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Zwilling J. A. Henckels is a knife manufacturer based in Solingen, Germany. It is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of kitchen knives, scissors, cookware and flatware, having been founded in June of 1731 by Peter Henckels. The brand's namesake was Johann Abraham Henckels (1771-1850), who renamed the brand after himself under his leadership.


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Rachel Berlin says

"As a retailer, they do not perform. Promised an item to be delivered before Christmas then I received a notice saying it was delayed. I asked them to cancel and they said they could not, but would give me a 20% credit towards this purchase. Now they say 20% is only for future purchases. Like I'll ever buy from them again."

Julia Tarasova says

"I wish I read all these reviews before I made a purchase
Ppl please do not buy from these scammers
There is no way to contact customer service (phone or mail, no response ever) so I am stuck with item that I can not return
Their website advises to pick a carrier and ship it back to their warehouse yourself BUT there is no return form or anything. The way it’s organized I really doubt return will be connected to the right order. Lastly- shipping costs about $100 due to item being EXTREMELY heavy(it’s a pan) so makes no sense even for return. It’s all mess, ZERO customer service and horrible quality of the product unless you are familiar with their products- do not order it will be a huge disappointment with no way to return or reach out to customer service"

LUCY says

"I bought two bowls from, but one of the bowl was broken when I received it. Then, just like everybody experienced, zero customer service there. In addition, the knife I purchased was not only inconsistent with the online picture, but also poorly made."

Shimbalaiê Marcela says

"Zwilling (for Italy): the worst customer service EVER!
The payment was charged to my PayPal account immediately BUT the online shopping cart never changed its status. (The article I wanted to buy was never registered as "bought" in my profile.)
The company invoiced me for the prize of an item I did not bought.
I called no fewer than 6 times in 2 days and sat on hold for hours yesterday.
No email replies, no phone contact, just a voicemail but no one calls you back when you ask for assistance."

Nick Cimino says

"If I could give 0 stars I would. I ordered an item from this company around 100 dollars. The item never got shipped from it's starting point and I sent a few emails to them asking why. About a month after my first email, they simply tell me FedEx never picked up the item, which absolutely makes no sense but I didn't think much of it. At first they said they would give me a refund, now they say they're not authorized to give out refunds. This company is an absolute scam and everyone should avoid buying anything from them!"

pilli maggi hejazi says

"Same as everyone , one star is way too much for them but I have no choice of zero.
The worst possible experience with them .
Put an order , less than 24 hours cancelled it. Called them twice( to make sure it’s cancelled) , once a few days later and second time several days after only because I had a feeling they haven’t done it .every time they said yes we cancelled it and it’s processing.
Yesterday , I received the cancelled item .
Rude and irresponsible staff and worst than that their manager.
Shop somewhere else . They are not a decent company."

Carolyn Woodlock says

"Purchased two items in mid November for a Christmas gift. Payment was charged to my PayPal account immediately and I was told I would be notified when my parcel shipped.Only emails I ever received were “newsletters” trying to entice me to make more purchases. I tried contacting them 3 times via email, once by telephone (which was a joke) and never received a response to any of my queries. Finally filed a claim last week with PayPal and my money will be refunded. WORST experience ever purchasing anything online. Almost seems like a scam???!?"

Hilary Billings says

"One star is too many for a company with non-existent customer service. They should close shop as they are impossible to reach by phone or by email. terrible company. Don't buy anything from them - ever!"

Mark says

"Absolutely zero customer service--no response when emailing or calling after an order was placed. The recorded excuse is COVID related, but somehow other companies have figured out how to provide customer service under these circumstances. No excuse--if you are unable to provide customer service, please shut down your website."

Nagoya says

"Terrible service, ordered item on Dec 8th, said it was on the way on the Dec 11th, its now December 30th and absolutely nothing has change on my order and it says label created and shipping services still waiting for it. So much for a surprise Christmas present. I contacted them they were very rude and their products are far from cheap. This is why people use Amazon because you can see where your items are."

Stephanie Necessary says

"Our teenage son is an aspiring chef. We've been purchasing a variety of items for him over the past few years. Our experience with Wusthof was phenomenal. We received the product in lightening speed, our order was correct, and we even received a handwritten thank you note from the company. The knives we purchased from them were more expensive than the Zwilling knives, but I have now get what you pay for. We ordered two knives from Zwilling December 3, 2020. It took a solid 2 weeks to receive the delivery and half of our order was wrong. Instead of the pro prep knife that we ordered, we received a set of 7 cheap knives from a far inferior product line. They were thrown in a cardboard box with no label. I emailed the company and heard no response. I called no fewer than 3 times and sat on hold for no fewer than 3 hours before I finally talked to someone who would help me. The company was quick to ship me the return label for me to return the product they incorrectly sent me, but's five days past Christmas and no word on the prep knife they were supposed to send me. 1. I already paid for it. 2. It was mistake and should have been expedited. 3. It's past Christmas and we are missing half of our son's Christmas present. My up a little more and buy Wusthof. Even if people with far more cooking experience than me tell you that the knives are comparable, the customer service of Zwilling has taught me a very valuable lesson and I will never purchase anything from them again."

Shane Mcferran says

"I’ve had great customer service prior to 2020. I bought a lot of stuff while under the first lock down. Customer service rectified most things but, I had to wait for two months on average for my items and returns took almost as long. I ordered a bamboo drawer holder which arrived poorly finished, with chips and in accurate cuts. For $ 100.00 for a knife caddy I excepcted more. I’ve found quality assurance hasn’t been very good. I really like precision tools and had not issues years ago.

Some of my new knives which is a part of a pro series set which was bought at Costco had clamp marks on the handles.Not something that should be tolerated from a high end knife like this.

I’m waiting on two returns which I’ve been waiting on for 4 months now. No emails returned nor phone calls. I like most of Zwilling products with exception of some minors things.I’ve sent numerous emails and calls with literally no communication. This is the last time I purchase anything from this brand out of principle and good luck if there’s any defects or quality issues. The worst thing a company can do is abandoned there customers. ( past tense)"

Tom says

"Order placed on December 4th. Received an email that said shipping info would be updated in 5 days. It’s December 29th and I’ve received no update except an email from Zwilling asking me to review the product on Dec 25. Can’t review a product that never shipped!

No response to customer service emails. You call their help line and they say your approximate wait time is 2 minutes and then you’re on hold forever without an answer. Absolute nonsense. Do not buy anything from this company."

lige shi says

"I wish I.could give them 0 star. Terrible customer service. I placed oder on black friday. No shipping, No any answer after three emails. Luckily, I paid by paypal. I did the complain through it. after five days. I got an email with shipping tracking # which is wrong!!!!!!. Now is Dec.29, I am still waiting. I will claim a credit by paypal. Worst shopping site ever."

Chris K says

"No way to contact company about order placed Nov 30 and not sent. Impossible to reach a human customer service rep by phone or email- they do not respond. Something very wrong with this inept company. Do not buy direct from these clowns."

Judy Dong says

"If I have an option, I will give zero star! Horrible customer service. I ordered two orders online on Nov19, I emailed and called them on Nov20 to cancel the two orders before they were shipped. The case numbers were created automatically. No one return the call or email. Guess what, after 5days, I got an email stated that the two items shipped! I kept calling and emailing, I guess they just left you hot and dry. After I received packages, I had enough and I had to call the local store, they got me connected to a customer lady(Rita? ) at warehouse, I said I want to return them, I can deliver it back and I only leave 10mins from warehouse. She said the only way I can return is shipped back which will cost me over $200. she said it was not her problem and I was the one who changed the mind. I cannot believe a big company like zwilling will do things in such a bad way. I am going to file a complaint at Consumer-Protection-Ontario."

John Laddery says

"All the comments in this are all true, hard to believe that such a big brand is so disorganized. If you really need to purchase some knives go to House of Knives or any other independent that cares about service before and after."

Erin L says

"Be very careful when dealing with this company's Canadian branch. It is the most poorly managed company that I have ever dealt with.

I purchased a pro knife set from them and didn’t hear back for 2 weeks. I called in 5 times to cancel the order because it has not shipped yet. Every time it went straight to voice mail. I've emailed them about wanting to cancel. Silence. A month after the initial order I get a shipping confirmation. No, I don't want the item anymore because it has been a month and I’ve already purchased another set from The Bay (it was shipped within 2 days). Reading the reviews online I realized that the process of getting a refund is going to be another nightmare, some returned the item and never got their refund for over 4 months! It seems they only reply over social media if the comments are negative. Their in-store locations don't process refunds for online orders so if you want a quick refund process, it's not happening. Pay to ship it back and wait 90+ days to not get a refund.

They make great products but I don't suggest ordering from them directly. I suggest purchasing through other distributors like The Bay or Kitchen Stuff Plus. Save yourself the headache."

AABB says

"On December 5th, Zwilling Canada had a promotion on "Life" line of kitchen knives. "Buy one, get second of lesser value for free". The online shopping cart contained correct information but the company invoiced me the full price for both items!. No replies to emails or voice mail. Terrible customer service!"

Maral Zahedi says

"Bought Ballarini, silicon spatula in June 2020 thinking hopefully to have it for. Couple of years- broke and possibly leaked poison into my food. Inside crappy recycled plastic and outside awful silicon.. No one responded to my complaints."