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Chubb Limited, incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland, is the parent company of Chubb, a global provider of insurance products covering property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance and the largest publicly traded property and casualty company in the world. Chubb operates in 54 countries and territories and in the Lloyd's insurance market in London. Clients of Chubb cons


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Allan Skovgaard says

"We booked two flight tickets to Paris. Great.

Unfortunately my employer decided to call for a seminar during my vacation, and my participation was required in this seminar.

Fortunately I paid for an insurance at Ace Group where I according to §17B was entitled to cancel against a fee of 20% of the ticket Price (17A is regarding illness and with a reduced fee). In general I found the conditions fair.

Or I thought I had an insurance. How could I ever believe in this? Stupid.

I called Ace, and they (very friendly) asked me to cancel tickets, and to forward receipt of cancellation to them.
Then they asked me to fill in infomation on their home page.
So far so good, though I had to skip Paris for Work.
I even ticked a box regarding valid reasons for cancellation: "cancellation due to employer single handed had changed my vaction plans"..or something like that.
I forwarded some more materials, including a written and signed statement from my employer

Outcome from Ace was that the situation was not covered!!

They gave the reason that this situation was not covered, according to the conditions, though there is absolutely no word, exceptions or anything else in the conditions which was issued with the Insurance.

This seems to confirm the general impression of this business.
Shame shame shame.
Of course will take this case further. Not for the money, which Ace obviously needs more than I, but for the sake."