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ATCO is a large Canadian holding company with nearly 7,000 employees. Its subsidiaries are diverse but most are in either the gas/electricity, construction, or logistics industries.


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Administrative Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Management loves to micro manage everything. No Human skills, all business. Management loves the people who kiss up to them, and they are the only ones who get other opportunity."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"atco good place to work if you can get by the bs politics and butt kissing. if your stupid and a butt kisser you will advance. I wouldn't recommend working there especially with the big changes made in 2015."

Operational Trainer (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the first 10 years of my career with this company but towards the end there were many changes in management that caused uncertainty across the group."

Project Manager, Facilities Shared Services (Former Employee) says

"Work life balance can be an issue. Large Organization where change is very slow Large Organization that is Silo within each group Large Organization that has not yet looked at employees expectations seriously in a number of years Authoritarian"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Good place to start professional career but stay too long and you notice toxic environment. Everything has some politics involved so don't expect to advance anywhere unless you are sucking up to senior management.Decent benefits and work hours.Lots of entitlement in management. Politics play a role in your promotion."

SENIOR BUSINESS ANALYST (Former Employee) says

"Company does not look to the future; secretive management. Very much an "old boys" clubs. Technology is not welcome; company is unwilling to look at opportunities to improve work processes which means the work takes too long."

Inspector/Crew Leader (Current Employee) says

"There are a lot of changes happening which is causing a lot of stress, morale issues. There can be a lot of rumours going around that tends not to be totally true. The workers association can be helpful but it is an extremely big company so a lot of issues can arise. The Red tape is the biggest hurdle for day to day operations."


"The people at ATCO are some of the nicest people I've known. (both field and office staff) Although the quality, work ethic and knowledge has dropped off somewhat as veteran workers left or were forced to leave, there are still a few very good workers from the younger generation. Generally speaking, it is a quite young company now.(at least in Calgary) The atmosphere used to be very laid back and quite fun at times, but has become somewhat politicized as management has driven a wedge between different work groups, e.g. customer service and field workers, and even between crew chiefs and junior employees and foremen and crew chiefs. If you don't know the person you are working with very well, you tend not to trust him/her until you've worked with them for a while. All new employees must attend "ATCO school', which is kind of like an in house apprenticeship program, where you attend class for a few weeks, followed by a year of field experience. This is done for 3 years after which there is a final exam which you have 2 attempts to pass. I have never seen anyone fail though. If they do they've been given more attempts to pass. The company seems to be very lenient on younger employees. There is a more in depth, more technical program for customer service workers where they earn their gas fitters ticket. This company definitely has a very strong safety culture, but unfortunately has now gone beyond being about safety and more about being a tool for management to use for punishment (or not use, depending on who you are) against workers at its discretion. The work itself isdouble overtime, good wages, rewarding workdraconian minded managers, favoritism, hypocricy"

District Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Regular day (7:30-4:00) 5 days a week, there is overtime and an "On-call" rotation. Learned how to operate and maintain powered equipment, fuse plastic pipe. Management varies between districts. Culture varies with changes in upper management. As with many large companies the internal politics is difficult to navigate. I enjoyed working with the people who do the actual work.Regular paycheque."

Customer Service - District Operations (Current Employee) says

"The company pays well and there are excellent benefits and a pension. The work hours are from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm for a regular work day. There is also on call work and there may be shift hours."

Junior Distribution Operator - Field (Former Employee) says

"Good people and great pay for the work done. Is a punishment driven company that doesn't reward good behavior and only acknowledges those who don't cause incidents, not the hard working individual."

Administrative Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"- There is not a lot of movement or career advancement for administrative staff - Well paying positions with great benefits - Seniority trumps which always benefits senior staff"