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Zillow is one of the most popular real estate databases online. Founded in 2006 by former Microsoft executives Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, Seattle-based Zillow lists information about millions of homes for sale and rent across the United States and Canada. One of Zillow’s key features is its Zestimates, a popular consumer tool for seeing how much homes are worth. These estimates are based on information from sources such as comparable sales and public data.

Kristina shares her dreadful experience on consumeraffairs.com, "Zestimate will not update their site for six months now. My property is inaccurately listed with a real estate that I am not working with. I have tried for months to contact them and still no contact! My property listing is sparse and stuck with false information, and no way to contact me. Affects the listing and selling of my property greatly. This is a widely used tool to look real estate up. It is a subpar listing and has the contact information wrong. I have tried to contact Zillow via phone, customer service, complaint via their website... and nothing. Apparently and unfortunately there is another company that is also doing the same thing. It is a nightmare."


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