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Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. is a Swiss insurance company, commonly known as Zurich, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. The company is Switzerland's largest insurer. As of 2020, the group is the world's 117th largest public company according to Forbes' Global 2000s list, and in 2011 it ranked 94th in Interbrand's top 100 brands.

An angry former employee said "Working at Zurich was the worse experience of my career. Over worked adjuster. Tells their clients the adjusters have less claims than they really do is one of the multiple reasons I could no longer work here. They will bring you in as a contract that is made to feel like an outsider. Contractors will see a constant revolving door and be treated very poorly. DO NOT WORK HERE".


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Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"They do not hire anymore. Currently a hiring freeze. They will bring you in as a contract that is made to feel like an outsider. Contractors will see a constant revolving door and be treated very poorly. Management is a joke. They have people managing staff and people when they themselves do not even know how to perform the work themselves. Management is strictly CYA and will blame everyone else for they mistakes"

Associé à la souscription Département Construction (Former Employee) says

"La pyramide de m staycity de l’entreprise est à l’envers: plus de manager que des staffs à être gérer! Un employé peux recevoir l’ordre de plaisir en même temps!"

Senior Worker’s Compensation Claim Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working at Zurich was the worse experience of my career. Over worked adjuster. Tells their clients the adjusters have less claims than they really do is one of the multiple reasons I could no longer work here."

Sr. Principal Engineer, AVP (Former Employee) says

"All work is reactive. Culture of snakes and inept engineers, It is a lair of snakes and scorpions."

Global Resource in IT (Former Employee) says

"You are looked on as second class citizen if not directly supporting core insurance activities. They are so full of lip service about everything. Not much room for advancement."

Claims adjuster (Former Employee) says

"By far Zurich Insurance in Woodland Hills is worst company in California. Incompetent management. Ive been a claims adjuster 30 years. my boss was an incompetent fool"

Systems Development Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Management is only interested in dehumanizing workers, getting cheapest resources regardless of capabilities, and cannot see the coorelation of bottom lines and competency of the resources doing the work."

Security Operations Analyst (Current Employee) says

"If you are in IT and don't suck up, your position will be outsourced while others get a promotion. My advise is to stay away from this company. Higher up management is horrible. Your main manager will depend. Bonuses are ok. You have no work life balance. Cons: None"

Commercial Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Zurich overworks their employees to the point that the job is not manageable. They make it so that it unrealistic to achieve any type of goals that they set which creates a very discouraging and negative work environment. Cons: work load and pay"

Claims Adjuster (Current Employee) says

"Completely over worked. Not enough adjusters. New people might as well be lit fire and put on the floor with no training. They are completely understaffed you end up doing more than just your job as they are way way way understaffed every where. Management could care less. Just pile on more cause hay deligate who cares if they are already overloaded. Horrible days at work that feel like they will never end. Oh and their metrics pit employees against each other. Cheaters who cut corners win. Their health insurance and dental are not the best unless you pay thru the nose for better benefits. Time off is what you live for just to get away from the stress. Don’t drink the koolaid just run from this job to a better one if possible. Cons: STRESS ! over worked no team work and no one cares at all."

Insurance Specialist (Current Employee) says

"People are getting laid off continually. Those with jobs are often doing two jobs, and the reason they still have their job is because they are cut throat. The background you need to get a job here is Target employee or former airline stewardess. The important trait is being political - lying, then cya'ing. There are two departments out of many that aren't this way, and you need an advanced degree to get into both. The company is made up of mostly low class smiling faces. Cons: They pretend to be transparent and aren't. Employees only care about themselves."

Business Analyst / Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Sehr Schlechtes Arbeits Klima... Jeder gegen Jeden Sehr Angelsächsisch im wahrsten sinne des Wortes."

ACTUARIAL ASSISTANT (Former Employee) says

"Zurich is a very big company and (unfortunately) acts like a very big company. Their corporate culture is reflected in every Dilbert cartoon that's been published."


"Im tired, stressed, and unhappy. Working in a stressful environment as such takes a toll on your personal life. Zurich promotes a healthy work/life balance and they still pile work on you making it impossible to achieve any of their set goals."

claims adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for. Long hours and the work environment is deplorable. You are on top of each other, you can't hear yourself think. Just a miserable environment. Cons: Everything"

Clercial (Former Employee) says

"Zurich was a good company to work for, we had classes to learn about new products and my Co-workers we all helped each other as a team when needed to be productive for the department. The hardest part of the job was making show every thing was batch and accurate for that day before leaving. The most enjoyable part of the job was when a job was well done and having recommendation, and department parties. Cons: We had two breaks each day and classes for healthcare"

Claims (Former Employee) says

"The worst organization I've worked for. The office culture was unbelievablely unprofessional. Cons: everything else"

Processing Tech (Former Employee) says

"Never have I ever been treated so inhumanely. I was raised with a good work ethic, I showed up for work and stayed at my desk to complete my job duties. I loved most of the co-workers. Unfortunately, there were those that didn't do their work, so those of us who did work got stuck with with their work also. That's really fair make the people who are doing the work, do the work of those who don't!! Cons: management stinks - have no clue how to manage."

Underwriting Technician (Current Employee) says

"Zurich has been in the midst of confusion since my employment began in 2008. The past year has been a year of downsizing, people leaving, and no replacements. Most employees at Zurich are overworked, tired, and suffering from exhaustion."

Senior Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a regional staff legal office for nearly 10 years. It was awful. Local office management was non-supportive, mean tempered, and had an over-inflated sense of self. Corporate management was concerned primarily with what happened at Schaumburg and ensuring that arbitrary internal reporting dates were met and not as concerned with the good legal work being done. We were treated like "step children" and could not get the vast majority of Zurich claims adjusters to respond to questions on files. Lots of "reductions in force" while I was there. Raises and bonuses were minimal and not reflective of effort given. It was worst job of my 25+ year career. Cons: Poor raises/bonuses, poor management, poor inclusion from corporate."

Geert Kuiper says

"Unacceptable, lousy, worst service ever. I have requested an encashment on my pension fund. I have been struggling for many weeks and the rules and requirements change on a weekly , monthly basis . I think this is deliberate and Zurich just buying time in making a payment . Their communication is non-existent and it is up to the policy holder to make international phone calls to follow up if there is any progress on the request . I have spoken to many people at Zurich and received no help at all , just a request for more information, or excuses on Covid and we can’t open the PDF files ect. I do not recommend Zurich pension fund to anyone."

Cc says

"Negative zero!!! Keeps denying disability even though California edd approved it. Misstated what I wrote in my claim saying I claimed one thing only when I was hospital twice for two different conditions. Doesn’t answer phone calls or voicemail RN case manager. I sent doctors certifications and records and discharge docs with no response. The denial letter grossly misrepresented what I wrote in my claim and is false. Considering legal action. My claim clearly stated opposite of what the Zurich wrote. If they read my claim they would know that. Delayed payment for a month now probably won’t be paid till next year. If I were month to month I’d be in a bad situation. The stress with my current health condition due to this is a lot of I end up back in the hospital you will hear from my lawyer."

kenny says

"I moved my english bank account to a sterling bank account in australia, Now zurich will not pay my monthly pension money directly into my sterling account as they do not have the facility to do this, instead they send me a cheque which has to be sent to my bank in Sydney who then have to send it to the uk to be honoured ,since covid my cheques have been going astray and I am about 4 cheques behind or they have been lost. There must be other people in this situation , I was wondering about a class action ."

Fuad Hamzeh says

"truly a scandalous company! They take your insurance money and refused to make any payout whatsoever. Otter thieves ! stay away at all costs."

Charles Cook says

"They refused to cover my windshield wiper motor because wayer had seeped into the motor. You know, the motor that gets wet everytime it rains. Theu obviously take advantage of "no coverage because of water" clause, knowimg full well the possibility of that happening to something that will gwt wet when it rains. The reps that I called were condescending and rude. Also be aware they make it difficult to cancel your warrenty and get a pro rated refund. Thwy will jot lwt you do it over the phone. I will send an email to cancel my remainder of my warranty no matter if I get a $2 refund."

M S says

"Cannot give Zero to Zurich so will have to put one. I cannot believe this company will exist in 10 years. They are a relic of a time when the internet didn't exist and they could charge high fees by baffling clients. No customer service, arrogant, inefficient."

Maria says

"Absolutely appalling service in life investment department: rude, lie, impossible to get proper information on your own investment which makes the company money, chocking service...and no manager is taking any action to make it better for the customer,...choose another insurance!!"

Handa says

"she speak with either a policyholders and then i you put my wife on the phone who came back from the hospital. She was working last night in the covid unit. She asked her can you confirm your date of birth and you’re first line of your address. Then she also asked can you confirm where do you live previously and then she asks do you know how much you pay monthly for your insurance ,then she asked her do you know the sort code of the account from where the money goes from and then she went on she asked do you know when did you start your paying for this policy, she went on and on ask him and i told her my wife came back from work last night you asked me only 1 question she didn’t listen and she told me she would ask as many as question she like. She kept going on and on and she was really arrogant and racist at this point. She said i don’t care i can ask as many questions i like and you cannot tell me otherwise. I just want to cancel my policy thank you very because of people like veda people won’t come to zürich anymore. Thanks"

Reinhold Hauck says

"after an accident in Switzerland, caused by an swiss owner insured by Zurich Insurance, it is a mass to work with this people. They need a long time to clarify for paying out the money and they told me also that they will not pay the same like an insurance in Germany will pay. It seems they are using the Swiss law to save money. It is a shame for Switzerland."

Val says

"I paid my premiums regularly for 10 years that equaled to $55,680. On requesting an encashment of my policy I was informed that the amount was $30,679.28 which was nothing close to the projected illustration $43,483 that was provided at the time of signing the policy. Totally unhappy with Zurich Insurance"

Cw says

"If I could make it 0 I would. Your customer service is the worse and I have experienced a few poor companies. Not only do I want an illegal payment you took from my account with no permission I want an update on a claim and compensation for the 100 phone calls I have had to make."

R G Cann says

"Mis-sold me a critical illness policy 22 years ago which does not provide adequate cover and I'm now too old/ill to get a new policy elsewhere. Thank you!"

Roy Nottrodt says

"I have never known such poor service. You pay a hansom amount of money in premiums for your insurance and when you make a claim you get no help at all. Its been a month since i initiated a claim for a leak in my bathroom that is affecting electricity and broken down the kitchen ceiling. For a month I have been locked in a perpetual cycle of calling Zurich, who then farm out the claim to a company called "Building Claims Services" who then in turn farm the work out to yet another company called Chem-Dry. Multiple calls to Zurich and Building Claims Services end up with me being told that someone will contact me in 24-48 hours......no one ever does and its me that is doing all the phoning and chasing. Even letters sent to both Zurich and Building Claims Services go unanswered. When I contact Chem-Dry they always profess to know nothing of my claim. It seems like there are now only a few courses of action: Contact the Insurance ombudsman. Trading standards, as these people are taking money for a service that they are not providing. Legal action to re-claim my premiums that I have paid for over 20 years"

thesmallerhalf says

"I am struggling to take early encashment on a pension fund with Zurich UAE. I'm disgusted and enraged at their ridiculous requirements and am beginning to suspect they are deliberately delaying the payout. The fund has never performed anywhere close to the projections made at the beginning, their communication has always been poor to non-existent. Now they keep changing the rules on the documents required for early encashment. I would urge anyone looking for a pension fund to avoid Zurich at all costs."

baris kardal says

"Bad bad company. Storm damage to my property and they came up with wear and tear. They don’t give a dam. Stay away!"

Kathryn Ross says

"There should be a ZERO stars option on this really. Its taken me a while to write this review as life (and death) gets in the way but I was utterly horrified to discover my elderly parents were paying fully £1000 MORE than the going rate for the house/contents insurance because Zurich realised they were naive enough to think that staying with the same company would be rewarded. Instead they continued to push their premium up and up and up... My father was a retired solicitor - used to managing his own affairs and also thought that by going with a "reputable' company he would get good service. I finally intervened i felt he really was not on top of things anymore and was utterly shocked to discovered how they were being ripped off. So depressing that companies feel it's ok to do this. It's basically theft. It's just that they can get away with it. Zurich you should be utterly shamed of yourselves - but I'm sure you're not. Corporate greed rules."

Darrel Relf says

"Unbelievably bad. For two days running now, I have tried to speak to someone in claims that can handle my new claim. On both days and over several calls, I have found it impossible to speak to anyone that understands even the basics of our English language. Their operatives are clearly in an overseas call centre, and their grasp of the English language is minimal or non existent. I was unable to even convey my email address to them, even after spelling it several time I have still not received the email that was promised. I have no objection to companies saving money by setting up call centres overseas, but PLEASE make sure your agents can speak English!!!! AVOID!!!!"

Paula Bunny Gommo says

"I too was hit by a Bristol recycling bin lorry last November. They admitted liability and after nearly 3 months my car is not repaired. They have stalled getting it repaired saying they were waiting for a part, (its a dent and paint work, no part needed). The call center is a waste of time, I've told them i want cash in lieu as waiting 3 months for a repair is shocking. They have said they have an agreement to get it repaired with a company and I told them thats not my problem, that's their agreement not mine. Still waiting for payment. Will be complaining to the financial ombudsman, if no cheque this week. Oh and when they asked me to call them back they gave me the wrong number that belonged to Gladstone Brooks! Call center a complete joke! Wish i could give 0 stars!"

mr Simon Doling says

"I was the third party in this case. My car parked was hit by a bin lorry. Bristol city council whose vehicle it was admitted liability. Great I thought, when they told me I could pursue the claim through their insurers Zurich. But Zurich are the worst company Ive ever dealt with. They wrote my car off for a measly amount and now are stalling all the time to make a payment. This is all nearly three months after the accident. They use an offshore call centre with phone lines so bad understanding communication is very difficult. They make promises to pay, then nothing. There should be a way for companies like this to be prosecuted. My advise use a claims management company. I wish I'd done that now."

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