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Axalta Coating Systems is a coatings company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and incorporated in Bermuda that develops and manufactures coatings for light and commercial vehicles, industrial, and refinish applications. The firm does business in 130 countries, has nearly 13,000 employees, and has more than 100,000 customers.Axalta traces its origins to the German firm Herberts Gmbh, which began i


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Current Employee - Manager says

"Severe lack of leadership only 5 years post-spinoff, not only in headcount but in ability to set strategy and make decisions. Lack of attention to workforce causing epidemic of negativity. Current focus on "strategic options" causing employees to feel uncomfortable about their futures. Coupled with lack of employee engagement and communication leading to slowed productivity and showing lack of value and oversight by management."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Uncertainty about the future and key people leaving. HR does not know what they are doing, does not help the business, but inserts themselves in everything."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They don't care about you..first line management a joke...2nd line management have no clue what they are doing..."yes people"...senior managers are a joke, they should go.. Stop advancing people up the ranks that keep failing on previous projects... If your a kiss up you will do well."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership is out of touch. High turnover in all departments at all levels, up to and including their C-suite. Limited career growth. Small pay raises."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything except for some of the employees who has some decency."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They don’t provide good training and no room for mistakes"

Former Employee - Corporate Receptionist says

"Where to start? The first year I worked at Axalta, I took on the workload of two other people. They eliminated a position and gave me the work. Later on, someone had to go on medical leave, and they asked me to take the workload while they were on disability. Sure! I'm a team player and willing to do that. By the time the first year was coming to an end, I went in for my annual review and was shocked when they told me I wasn't doing enough and needed to step it up. I was hoping to get their help to get some higher education so I could move up within the company and was told that due to my lack of ownership in my job, I was not going to be supported in my endeavors. My supervisor told me she wanted to "take me under her wing" and mold me into a better employee. Which to her, must have been to mold me into her assistant, and hold me back from trying to pursue other Assistant positions that opened up in the company. I have never had a boss that I felt was a bully, until Axalta. When I went to HR to voice my concerns about her, all that did was result in my second negative performance review a few days later. Although, it wasn't really a performance review. It was more so a series of questions about Axalta (i.e. how many employees they have, what they do, etc) and what I think my CEO is looking for in an employee. I had brought my years worth of emails and support that other coworkers had sent me for doing a good job. She wouldn't even look at them. She gave me my test, and sent me on my way. Needless to say, no raise was ever given. Axalta is ran by the mindset that their employees are pawns. Every person is replaceable, and the people in the company love to stab each other in the back. I was told when I first starting working there that "she will throw you under the bus when a bus isn't coming" in regards to a coworker. Many of them liked to point out what others are doing wrong to take the eyes off of themselves. There are certain employees that upper management view as irreplaceable, and it was infuriating because these same people were the first to push their work onto others. If you are a hard worker, don't bother interviewing with Axalta. You will never be appreciated for what you can provide them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Since exulted separated from DuPont in 2013, people have been eliminated consistently. If upper management eliminates your job for whatever reason they will call you at home on a Friday night tell you not to come back on Monday or ever and not ever tell you the reason why. All they will say is that they will get somebody to pack up your personal belongings and mail them to you . They seem to use people for a short limited amount of time and then just discard them . Employees here walk around afraid wondering if they’re going to be next or who will be next to get the ax ."

Former Employee - Senior Research Scientist says

"... completely disconnected from upper management."

Quality Control Technician (Current Employee) says

"Favoritism and unfair team reviews, no good benefits and the main priority are just the customers and management, would never have applied here if I knew about the treatment employees getClose to homeManagement, maintenance, and team morale"

Purchasing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management talked about personnel in open floorplan. Awful, disrespectful environment. Awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful. Management rules; employees don't count."

R&D technician (Current Employee) says

"They don't hire, contractor/techs do all the work, while the employed older individuals sit and play on there computers. People think there better than others. Young and older chemist think there better than you even if you have a similar degree. Because of your position and that you are a contractor, you get talked down to and treated badly. large separation of employee and contractors. No incentives, such as no raises.8hrsThey don't hire, very little insentive"

Control room operator (Current Employee) says

"Stay far away from this company!! It would be a mistake for someone to buy this company. At the beginning it was a good place to work but they brought in executives that stopped caring about employees. They only care about padding their fat paycheck with bonuses.Good hourly wage at certain locationsHigh level injuries across company, Quality mgr falsify results to make them look good, Clueless exec team, Corporate micromanage, Minor mistakes get U fired."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Forced overtime, work 2 weekend in a row, get one off. Working 3 weekends of every month, and forced daily overtime as well, meaning 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 19 days straight. Then they "reward" you with a weekend off, only to punish you when you return by forcing another 19 days in a row. 3 weeks on, 2 days off. Horrible rotation. They have a zero tolerance policy for work/life balance. HR enforces this with official policy. HR has no regard for human life, nor sympathy or compassion during hard life events. Needless to say, HR may as well be nonexistent. Older employees are allowed to do as they please, doing no work for most of the week, and as a result, the younger employees are forced out of their home lives to make up for the shortcomings of production by means of forced overtime. Management is clueless at best, having no regard for their workers, taking no pride in their workers. Site middle and upper management use antiquated methods that are causing this plant in Mt. Clemens to sink. We have a saying here, "This ship is going down, the older employees, like captains, will go down with it, younger employees, JUMP SHIP and retake control of your lives". All of the younger Tier 2 employees, yes, they still have a multitiered pay system, as if the economy still suffers from the plagues of the 2008 recession that is a decade gone now. No, it's just the company being cheap... imagine how such a cheap company could honor good business ethics.... 75% of production employees are tier 2 "new hires", working for two thirds pay, all the while putting together resumesIts a jobHow are they still open for business??"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has potential but lack experienced people in key positions. Priorities change daily with very little consideration for the long term goals. Very reactive company with little consistency from day to day. Very high employee turnover rate. Pay and bonus structure changes monthly.Good benefits and pension plan.Micro Management..Very high employee turnover."

Lobotomy recipient (Former Employee) says

"This is by far one of the worst companies that I have ever had the misfortune of working for. The management are a bunch of 50-60 something year angry, arrogant individuals who use foul, derogative language during Skype meetings at their desk. The women are middle-aged women who are extremely identified by their closed, intimate circle of grey-haired friends who take great pride in talking behind anyone's back who doesn't vividly recall the 80s. I honestly couldn't wait to look at that building growing smaller, smaller in my rear view mirror. I was actually tempted to rip my rear view mirror off just so that I didn't have to have any lasting image of that place burned in my mind. DO NOT WORK THERE!!!!!5pm you get to go home and drink as much alcohol needed to forget that place.Your alarm clock goes off to go back to Hades"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"No communication. No chance to advance. Constant changes in personnel. Low employee moral. Poor management. Changes at the top occur frequently. Three merger attempts in the last year alone.Work HoursMoral, Poor Management, Little advancement opportunity"

Field Sales (Current Employee) says

"Company is challenged by obsolete, worn production equipment, dated technology, questionable managers. Positioning for sale / merger compromises long-term employment stability.NOT the Dupont of past."

Technician (Current Employee) says

"Clueless management. Good old boy mentality. Stuck in the 80s Treat shop floor employees like they are trash. Human resource manager is a uncompassionate stiff.pkant manager tells employees go to Walmart and work if you don't like it.PayManagement, backstabbers fake people"

Polymer Process Technician/Lead Operator (Former Employee) says

"Since Axaltas creation they have shown how little they care for their employees through reduction in benefits, little to no pay growth, reduced time off, and no room for advancement."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"The pay is decent but the constant rotating of shifts, the forced overtime, and the fact that employees must know their role and shut their mouths and bow down to upper management in all things makes this the worst place within 100 miles of Winchester to work at. There are "clique's" in each department and if you arent a part then silence is golden. If you respect yourself at all, stay far away.Benefits, payEverything else especially the lazy upper management"

Operations Technician (Former Employee) says

"Manufacturing is all about accuracy and customer support. Creating a solid product on a regular basis. I was hired on as temporary contract to evolve into a full time employee. However i never made it. With the management demanding 100% accuracy out of FAULTY machinery and bad ingredients. Working with machines that break down constantly, chemicals that make you nauseous without proper safety management. The constant revolving door of other temporary workers while the management plays with the favourites. Their in house union does their best, but hardly ever fights fairly for the new employee's. The hardest part of the day is never knowing where the axe would land, a 12 month probation is a highly stressful and anxiety induced environment. Every day can be your last. Anyone can do the physical work, but not everyone should be.Steady shifts, mon-fri 6-2Stressfull, High Demand with poor tools, management in constant fight with union"

Research, Development and Test Technician (Current Employee) says

"They will hire you as a contractor and take their time to hire you. It has been over a year since they have hired any full-time. Only have 3 sick days for the first year until you earn a weeks vacation.8 hour shiftExpect new hires and young employees to pick up the slack of the older ones."

HSE Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great when still DuPont, now run a la 1950s style management, which goes well with their 1980s it management. Great pay and benefits, but employees are only incentivized on a personal level and make poor choices related to the good of the business, or staying ahead of the game. Every category of anything has its own manager and they don't talk to each other. They are also not afraid to turn employees to scape goats. Some good departments, but senior management a good ol boys club that glosses over real, lower level employees, on site cafeteria.Everything else, especially work life balance."

Tech Support/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Skip this place, nothing much to do here but get thrown high volume calls from angry blue collar guys that have zero experience with tech. Calls run from 10/25mins to 45mins. Users mess up the simplest things and want you to act as their personal in-house IT. Users demand us to config and setup their office equipment. Endless demands. Not cool.Good benefits, good PTO.Little training, constant work pace, no advancement, modest pay, unprofessional"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"Management uses employees as scapegoats for not doing their job. Forced overtime and unreal expectations--unless you have been there forever, then you don't work and can do what you want, getting paid way more than the employees that are working like crazy. Union needs to come into this plant!!Good pay"

Mixer Operator (Former Employee) says

"Fumes are horrible to breathe never knew when I would receive my pay check. I worked at chemspec which is an axalta company got off at 1230pm had to be back at 730 am for Saturday overtime twice a month8 he daysFumes you had to breathe"

Business Manager - Industrial Coating Solutions (Former Employee) says

"Division has been sold and it doesnt exists any more . It has been sold to PPG and Akzo Nobel both are paint companies . ICI other divison dont have much knowledgeGood work cultureLong hours"

Sales/Customer & Warehouse team (Current Employee) says

" Work with Sales/Customer & Warehouse team on timely execution of customers’ orders.  Focus on invoicing type of Excise and Commercial/Export and domestic.  Work with Sales/ all over India’s automobile Customer & Warehouse team on timely execution of customers’ orders.  Work with warehouse DC confirmation team on timely DC confirmation.  Maintaining proper records for FOC billing On daily needs to reject open line items from the SAPnoyas"

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