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Abt Electronics is an independent retailer in the United States of consumer electronics, major appliances and furniture. Abt operates at a single location in Glenview, Illinois, on 70 acres (280,000 m2) of land, and (since 1997) through an online retail website. The store is a family-owned business that has operated in the Chicago market since 1936.

A former employee said this in a review on Indeed website: "Needless to say I did not have a positive experience working for ABT electronics. They did not treat me with the proper respect and constantly assumed I was not doing my work. At ABT you cold get fired just because they dont like you. It is truly a boys club and corrupt in every way".


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Sales Representative/Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They are notorious for giving nonsenical reasons before firing veteran sales staff that make too much money due to raises and tenure. They hire new talent for a lower hourly rate and they repeat the process once they start making more money."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Management is poor, they just care about the Bucks coming in.. Not enough time to take off to see family Benefits are fairDiscountsManagement only care the bucks coming in"

Dock Worker (Current Employee) says

"This company doesn't care about its employees at all. They have no regard to life outside of the company walls and refuse to help employees advance in careers."

Appliance Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Needless to say I did not have a positive experience working for ABT electronics. They did not treat me with the proper respect and constantly assumed I was not doing my work. At ABT you cold get fired just because they dont like you. It is truly a boys club and corrupt in every way."

Help Desk Tier 1 & Tier 2 (Former Employee) says

"If you keep your head down and don't complain your won't get caught in the owner's cross hairs. Really great place to work at if they remove the politics."

Appliance Installer/Driver (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work: Get to work at 4:30 in the morning, wait for 30 minutes for partner with DUI to show up. Call every customer while higher paid partner sits next to me talking to his girlfriend. Do 10 deliveries/installs a day doing all of the work."

Appliance Parts Clerk (Former Employee) says

"My experience here was terrible. I was treated unfairly because I didn’t know the Abt’s personally or wasn’t apart of their family. My coworkers in that department didn’t want to train me at all. Anytime I’d ask anyone a question, they’d roll their eyes give me a half-assed answer and then go about their business. The managers weren’t any help either. They spent all their time talking about the latest Scandal episode or whatever was on TV the night before and didn’t help train me at all. This place claims they’re “family oriented” and “understanding” and that’s all a lie. The only family they care about is their own. The only reason one of my department managers was a manager is because she used to babysit for one of the Abt’s. This place is a terrible place to work.Good payManagement, favoritism, and everything else"

Installer/Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company does not care about its driver/installers. We got worked to the bone and many people can no longer perform labor jobs because of this and many of them are under 30 years old. Worked consistently over 14 hours. We were forced to break federal DOT regulations daily in order to maintain our bonuses in a positive amount (which was how we got raises) and were penalized for following these regulations. The owners just wanted to push at product at whatever cost to its employees. I wouldn't recommend working here to my worst enemies.Abt Divers / Installers are the life blood of our organization and to say that Abt does not care about them is simply untrue / not fact-based. What is fact-based is that we have hired over 20 Driver/Installers in the last 2 months, so that we are: A. Provide the standard of customer service our customers expect and;B. Reduce OT so that we DO NOT break any DOT regulations.Bonus payments are based primarily on how our employees contribute to customer retention / satisfaction. Bi-annual increases are based on overall performance with the end result of six figure annual compensation for our top performers. Agreed Abt is not for everyone but works well for those who take pride of their workmanship."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"My immediate supervisors could not write out work schedules and daily duties without the help of myself or another individual because they lacked proper English skills. Upper management from customer service was bloated and lazy from years of complacency, Upper management showed a lack of professionalism and courtesy often times passing bodily gases and not even properly excusing themselves, they talked down to most people who where not in management often times humiliating there employees. If this company was to shutter there doors forever the world would be a better place and most people could make due with Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.The mindless constant heavy lifting made considerably stronger then on the day I started.Everything except the improved strength I developed and the health insurance."

Driver/Appliance Installer (Current Employee) says

"The good part of this job is that it pays very well and offers raises and bonuses throughout the year. The bad part of this job is that it takes up much of your free time. You work long hours (up to 16 hours/day). Typical work week is Monday-Saturday (Wednesdays off during the slow season). Management is unorganized/unprofessional. If you have a problem you need to constantly reach out to them until something gets done. There are many times that they send you out to do a job that is not within your skills and will tell you to "figure it out" which leads to a sloppy job and unhappy customers. They do not care for the safety of the employees. They will work you until you brake (literally) which is why there are many injured workers. This seems to be an ongoing problem but nothing is done about it.Agree that we pay well and strongly disagree that we do not care about the safety of our employees. Granted we are busy, but we are never too busy to ensure the safety of our workers as evidenced by our safety training initiatives and dedication of additional resources to this critical area of our business. You should know that we have also hired an additional 20 + drivers/helpers in the last several weeks to meet growing customer demands. To that point, if the reader of this post is looking for a great paying job (or knows others who are also looking ) and for an employer that has been a Tribune Top Work Place in Chicago for the past several years, please visit our employment web page on Indeed or from our web site to apply."

Electronic Service (Former Employee) says

"Too much focus to give the customer anything they want. Employees never know when/if they will be fired. Very poor management, they are always looking to fine you.Nice to purchase products at a discount.Poor management. Employee moral is low."

Electronic Service Technician & Salesperson (Former Employee) says

"Learn a lot about customer service, sales, electronics and appliances."

Delivery Driver/Installer (Former Employee) says

"Abt was split into two parts: inside store crew and delivery drivers. Delivery was the heart and soul of that company, but was smothered by the management inside the store. Managerial was good directly, but upper management seemed to have a different agenda. Lack of communication between departments. Unfair bonus system used as a grading scale to withhold raises and fire people. Hours were insanely long amassing 40+ hours in three days, averaging 60+ hours weekly through five day weeks.Very good pay and benefitsfrustrating, cut-throat, disoriented"

WAREHOUSE WORKER (Current Employee) says

"there are good days especially when there is help everyone works as a team and always have one goal in common and that is to finish the work day and have everything ready for tomorrow"

TELEPHONE INTERVIEWER (Former Employee) says

"Great for college students or retirees or if you're just trying to some extra income.cool hourslow pay"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Abt used to care about there employees but now care more about the dollar. The expect you to work crazy hours and have no life. The management is terrible, no one there knows how to manage."

Technician/Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"My day as a security officer varied from day to day. On some occasions I would check team members personal bags and purses for items without receipts when they exited the team member exit. I also worked the intensive surveillance camera system observing customers, staff and the exterior of the store for safety and loss prevention purposes. The management were well trained and knowledgeable at the store. The hardest part of the job was the long drive. The most enjoyable part of my job was the staff was fun and the hefty discount.The discount and trainingThe long drive to work."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Loved this place, great place to work, was always a head of other sales persons or at least of the top, BUT unfortunately favoritism is big, they will find a way to get you out if someone like a manager does not like you, and they give a blind eye even when someone leave work whenever he/she like just because he/she is a manager or some old salesman son/daughter/brother etc. other than that if you're good at getting every person to love you then it's the best place to work.Great place to make money if you're in salesfavoratisim"

Mobile Installer (Current Employee) says

"I would have stayed; however, it has come clear to me that I won't be able to advance with the current management in place. They are holding me back from my full potential. Abt is a good place to work in general, I have recommended it to a lot of people that I know; personally, I have just had a really bad experience and I can totally understand why so many people have left the position that I am currently in.Bonus Funds, Benefits, DiscountsManagement, Favoritism"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was fine for a part time job but working their full time was difficult. Co-workers were great but I wasn't a fan of their management. As a part timer you have a great work/home life balance. They also payed well. As a full timer it was hard to deal with the culture depending on which department you worked for.Great co-workers and great pay.They often required very late night hours."

joe vllatte says

"One of the employees stole from me"

Tianna Rous says

"I am very frustrated with the customer service aspect of this company. I have been dealing with my ice machine for our subzero fridge not working due to a valve needing to be replaced. 2 times they have brought the wrong part and have to reorder the correct part again, which is delaying the whole process. It has been at least 2.5 months this issue has not been resolved. Its not the fact about how long it takes the parts to come in but the fact that they technicians are given the wrong parts continuously causing us having to go out and by our own ice and take time away from work to make sure we are available for when the techs come out. I asked to see if we could be compensated some how with a gift card or credit and was informed they do not do that and even asked to speak with a manager about and was given the same answer. At this point I am disappointed. I really did like this company but they don't seem to have the same values when it comes to servicing once you buy!"

David says

"The price was great, the shipping not so much on a purchase that they had shipped from manufacturer. The delivery date was not met, not even close. If I were ever to order again I would not order anything that they did not have in their stock. You may say I am faulting them for something they had no control over but they set the timeframe, they gave confusing and conflicting responses to my inquiries and they made no effort at all to remedy anything. They also charge you upon receipt of order, not when it ships, this makes it really hard when your bill comes due and you're still waiting over a month for your stuff. BUYER BEWARE"

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