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John Milan Ashbrook (September 21, 1928 – April 24, 1982) was an American politician of the Republican Party who served in the United States House of Representatives from Ohio from 1961 until his death from peptic ulcer in Johnstown, Ohio in 1982.


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Director of Admissions and Marketing (Current Employee) says

"The people you work with are a great asset to this job, however every building is different. My building was great, but my previous was not as welcoming and warm. I learned many marketing skills by getting my hands dirty and learning from scratch. The hardest part of the job is when all the superiors disagree and you must choose one to listen to while making the rest angry and revengeful at you. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with families and being able to help them and assure them that their loved one is safe. Cons: difficult challenges with no direction (learning and training yourself)"

Medical Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"The job overall has growth but there is a lot of favoritism within the company. Lack of communication as well as management doesn't communicate respectful to there employers"

MDS Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Work is okay, gets busy when corporate dept heads does conference calls and requires reports to be submitted."