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Discount Tire Company is an independent tire and wheel retailer. Discount Tire operates in 36 states in the United States, and is the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the world. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Discount Tire is known as America's Tire in regions of Northern and Central California, including the Greater Los Angeles Area and the Coachella Valley.

Michael mentioned, "I asked The Discount Tire Company what it would cost to fix a leaky tire. They said it is FREE. I made an appointment and was there the next day. They pulled the tire and told me the tire was not repairable.. I told them to put the tire back and I will leave. They said NO. They said they could not let me leave with that tire. I asked for the corporate number and told them about my lawyer.. The manager said he would put on a loaner or something. I finally got my car back and I took my old tire also! There was a lot of small black pieces in the old tire and I was told later that the pieces were not from my tire.. The free tire repair is just another scam to MAKE you buy tires"


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Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"5-10 hours a week not enough to support yourself. Lying about what youll be doing on job. No guidance & complaining when you dont advance immediately."

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"Work super hard lifting heavy objects at a really quick pace for minimum wage and constant stress. Expected to learn quickly, coworkers make degrading jokes.NoneAll of them"

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not trained properly, The pay was horrible for the work needed to be done. They make you feel stupid for not knowing something you where not trained in. They forget about your 10 minute breaks.nothing"

Driver/ Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Dont know what you will be doing day to dayno structure or rules breaks"

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"The only benefit about working at a tire shop is that you get paid weekly. However, I would not reccomend working at one because it is back breaking, you will be working in a garage that is infested with rats and insects, and managers have been caught clocking each other in and out. Which makes it unfair for those who work hard and get unnoticed.Weekly payHot weather, managers are lazy"

order picker (Former Employee) says

"Once was a pretty good job however new management and favoritism like I've never seen before. You kiss butt and rat people out you'll get all the hours you want and get to sit on your butt. Human resource is a joke here, they just side with management even with evidence right in there face.benefitsFavoritism, management, human resource"

Tire technician (Former Employee) says

"not worth the time to work here. hours are minimal while pay is also not good. management lacks the skills to keep workflow at a steady pace. Very frustrating enviroment."

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"Fun work place. They were unsafe and didn’t do work to standard. They claimed they were the best but they would always cut short. Breaks were reasonable. Hired new employees at an higher salary then old employees.Good breaks.Lack of communication, no care is work."

shop/service manager (Current Employee) says

"Although the employer was difficult, i learned alot working for this business. I also gained many personal and professional contacts during my employment here that i will continue to have contact with. I learned all the latest on the newer vehicles and i learned some very educational and up to date computer programs. The people i worked with made this job worth while"

TIRE TECHNICIAN (Former Employee) says

"The week I was trained was the only full week I was worked 40 hours and paid such. I was not given more than 9 hour of work a week after that. I was not given any further training because everyone was either too busy or didn't want to take the time to give me the further training I needed. The Manager on Staff was extremely harsh to the employees. It was extremely heavy work and very low pay."

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"My time at Americas tire was not a very good experience. Management was not very good, therefor made the job unpleasant to attend. This job was a good job to have because it taught me a lot about hard work."

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"very stressful. lots of running. heavy lifting. management can be rude. there is opportunity for you if you work hard and fast all day. with willing to learn you can move up fast."

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"It is a great job, great supervisor, hands on faced paced job. I worked with a great group of people, with great skills training and hands on experience."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"absolutely loved working with cars all day, the work was hard but felt good. good people , an awesome environment, and good management mad it a really fun place to work. honestly our manager was awesome! the only negative is the pay rate. unfortunately it is the only reason America’s tire has high turnover and understandably so. it really doesn’t matter how great and fun the job is if they can’t pay a respectful wage. there is also not much security because if business got slow your hours are the first to hit the chopping It’s a good bump in the road until you find a job that you can live off of. great for young teens or an inefficient side gig. the one negative happens to be a big one because it reflects how much the company as a whole values it’s get to learn a lot of valuable skillsPay"

tire tech (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for about two months until they began to stop putting me on the work schedule. They had no explanation and I do not work there anymore because of that.noneHot conditions, and rude staff"

Sales consultant/Service adviser (Current Employee) says

"Friendly place to work. Clean show room but slow paced and varmint and the company needs more stability financially. Potential growth in this environment but need stronger management and better communication skills"

Auto Technician (Current Employee) says

"I didn't like the system that they had for getting the job done. There was a lot of down time and miss communication from the time you started a job until it was finished. For example, the salesman would write up the work order and place it in a rack, If you was busy working on a job, you wouldn't know it was there. At times I would have a open bay and could have started the repair prosses had I have known of the work order."

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day consists of working none stop, one car after the next. If you work part-time you don't get overtime or any breaks. The job would mostly feel disorganized. Training is a joke and you get thrown in to learn on the go. The most enjoyable part of the job was when the day was over and I got to go home."

Sales Apprentice (Current Employee) says

"The Guys who work there are really good guys its like a big family but, the manager is the worst part he is two faced, can not be trusted. would be a great place to work if the manager was a different person a lot of turnover because the employs don't get along with him.Good hoursManager is the worst"

Tire Technician (Current Employee) says

"Very stressful and busy with bad management. Over 100 cars per day never respected. Decent pay and hours but for the amount of work and effort needed they way was not enough for mehourspay, treatment"

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