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Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program from Amazon that gives users access to additional services otherwise unavailable or available at a premium to regular Amazon customers. Services include same, one or two-day delivery and streaming music and video. In January 2020, Amazon reported that Prime had more than 150 million subscribers worldwide.

Mark Wilson, writing for FastCompany magazine wrote: "That little Amazon Prime logo used to mean something. Now it feels like a ruse that lulls shoppers into a false sense of security, until they go to checkout and see a shipping arrival date far later than anticipated. This cuts through the greatest promise of Prime. It's not just the free, two-day shipping. It's that it's so reliable, you never have to think for more than a second about buying something. In this sense, Prime was constructed to be great for the consumer (so efficient) and great for businesses (mindless impulse shopping!). I've been a Prime member myself for over a decade, so I've come to expect that the rush of the holiday season will clog the arteries of Amazon's fulfillment centers and delivery services alike and make shipping less than reliable. But anecdotally, to me and many of the people I know and work with, this year, it feels worse than ever.

It doesn't help that we've seen a slow dilution of Prime itself over time, with the rise of Prime Pantry and Add-on Items. They force you to buy a minimum number of items to get the best deal, adding back the very psychic burden Prime had eliminated from the equation of online shopping in the first place. As a result, it can be hard to find true, two-day Prime items that aren't marked up to insane prices by third-party sellers. But Prime was still Prime. This holiday, I've noticed things that are in stock and labeled "Prime" have nonsensical shipping dates. I'm not alone in experiencing Shipping Shock. Complaints about slow Prime shipping abound across the internet. Quora literally has a thread asking, "Has Amazon slowed down their free shipping speed intentionally?" The "top answer" with 22,000 views is a customer rant about late shipments. Many others chime in to confirm the slowdowns, and offer conspiracy theories as to what could be going on."


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GWA (Current Employee) says

"You are just a number to them. A a cog in the machine. They fire people constantly and they will fire you too, given enough time and wont help you out if wrongly terminated. It's a very suppressive culture to work in Cons: Everything"

Associates (Current Employee) says

"It's like any other warehouse job you can be replaced pay doesn't change much someone you can come in and make much is U unity been there for years You are suspended will you are not needed you can be replaced at all times you get hurt no one cares. Cons: Break suck Not enough time when you're in a giant warehouse and you can't get anywhere."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The job is s**t. Wouldn’t recommend as you’ll be working daft hours for example I was working from around 10:30am until about 7pm - 8:30pm depending on how many deliveries. Also the deliveries you don’t complete, you have to retry then once you’ve finished the rest. Then on top of that, if you don’t make it to debrief in time ( person who takes undelivered parcels back to the depo ) then you have to go back there your self so if your delivering in Birmingham but your depo you get loaded at is banbury then your pretty much f***ed unless you complete all of them either on time or without any issues. Cons: The job it’s self"

Count (Current Employee) says

"I loved being able to interact with people that I worked with. They made my job a lot easier. It was the the unfairrness they had there. I personally would only recommend Amazon to someone because of the money. I would say depending on what department you're in you will hate your job. Cons: horrible managers"

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"They don’t care about you all that matters to then is finishing on time. Be prepared to break your back everyday."

Picker (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend working at this place. You are worked like a robot, nobody helps you move around in the company at all etc... I was a picker and I HATED IT ! You don’t get paid enough to work at this place. Cons: Short breaks, short lunches, HR is extremely rude.."

Outbound Associate (Former Employee) says

"Easily of the worst jobs I ever have had. My manager only spoke to me if something was wrong, never for encouragement. I had requested a shift change due to personal reasons. I was told to provide a Dr note which I did and my shift transfer was STILL DENIED."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Sadly, nobody knew what was going on for most of the time. Management didn't communicate clearly with the workers, some people didn't wear masks and didn't keep 2 meters distance. Issues with the schedule app and problems with payments. Cons: almost everything"

Amazon Fulfillment Associate (Former Employee) says

"Work you to death. And won't feel bad when you die. Pay isn't bad but the work deserves more. Make friends and be a brown nose. Dont disagree with anyone. Keep your head down."

Packer (Current Employee) says

"You are nothing but a drone.. Hr is a web site that is an automated nightmare that does nothing for you. They always downgrade your work performance. The contact number goes to a phone that no one ever answers. Worse place in the world to work. Cons: Constant lies to employees"

logistica (Former Employee) says

"La mia esperienza lavorativa in Amazon è stata pessima a partire da i manager che non ti considero neanche al tipo di lavoro che al mio dire dipende da come ti poni se sei furbo e scaltro vai avanti Cons: Non c'è pausa caffè C'è solo la mezz'ora su 8 ore lavorate"

Warehouse Team Member / Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Management uses their position to belittle you, insult you. HR doesn't care about any issue that you have, schedule changes mandatory hours. getting cross-trained with no benefit of your own. You will be working under the stress, extremely hot temperature.Safety is a joke.Communication skills are horrible and unprofessional. Cons: Short breaks"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"A lot work and very low pay!!! They are paying the minimum wage per hour ,very busy work mangers rude and I usually don’t take break because they are very busy!!"

Agent de tri (Former Employee) says

"Exploite sans scrupule envers les interimaires aucun respect envers les collaborateurs interimaire et aucunes reconnaissance au travail chez amazone c'est simple vois étes un numero pas de considerations travail lassant répétitif et fatiguant physiquement mauvaise ambiance court d'école pause trop courte ... à fuir !!! Cons: Tout"

Team Lead/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Everything from nepotism and favoritism to rewarded incompetence. This company rewards bad managers, encourages micro-managing and their HR is a joke. Cons: Toxicity"

Amazon Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Amazon does not care about their employees, or drivers. Nor do they take the time to do what is right, morally or business-wise. A** backwards in every sense of the word."

Repartidor (Former Employee) says

"La subcontrata hizo con mis derechos y dignidad lo que le vino en gana."

Picker (Current Employee) says

"Managers are incompetent. You’re just another number not a person. They (managers) only care about rate so it makes them look good. They lie about advancements. Managers never talk to you unless it’s negative feedback. This place is a joke. Cons: Tedious work"

Amazon Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The benefits are so not real. You will be breaking your back for 10hours straight... They give away shirts as a reward.... But thats it... Its not for everyone and you can't be lazy to work there. I just wish they actually had medical benefits worth anything because I lost a good amount of weight in no time... But every morning i woke up and couldn't even step out of bed without looking like a dying grandma from the pain. Cons: Short breaks, back breaking work, HORRIBLE benefits, childish work environment, poor management"

controllo qualità (Former Employee) says

"Che dire ragazzi , se avete rispetto di voi stessi e dei vostri genitori che vi hanno cresciuto non andate a lavorare da Amazon Rovigo, mocciosi senza ne arte ne parte che vengono chiamati leader che pensano di valere qualcosa, per fare carriera se cosi si puo dire non devi avere nessun talento/bravura devi solo essere servile e sposare la politica subdola di questa multinazionale che premia gli sfigati che non hanno mai lavorato in vita loro e si fanno manipolare facilmente , qui si perde la dignita l l'autostima , non ce rispetto , ci sono distanziamento , ordine , velocità e manca il rispetto e il buon senso , le donne leader peggio che andar di notte !!! , alcune nemmeno sanno parlare l italiano ma tanto si sa e un optional , la stanchezza dopo un po nn e fisica ma psicologica , ad un tratto ti accorgi che se ti vuoi bene non riesci a rimanere e sopportare certe cose , apparte che dopo 2/3 mesi ci pensano loro a buttarti fuori , anche prima a volte , dipende dal tuo grado di servilismo nei loro confronti e se ti fai venire mezzi infarti per rispettare i loro standar di velocità e puntualità , possibilmente non andando mai in bagno e cercando di strozzarsi per fare prima nella pausa pranzo se cosi si puo chiamare ,allora qualche speranza ce di rimane cosi facendo , ce il coviddi ? Ce la crisi ? E vero ma se potete andate a fare i magazzinieri dove ce crescita professionale e rispetto qui ce solo un ridimensionamento psicologico e di autostima di voi stessi , chiudo Cons: Tutto"

Current Employee - In-store Shopper says

"I have been working at Amazon Prime Now part-time for less than a year Cons: Too pushy and creates more problems than fixes"

Current Employee - In Store Shopper says

"I have been working at Amazon Prime Now part-time Cons: Severe lack of available work hours due to over-hiring Disjointed work environment Subpar Covid protocols"

Current Employee - Shopper says

"I have been working at Amazon Prime Now part-time Cons: Boring, but not enough money."

Former Employee - Personal Shopper says

"I worked at Amazon Prime Now full-time Cons: Some reasons, female managers are low quality, so don't need them"

Current Employee - Associate says

"I have been working at Amazon Prime Now part-time Cons: You fight other employees for shifts You get 1 10 minute break for single shifts The site 'managers'? never tell you how to do your task when they change your position willy nilly They literally hire about 20 people every week that appear during your shift, and those newbies are there for 4 days straight They never resupply things such as 'grabbers' or 'ppe' when it would only make things more streamlined if they did The aisles are only big enough for 1 1/2 carts to fit through, and people never move willingly. You are told to work 'fast' and will be told that often as the managers monitor your rate, but you literally can't achieve any speed but slow when they literally change the workplace almost daily They have next to nothing for covid safety. You are required to have your temperature taken, but everything else is optional after that. They constantly send you texts saying there's been a confirmed case at work, but its no surprise when there's literally no sanitation happening for the carts that are used by everyone everyday all the time. The 'managers' used to wear vests to help with identification, but now only 1 or 2 managers wear vests and no one can tell who's a higher up when they literally give you new managers weekly. The workspace constantly changes, though no one is informed. When they change things they don't even make it better than what it was like before, like they didn't think at all how it would effect the workflow. There's literally no designated space for loading and unloading your cart. Where you get your cart is packed 95% of the time. The 'Amazon Discount' for 10% off your purchase? Basically useless cause you can only use it if what you're buying is shipped AND sold by Amazon. Those are usually unecessarily expensive items, easily breakable garbage, or they aren't selling what you're looking for. I was literally told I didn't have to take the drug test because I applied for seasonal part time. Though they eventually upgraded me to regular part time. Whether not having to take the drug test is a good or bad thing is up to you, I couldn't really decide myself."

Current Employee - Amazon Fresh Associate says

"I have been working at Amazon Prime Now part-time for less than a year Cons: You’re treated like a number. Not even human, screamed at and belittled, abused and bullied, they watch your every move and treat adults like children."

Former Employee - Registered Nurse says

"I worked at Amazon Prime Now part-time Cons: High turnover No direct resources for assistance Strict attendance policy High turnover Feels like you don’t matter to them HR is a joke"

Former Employee - Fulfillment Associate says

"I worked at Amazon Prime Now part-time for less than a year Cons: They overhired and basically fired everyone before Christmas. They made us do two eleven hour shifts for “training”, but it was so disorganized and I never met my manager. They hired so many people it was impossible to actually pick up shifts. Then let most of us go right after thanksgiving."

Current Employee - Whole Foods Shopper says

"I have been working at Amazon Prime Now part-time for less than a year Cons: favoritism. hard working employees not being rewarded fairly. took away hazard pay. Others shoppers are rude and police others."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I worked at Amazon Prime Now part-time for more than a year Cons: For the amount of work and expectation, the pay is a joke. If you want to feel how slave being treated then this is the company for you."

June Woods says

"I have never written a complaint before but I felt compelled to do so after the Amazon original movie 'songbird' appeared on my Amazon prime account.

This movie imagines the current covid 19 strain has mutated into covid 23 with a mortality rate of over 50%. It depicts infected people forced from their homes into quarantine camps to die.

I was disgusted to see a movie that trivialised the current pandemic in which so many people have lost their lives. This is a shameful attempt to make money from the suffering of real people in an on going situation with so many people still genuinely scared for their lives and their families. It baffles me how anyone could be as heartless as to sign off on this tasteless concept.

I hope Amazon take this movie down from the streaming service and issue a public apology over this insult to the two million people that have died from covid 19 worldwide and their grieving families."

Anastasia says

"I would give it a negative number but it's not possible, I cannot believe the shameful service that they provide! They are liars and false idols pretending their service is top dog and promise things like set arrival dates, same day delivery and yadda yadda. THATS A LOAD OF S*#T!!! not only did my package not arrive when it claimed that it's "approved" sending time was I of course was tracking my package the entire time, and I do live in Hawaii and realize that things take a but, but this was unessacary violence. I tracked it and on the day of said arrival date I kept a close eye all day and it was certain it was on time and out for delivery. Welp as you can tell, this was not the case. I have to wait an extra week! While it sits there only a 30 min. Flight away, mocking me. So in my frustration I contacted Amazon prime only to learn even more disturbing news. My packag was and still is just sitting there and it has been since 8 that morning the day it was scheduled to arrive....why did it not make the last leg and just sit there all day, force me to get my item late (did I mention it's now Sunday so I'm forced an extra day!) Well no one would give me that info just an I'm sorry...and the cherry on top was when the CSR said it would arrive promptly on the 10th of January....I guess they time travel to!

So now my order is late and will be even later than promised for some unforseen reason, and what I've received so far is sorrys, people with lack of knowledge and full of bullshi-, oh and a 5 dollar coupon made for first time users not complaints ...yay....why am I paying all this money to be a prime member only to be treated like trash AMAZON PRIME SUCKS !! It's a waste of time money and trust you're better off going somewhere else. I usually at this point apologize for bad ratings because I feel bad and don't want to be rude...but in this case I'm not sorry figure your lies out and be for the customer for a change gesh."

Mad customer says

"Impossible to complain about amazon prime truck drivers if you do not have an amazon account. Driver pulls into my driveway, yells at me in crazy fashion, threatens to come back and I do not even use amazon. Lying, unprofessional drivers protected by amazon bureaucracy"

jp Samuels jp says

"Bloody thieves. Signed up for the free-trail and when expired, I was automatically signed up. Showmax had the professionalism to ask me via email first if I would like to continue after free-trail. I immediately ended my account with amazon prime. Refuse to support scammers and con-artists."

ren says

"I pay for prime delivery. Not all of them next day delivery items. above all they do cowboy delivery. Drivers leave the parcels unattended, outside the house. they will just ring the bell once, after that they wont wait for you, they don't care you take the parcel or not, they won't even look behind. they just leave. I complaint to the amazon customer service many times. but no improvement."

William Flores says

"Amazon Prime charged my card fraudulently $13.85. I will be reporting the to Consumers Affairs and BBB they must be closed!!!!!!!!!!!"

Steven says

"Amazon Tv us absolutely rubbish. Crap interface, crap selection and slow."

Naruto Uzumaki says

"The user interface for prime is awful. The way you have to access seasons and stuff, it's just so god awful. It's actually such a displeasure navigating it compared to other streaming services."

Ronda Lynn Brown says

"Shame on you for following suit with Facebook and Twitter and trying to censorship free speech!! This is the USA, not communists China!"

Kay S says


SA J says

"Always risky and cautious when it comes to delivery from to Ireland

I have not received 30% of the orders made due to incorrect drop at different addresses or neighbours!

It is such a hassle having to call customer service line, explain then wait more days until resolved.

What is the point of prime service?"

Mark Sanders says

"In October, 2019, I signed up for a 'free trial' on Amazon Prime video service. Although it advertised some great recent-release movies, once I had signed up, I discovered "they are not available in my country". OK, go to 'Cancelation'- got a screen confirmation (but no email confirmation), and figured that was that. Now today, more than two months later in January 2021, I see they have tried to restart my membership. They even tried to use two different debit cards I had on file. One, thankfully, was empty, and the other rightly triggered a fraud alert. What a bunch of criminals. I will NEVER use their services again."

Utwilla Cooper says

"I am an Amazon Prime member, I ordered an easel board for my nephew back on Ohio. Amazon delivered the easel board to me in Texas & not Ohio. I took a picture of the boy & who it was listed to be delivered to. I called customer service & she stated that I was the one who selected for the item to be delivered to me. I told the rep that I order & have things delivered to family members all the time & I know that I did not send the gift the myself in Texas when my nephew lives in Ohio. Then the rep told me that I could send it back for a refund as so did the supervisor when I requested to speak to one. Because it is a third party, they can't resend one to the correct address. The package was damage like it was thrown around. I'm am frustrated due to paying for prime & getting crappie service! I usually don't write reviews but their was no empathy from the customer service rep nor the supervisor. These companies want the extra fees but fail to deliver on the customer service & doing the right thing to right the wrong! A friend warned me about Amazon & not to deal with or even upgrade to Prime. I will take heed the next time I am told to be mindful of a company. Very disappointed & upset!"

Redouane Flissi says

"Absolutely never ever will I subscribing to amazon prime again. It is a waste of money. The content is rubbish. But the main reason is the customer service
Absolutely wouldn't recommend"

Jacqui Mchale Riley says

"Amazon prime uk awful...watched a series animal kingdom and uk prime dont have series 4.....only u.s....gutted a great series...sort your head out amazon uk😭😭😭"

Roger Greenhalgh says

"The Premier League football matches were on TV in December 2020 I subscribed to Amazon Prime on a free trial for a month.
It was easy to subscribe and I was able to watch the football matches.
The quality of the picture was poor despite my TV and my WiFi connection being high quality.
Unsubscribing at the end of the month was, in my view very, very difficult."

Evelyn Santiago says

"Amazon overall have good service BUT when it comes to the drivers, they are reckless. They need to be train on safety, most of them I see making turns coming of a stop sign when a car is approaching is scary. Unfortunately most of them are female's. I understand they have so many packages but regardless of anything safety should be first!!"

John says

"Prime video and starzplay watch out
I never understood why everybody was annoyed with me for using Amazon until now. I used to pay prime video subscription only to find out a friend was using starzplay and had more choice for half the price. Stopped my subscription, contacted Amazon and was advised to subscribe to starzplay through their website. This morning I checked my bank acc and found out I was charged both for prime and starzplay!!!

Had a chat with their customer services who agreed to cancel my prime video and issue a refund minus video I watched in the last two days ( how cheap is this move Mr Bezos?). They did not cancel starzplay only to find out I could not use it through their app without prime video subscription.

I contacted Amazon again and they confirmed I could not use my starzplay subscription on prime video app. I needed starzplay app.
Downloaded the app but I could not log in to starzplay app with my Amazon credentials. I am prompted to make another payment to starzplay directly! Back to Amazon who advised starzplay is third party provider and I needed to pay to them directly if I was not going to pay for prime video. So, why wasn’t I advised about it and why Amazon didn’t cancel both subscriptions at the same time knowing I could not use starzplay at all?They agreed to cancel it.
How many people fall into this trap? How many people don’t check their bank statements and how many of us can’t be bothered typing messages back and forward with Amazon customer services all day?
No wonder smart people stay away from Amazon.
Their website could be the worst trap on the net. Think twice before you click on anything."

paul smith says

"Signed up to try the streaming service as lockdown boredom had set in. There is some real dirge to pile through if you want to find anything remotely worth watching. Most reasonable films come with an additional charge. We'll jumping ship and trying Netflix soon. Will update this if my monthly Prime membership is a pain to cancel.
As an eBay stalwart hacked off with the thousands of Chinese sellers masquerading as UK based, I also thought I'd give Amazon a go for shopping.
It might seem petty, but why list items with next day delivery and then message me to tell me my order will be with me in two days?! A couple of the items are last minute for homeschooling our kids - had I known, I would've popped to the shops. Very misleading."

Caroline says

"Quick delivery"

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