible at Barbour. I took a lot of responsibility and was never really acknowledged for it. I loved my staff, who all have since left the company I've been told."

Stock Controller and planning operative (Former Employee) says

"I feel the place has gone downhill since new management have taken over ,the pressure you are put under to achieve targets is way too much for the just above minimum wage you earn"

GENERAL MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Company is still learning how to take care of its people. Poor communication, no development for management. Customer service is lacking especially within corporate site.Turn over is high"

Shipping/Receiving/Office Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Would be expected to work from 6am-5pm Monday-Friday, regardless of school schedule and other commitments. Manager would steal from company and did not care about anyone else but herself. If one employee began to make more then the manager's salary that persons hours would be cut. Select coworkers were great to work with others were all for themselves. Hardest part of this job was watching the managers single handed steal from the company and not being able to say anything to anyone higher up. Most enjoyable part of this job was my day off.$10/ hr, weekly payno added benefits"

Brand ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Working at Barbour is slow, and easy. They are always eager to sell to everyone that walks in. co-workers are great and managers nice. just need to learn about the product."

Warehouse Operative (Current Employee) says

"Signed up through agency little or no chance of permanent work. Job its self is easy enough following hand held PDI picking the correct items and the correct quantity."

Asistant (Former Employee) says

"I only worked here for one day, seeing how the behind the scenes work, it was interesting to see how each team member had an input in the outcome of the photoshoots."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Start work at 10 O'clock, when I get in I have to make sure the shop is tidy and organised so the shop will meet customers standards. I've learnt how the retail industry works and how to treat people so they get the best experience as possible. The most enjoyable aspect of working here is that I get to meet all different people.good co-workerslow pay rate"

Sales assistant/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Many failed managers, even one who ended up in jail! Relaxed nice atmosphere with a good boss but stressful during peak seasons and under strict management"

PNP Despatch Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"worked ther for 8 years and in that time it has lost touch with the operators. the change in shifts have split the workforce.salesshifts"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"A well established company but no real vision and no strong decision makers quick turnover of staff. Lots of money wasted through inefficiency New ideas are rarely embraced Good discount on productNon decisive management. Lots of swapping/changing"

Sales Asssistant (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work is slow paced after christmas, as are most retailers. Friendly customers most of the time and a great team to work with. Cons; the pay could be higher to meet living standards and staff on the same job title should be paid the same. I don't really understand why staff who have the same job title and perform the same tasks are paid differently by such a big company. Living expenses are the same for everyone. Also having a unpaid half hour break while doing a 8 hour shift doesn't seem fair either. Getting food and eating and getting back to work can be very rushed and stressful. Should be able to relax on your break if your going to be on your feet for 8 hours. Feel like the company should do more towards duty of care towards staff, It will give everyone a lot more motivation."

UK & Ireland Sales Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"Great company to work for, great incentives. Always trying to improve and help employers gain more invaluable skills. Downside is that the management is not so good. Other than that great to work for."

Shop assistant (Former Employee) says

"Informing customers about clothes and accessories. - Showing product features to be sold. Dealing with customer. Fold clothes and keep the shop tidy and with good looking. Till management.Nice workplaceLong hours"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"friendly staff good on the job training management happy to explain protocol in detail busy location easy to commute no commission based sale Christmas party paid for"

Supervisor/Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Working at Barbour in a Supervisor position enabled me to build my team management skills, as well as improve my ability to work well in a busy retail environment.long hours"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"A very good place to work and fun but the uncertainty of loosing hours when there's no occasion will put you off work. Unstable earning, I would not recommend if anyone wants to grow within the company. only three out of 10 staff works full time in a normal barbour shop. Besides no commission even though there will be individual target each day .Great staff discount.Unstable hours"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The store receives a lot of foot traffic because of its location in Soho. It is a mix of both returners and tourists. I had to be incredibly well versed on the product and brand history. My manager was incredibly supportive and provided room for growth."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work for but the pay is minimum wage and there isn't a great deal of room for advancement or overtime. Small company overall which is nice, less complicated but that's why the pay isn't great.discountno room for promotion"

Brian McNamara says

"What an utterly useless website! At a time when shops are closed, their main site seems to suggest that they have no jackets at all: "We can't find products matching the selection" is the result from the page: barbourcomukmensall-jackets. Do you want to sell your products or not? I have a screenshot, if you're interested!"

Esti Bella says

"Very poor quality. I am a big fan of Barbour clothes. Most of the clothes in my wardrobe is from Barbour. Unfortunately from the 2-3 years the quality has dropped drastically and the materials which clothes are made off are not good. A few years ago Barbour brand mean good design and quality. The clothes were worth the money. Now the Barbour brand is no longer luxurios it does ordinary brand like many others- very dissapointed. I return most of the clothes to store now."

tenore85 says

"Barbour Bought a pair of ladies short ankle boots priced at around £120. They have an exposed seam at the back which rubs on the back of my foot like mad. It's literally the outer leather but it's not covered. You have to wear very thick socks to comfortably walk in these shoes. I thought that the seam would be covered with an inner lining in the shoe. I contacted customer services who seem to think that the design of the shoe is acceptable - well this is fine as I won't be buying from you again. I feel like I wasted a lot of money. I had only tried them on around the house and was hoping to return them but they didn't seem interested so fair enough, I know where to take my money next time"

Mike "Piko" Mitchell says

"Using the Barbour website to order is less than helpful. Not as user-friendly as the Orvis site. I ordered a women's jacket, vest, hood, and scarf for my wife. It's in transit now, but got an email today stating the hood does not fit the jacket I selected. Why oh why didn't they hold the order and notify me BEFORE it shipped? Also, they do not offer an option to order over the phone, where you can ask questions while placing your order. It feels like they are making it difficult to order. Maybe Filson has a more user-friendly site and call in order option?"

User says

"Boots bought only had about 9 months when water mark appeared even though not had much rain were sent back to be inspected to be told not a fault but yes water marked !! And to use a good polish on them even though boots had been protected before use. Expensive boots to be getting watermarks so thanks for nothing got a pair boots that can’t be worn as got ugly water mark on !! Won’t be buying again"

Robert Oakden says

"I have just purchased a Barbour Bristol. First outing it rained and all the waxed ran off. Second outing was cold and dry but arms were wet through as it doesn’t breath, this appears to be a common complaint. How can you get it so wrong."

Sharryn says

"In October I went to John Lewis and bought my barbour jacket £ it home and the zip was...well I can say wonky n would not zip took it back and they said cant change it ring barbour...after few emails and talks with the after sales team...they decided the zip wasn't faulty.early seeing the zip is completely wonky....they said there not changing it or exchanging it...after been confident in this brand..I can gladly say I will never buy this brand again...really bad customer service for the prices they charge.....please be very careful when buying this brand of clothing...I will never buy again Lady Sharon Brotherton"

Eva Alberiche says

"One of the women ( glasses, redish hair) At the Edinburgh shop less than helpful. Very bad customer service. Not the experience you want to have when you are paying that kind of money. I bought a back pack at the shop, I had to order it online from the shop and payed There too. She said it would come packed as a gift, so She sent it from the warehouse to my place. The product arrived in a black plastic bag for transport. I toke it to the shop hoping they would wrap it for me, And she was the most unpolite. Handed me a box whith bad manners, and made an expression of discontent when I asked as well for a bag, so that I didnt have to carry the box in my hands. Then I asked very politely if I could have it done there, since I payed for the product at the shop anyway, and she rolled her eyes and handed it to the young guy, who thank god was super lovely. There was just couple o clients browsing at the shop, so she wasn’texactly busy. I wont go back to that shop."

Mr mclellan says

"I have lots of items from Barbour that have served me well. However my less than 1 year old wellies have perished and split. Come on Barbour you can do better than this."

Mark says

"I have had my Barbour Border jacket now for over 20 years and apart from the odd wax, done by myself, it is still going strong. But recently I purchased an international waxed jacket and the quality is not up to the standards you expect from Barbour! The jacket outer starts to go mildew when left (dry) for a long period (its with my border and westmorland and I've had a problem with those) also the diamond stitching on the quilted lining has started to come undone! I found out that the international Jackets (as well as a lot of other pieces they make) are now made abroad...I now know why the quality is left wanting. The Trad thornproofs like the border, Beaufort and Bedale are still made in the UK and are still made to British quality standards. Just goes to show that when a company cuts costs by having products made abroad the standard of manufacture goes with it. Come on Barbour bring the work back to Britain were it belongs, and stop thinking about big profit margins, you know it makes sense?"

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