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Ariana Grande-Butera (born June 26, 1993) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

What size Diva do you prefer: Tall, Venti, or Ariana Grande? Because the former Nickelodeon child star turned pop sensation is ready to pour you a potful of piping hot high maintenance.

The soulful singer of such meteoric top 40 tracks as "Break Free" and that other one has been in the tabloids a lot recently for some not-so-glamorous reasons, such as:

  • Forcing her life coach, hired to keep an eye on her, to quit because he couldn't take her demanding ways anymore.
  • Allegedly wishing all her fans would die.
  • Being especially demanding when it comes to photographing her face, and dying her hair.
  • Oh, and a source close to Her Grandessness says that her majestic ponytail is fake. Fake! But that she pretends it's real anyway!

The list goes on, people. From the looks of it, Ariana seems like she's well on her way to becoming the Queen of Mean. But how did such a sweet looking, soft talking, beautifully belting songstress turn into such a goddamn monster? And is it all her fault?

Well, I'd like to say "yes," but if I did she might hunt me down and torture me until I submitted to being her new life coach. And that, that would just kill me.


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Montse says

"I bought a hoodie OVER a year ago and never received it. I had heard that they take long to ship so I didn’t reach out and when I did they said it would ship out in a few more weeks (after the 4 weeks it says it’ll take) and I just waited and eventually forgot about it, once I remembered and emailed them they said there’s nothing they could do about it because it supposedly was delivered but I never received the hoodie or a refund, and since I messaged them last a couple weeks ago they are yet to respond"

karen grace says

"I ordered 3 items back in early May, stuck with you range. Still had no items and an email telling me they've had problems with one if the items in my order.They have no information as to when they will recieve them in. Ironic as on there web you can order but States a 4 week wait. They can either get the item or cant, but shouldn't be taking any more orders on the item there struggling with. Offered me refund although havents responded to emails sent since. Was a birthday present for a 16th birthday. Think both Ariana and Justin beiber need to get a grip on this as its there merchandise. Very disappointed"

Terry Hodgkiss says

"I ordered a hoodie on 25th May still not received it !!"

regan horton says

"i have bought the no tears left to cry crewneck jumper 5 times in the past 2 year and not once has it even been shipped. what the hell. every time i follow up they always reply with the automatic robot email response about production error like i give a crap. disappointed miss ariana cook your pig"

totally not a bot says


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