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Alimama Tea, located in NYC offers handcraft all products, sustains on a gluten-free diet with natural ingredients.

Gina & Michael from NY shared their experience at Alimama Tea complaining about the service: "The food wasn’t too bad, just not my type of food. I ordered a cream puff but when I came it had a lemon taste to it, which it didn’t state in the description whatsoever. The order came 2 hours after I placed it, which should’ve come only 20-30 mins after I placed it. I tried calling the restaurant but it went straight to a cellphone voicemail, so I called Seamless and they were able to reach the driver and told me he was running an hour later than planned. The restaurant didn’t call me at all to notify me about this. They were apologetic, so that helped a bit, but I’m not sure if I would order again from here."


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