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Zoo York is an American company focused on the skateboarding market. The company currently commercializes skateboards, t-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, hats, fanny packs. The company's name was taken from one of NYC's oldest skate crews, "Soul Artists of Zoo York".

A customer they lost talks about on Amazon "My teenage son ordered a Zoo York after reading the reviews. However, within the first five minutes of riding it the board snapped. He only weighs about 130 so it wasn't because he exceeded the weight limit or anything. He tried to do an Ollie and landed on the board and it broke. Amazon was great letting him return it because of its defective nature and issued us a prompt refund. The board however was crap!".


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Sales and Marketing Manager says

"under budgeted difficult and slow to get approval"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"It was quite quiet and because i worked on my own alot of the time i felt quite lonely. It was in the basement and i didnt see any natural light."

Irina Slesareva says

"Not good because I didn't get my money back!"

Robine Breugelmans says

"I'm still waiting on my delivery.. Can't reach chemical records by phone and the website doesnt work anymore"

Frans says

"Our order of 10-04-2014 has not been delivered. Webisite of Chemical Records is down and they do not answer the phone and emails."

Jens D. says

"I ordered three records and got some one week later. Because of poor packaging all covers of my records where damaged. I send them an email claim and always got the answer, that my email was blank !*? So I decided never ever buy again in this shop. Be careful !"