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B&B Hotels is an Economy hotel chain that was founded in Brest in Brittany, France in 1990, and has since expanded into several European countries. As of July 2020, the chain manages 470 hotels, including 292 hotels in France and 126 hotels in Germany. It also has locations in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech, Belgium, Austria, Poland, and Brazil.

Ghiego from Paese, Italia wrote a review for TRIP ADVISOR about his/her experience staying at B&B Hotel Müenchen-Airport: "Been there 7 days during Bauma. They gave me a smoker room. My worst experience ever (in 20 years of business traveling). I'm aghast in 2019 still exists smoking room: it's a shame as the room smelled like a fumigated socks and moquette. I wrote to customer service explaining my disappointment but no answer so far. The lady on the front desk from east Europe (she said she was the director) was nasty and rude: I told her I suffer asthma and she said go somewhere else. The other personal was friendly and nice. Breakfast ok. But definitely after a week here I can only say it sucks and I'll not use anymore B&B Hotels"


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