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Zomato is an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start-up founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. Zomato provides information, menus and user-reviews of restaurants, and also has food delivery options from partner restaurants in select cities. Zomato is also entering into grocery delivery amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As of 2019, the service is available in 24 countries and in more than 10,000 cities.

In a very recent comment on social media, one disappointed customer of Zomato said, "The prepaid order no. Is 1162024487, The delivery person didn't call and cancel the order and ran away with the food. The chat support team did not help and zomato app don't have any support number that you can call them. No refund received lost my money. BEWARE OF PREPAID ORDER IN ZOMATO. Also don't fall in trap of their ad on safety measures during covid."


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Former Employee - Content Associate says

"But every decision of local US managers (who have more context) was overruled by management in India. Made plenty of decisions that just didn't scale well in the US. The Koolaid is so strong. They drown you in their culture. They laid off everyone when they ran out of money because of their stupid decisions. Somehow they blew through the 65 Million they raised in less than 6 months, and cut costs by shuttering the US."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Puts all eggs in one basket"


"Lack of strategy and planning. Lack of strong executive leadership. All the good ones leave"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Wasted employee talent by giving these same energetic, fun, and intelligent people mundane jobs. Sent employees into dangerous neighborhoods. A lot of promises were made and none came to fruition. Prided themselves on moving quickly, but rarely thought through consequences of action. Shut down all North American offices"


"Lack of transparency, poorly defined business strategy. The upper management in India seems to not understand the difference of operating in the US. Lack of faith in the employees."

Former Employee - Content Associate says

"The pay was horrible. management made a lot of promises they couldn't keep. Company was based out of India and they were very secretive. No real way to work your way up even though that's what you're told when you interview. My dog could do this job."


"Everything I felt betrayed as a person to be let go in such a cold way. No warning or reason just letting go an entire country's worth of people."

Former Employee - Content Associate says

"Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time working for this unethical company. Read all of the negative reviews on here and realize all the positive ones are fake/scripted because they're having a PR nightmare. Not only does the company lack transparency but they also will lie straight to your face. Either the management is highly incompetent and can't do a basic financial forecast or they intentionally mislead over 200+ new hires in the US. Looking back it's obvious they had no intentions of keeping the content teams long-term in the US after we finished all of the legwork launching the major cities. They didn't even acknowledge letting go around 10% of their company either publicly or privately, it's like we never existed to them. Shows their true colors and company culture. Brags about being a 'billion dollar' company but when team members ask to rent a booth at a festival to promote the company via field marketing gets shot down by higher ups because it's not in our budget. They claimed the reason they let go all of the US content teams was because they weren't getting enough traffic to generate ad space sales like they anticipated. How did they honestly expect to break into the US market with established competitors like Yelp without doing any kind of marketing?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Zomato launched in the U.S. with a hubris-fueled vengeance after acquiring (and dismantling) the beloved Urbanspoon brand, only to lay off around 200 employees without warning five months later. Management posses zero vision for the future or grasp on reality. In my training, I was told how terrified Yelp, OpenTable and Groupon are that Zomato was going to put them out of business. When I went out on my own, I quickly realized no one had heard of us (or was interested in yet ANOTHER app at this point in their phone storage), and I was stuck trying to sell a product that couldn't even perform basic search functionalities. The apathy with which almost 200 employees were laid off is astounding. I didn't even hear from my direct supervisor until almost six hours later, and at no point did he say, "I'm sorry". And in a memo to the remaining employees, not once did the CEO take a moment to address that there even were layoffs -- just a supposed change in strategy -- and he happily signed it, "Cheers!" Finally, there was absolutely no structure or accountability in place. There was one senior manager whose employees openly said she wouldn't answer any of their emails, and only spoke with them twice in three months. I was one of the lucky ones, and I spoke to my manager maybe twice a month."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you would like to be micromanaged, this is the place to work. If you don't want to think and work like a robot it's great. If you challenge anything or offer ideas you get shut down quickly without reason. The trainers were terrible and all they cared about was partying. In addition they laid off most of the US without a blink of the eye in October of 2015. I have a feeling more lay offs are to come."

Content Associate (Former Employee) says

"I would not work here. The company lacks organization, and management has no idea what they're doing. The company overpaid temps and over-hired, before they even had a product to sell. They had to lay off their entire U.S. office due to poor planning and fiscal projection."

Rider (Current Employee) says

"Please don't join white thing company.The most bad company.. .. And it's hub is not helpful. They not help her riders. They also cut your incentive by any reason."

Delivery runner (Former Employee) says

"I don't like work zomato because they steal our working hours the foolish software that made people who dedicate to work their they will treat what they think the customer mistakes and company mistakes Will handover to the employee who is work their .so I realized this is not right track to journey of life so left the place yesterday"

Waste of time (Former Employee) says

"A huge waste of time company. Company has been auto disabled your I'd at a period of 2-3 month any team leader not help you Your security deposit They tell you after some time you don't like to work with zomato you can claimed you security deposit but they company really not provided your security deposit"

DP (Former Employee) says

"Be under the sun and in full traffic for 10 hours without break.You are lucky if you get 400 rupees at the end of the day after all minimum expenses.Full time in the middle of traffic, waiting time at the restaurant,total waste."

Field Executive (Former Employee) says

"No job satisfaction, very harmful to riders to deliver the courier.. No health plan for there riders, no family package.. Salry issue can't be solve ,and most of all there App issue creates lots of problems..None18 hours"


"Used to work for a minimum of 11 hours a day for 6 days a week, with much less appreciation and no work life balance. there was a lot of manual work to do as the company wasn't technologically supported in terms of tools like Microsoft Office."

account manager (Former Employee) says

"Got hired for the new city office, everything going smoothly then shut down the office and laid everyone off 2 months later."

Area Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for, the management have the biggest egos I have ever had to deal with. It is incredibly disorganized due to the management having no experience or education. Long hours, constantly having to work overtime to make up for lost time at time wasting team meetings that achieve nothing but unnecessary ego boosting. Bad Management, experience is dismissed, a strong work ethic is frowned upon, the management have mastered the art of being lazy and being paid to do nothing but boss anyone below them around unecessarily treating them like slaves, they teach bad skills, they have no idea what they are doing or how to train staff correctlyNo experience or qualifications required, lazy do-nothingness is rewarded, phone expenses paid for and laptop providedBad managers, teaching bad skills and habits, stressful & frustrating job, long work hours 60+ hours a week."

Area Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"It is like a cult, it takes over your life, receiving non stop emails, calls & messages daily that must be responded to immediately, including your days off, you have very little life outside of work, incredibly long hours with little reward. Unstable position, very little support provided after initial training, lack of communication honesty and transparency. Things change dramatically instantly with no communication, for instance suddenly half the staff can be let go for various insignificant reasons and no one tells you what is going on, or you get an message advising you that the office location has changed, or suddenly the product you have been trained to market no longer exists and now you have to explain this to your disappointed client, you are lucky to find out things last minute, if at all, let alone have any input or a valid explanation. Most team members are very inexperienced including managers, area managers definitely need further training especially if they are supposed to guide and support others. It is a matter of luck who you get as your area manager, and unfortunately if they are inexperienced, egotistical or just not fond of you they can easily terminate your employment, I have seen this happen on various occasions with no good reason to staff who were some of our most experienced and top sellers, but for some reason or another their direct superior did not get along with them so they are let go without valid reason or consideration. Hard work and dedication is not recognised or appreciated. Yet most management staff are lazy and have dreadfulGreat for beginners in the workforce, young company, young staff team outings, social, competitive, commission and perks, lazy staff seem appreciated, no experience needed no knowledge or qualifications requiredSee the review above - all cons - They need experienced management and to train current managers"

Zomato's marketing (Current Employee) says

"The job is very challenging. Requires you to give more than 100%. The people and environment is really good.An year or 2 in Zomato will change your outlook, not only towards work, but also how you look at life. It's a place wherein doing is greater than learning. There are no bosses, a complete flat structure and people with probably the most down to earth attitude and minimalistic egos.Free LunchesGrowth"

Delivery partner (Current Employee) says

"Neither our senior or official team respecting us. This company is only for benefit of restaurant owners not for delivery Partners. Their priority is only merchant. Not even customer.Still good salaryNo respect for delivery Partners"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Long work hours with not enough compensation. Top management is good, however, mid management sucks big time. People who believe in getting around by buttering, as opposed to hard work, will flourish here.Free lunch, awesome colleagues"

delivery boy (Current Employee) says

"I had joined Zomato 3 days back. First day I went at 12 o clk but I got only 3 orders upto 6 o clk.. next day I went at 11 o clk but I didn't got any duties for 2 hours. Then I'm continuously online upto 4 o clk but I got only 2 duties.... It's not enough for my petrol also..... If u had completed almost target and u need 1 in 1 o hour also they will not give u any orders bcz to avoid u from insensitives.... So plz think before once if ur going to join.... My review should help some people.... I'm working in mathikere.... Y should they give us work if they can't give any duties..... These is Bangalore"

delivery boy (Current Employee) says

"I am working in zomato as a delivery partner from 4 months.. I changed my location to another city to work there... But suddenly my rate card was changed to lowest.. And when i complained about this... They told me that its your problem... Why did u changed your location... That's why your rate card has been changed... And we cants help u any more... Thats not tare... Its so rude action from zpmato"

Content Associate (Former Employee) says

"They had no fore-sight with their decision to move into the US market. No communication between higher ups. Eventually fired everyone in the US at the same time very unexpectedly due to poor planning."

delivery boy (Current Employee) says

"This company is not suitable for educated and good personality peoples. Company not resolve fast any issue with delivery partner with there customer/restaurant.Waiting time is too Long for a average income."

delivery boy (Former Employee) says

"On internet showing 14k salaries but in actual only 3-4 k .. please don't go with this..and also not supporting staff as TL and other back end management that's why left as feeling alone on fieldnothinglong hours but less amount"

Key Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"At first I had a great experience at Zomato. Everybody was fun, young and motivated to do work. The culture was great and we always had a good time, work hard, play hard etc. However when sales slowed down due to the NZ market being different than the home market (India) the heads of the company came down on people for not selling even though they weren't willing to listen to our ideas and reasons why it wasn't working. Wouldn't go back, also, terrible salary."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Good if you're starting out in your career. Would not recommend the org for anyone who wants to build their career. Management could do a lot better and make work more fulfiling."

vishu srivastava says

"i had very bad experience with zomato i ordered my food on 31st dec 2020 and i haven't received my food yet..i continuously mailing them but not getting any response.i have been using zomato since 2018 and i was a regular customer now its time to say goodbye zomato bcoz you guys are so careless and unprofessional i don't want to waste my money like this... pathetic services and poor staff...."

Him Agni says

"Zomato valet even after my instruction(hand me the order) they kept the order in a very dirty place and left it. They are sharing the pictures saying left the order at your place but actually that's not even the location. Zomato customer support has to understand the customer's."

Hilda says

"the fact that you only get a discount if you order with your card seems like a dodgy tactic in my opinion, what if what is delivered is not up to par? then I'll probably never get my refund?? and looking at other reviews seems like getting a refund is mission impossible. I don't trust app like this, no flexibility to your customer, very money hungry. Also their delivery fee at times is higher than other apps. take note! Zomato Dubai."

As VR says

"The most stupid micky mouse company who do not know their ass from their elbows !"

Bluuz Coding says

"Worst app, I placed my order on zomato and my money got deducted, but they did not process my order and now i'm writing this review in full frustration and hunger, i want my money back, You guys dont have customer support number as well as when i wanted chat support it did not work why is this happening?"

avishek mohapatra says

"Pathetic delivery experience - when you order at night after 9 pm. Delivery agents would not pick your call and you would be waifor your food...finally if you have a kiddo at home..they would sleep without eating anything..Big thanks to Zomato.."

Belle Belle says

"These liars delay many of my orders or mix them up and always annoy when trying to get refund. Last time they refused to refund the order that was late and cold. I removed the app. Strongly recommend not to use them. They dont deserve to stay in this business. Save your mental health and time and use other apps."

Manan Mongia says

"Zomato is doing bad on its customer services these days."

g. murali krishna says

"I had requested for had ordered pizza from a local bakery and had made the payment through online the order was not delivered physically got a miissed call but in the system shown as delivered .when visited the restaurant after some time the delivery agent picked up the order and he didn't deliver to us"

Nate Swain says

"There should be a zero rating... Stay away from them. If the food is late and cold or filled with bugs they will NOT refund you. They will give you some money back but will steal the rest."

mr. Jai says

"Worst app Totally waste of time and money No any resolution"

Pothunoori Sai says

"This is not working in warangal night 7 to 9 so kindly follow the service"

Mohamed Umair Khan says

"I had requested for dinner from a restaurant and had made the payment through online the order was not delivered physically but in the system shown as delivered .when visited the restaurant after some time the delivery agent picked up the order and after few minutes he opened the packet and ate and he didn't deliver to us"

manika says

"If there had been zero... I would have given dat.... My order was cancelled nor I received dat the whole amount deducted as cancellation charges... No refund till now fraudently company shame on u"

Alok Athaley says

"Zomato delivered crap and I had uninstalled this faltu .. SWIGFY is far more more trust worthy."

Cosmic Foxglove says

"If you want to order from Zomato via desktop they now make you watch ads, unless you upgrade to "Zomato Pro". Guys, I'm already paying you by ordering via your site, and now you want me to sit through ads as well?? Nope. Not going to get my money. You need to pay ME if you want me to watch ads."

Anita Abraham says

"I ordered a diwali gift pack for a friend from Anand Sweets through Zomato. My friend did not receive the three varieties of dry fruits I had paid for. Instead a packet of figs were sent. Cheating customers outright. Only an apology from Zomato. No one pursuing the matter. Shame"

praveen sr says

"The Delivery had missing items in the Order. The customer support team never accepted their mistake that the order had missing Items and they trust the Merchant and the delivery boy who had delivered the order but not the customer who paid for the order. The worst service provider designed to cheat customers. Zomato dint even have the honesty to accept the mistake"

Vishal Pabreja says

"One of the worst experience with zomato yesterday, 2.5 hours to get our food, i felt so bad when my son slept without eating, thursdat night we planned to eat feom a restaraant and irdered our food from chin chin thru zomati, highly un professional people at zomato, ordered at 8 pm, got dinner at 10.30 pm, pathetic service,"

Appetite Five Dock says

"As a business owner, our zomato profile shows a 3.6 star rating with supposed 8 reviews. Yet, only 6 reviews are listed. Furthermore, our 3.6 star rating does not reflect the reviews left that of customers. From the 6 reviews, 4 reviews are 5 out of 5 and the remaining 2 reviews are 4 out of 5. This is an average score of 4.6 out of 5. Whichever algorithm Zomato uses does not reflect the reviews given nor our rating. Going through competitor reviews, it seems it's almost the same. Upon more research, I feel Zomato provides its own rating to most restaurants regardless of the reviews provided. This is detrimental to any business. I request that my business profile and any affiliation to and from Zomato regarding my business is removed."

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