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Zendesk Inc. is an American customer service software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol ZEN and is a constituent of the Russell 2000 Index. Founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Zendesk has 2,000 employees and serves 119,000 paying customers in 150 countries and territories as of 2017.


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Sr. Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is the first company where I have seen so many management layers for a "start-up" - Worker bees get lost under these thick layer of management and just few months into the company, I can now understand the high attrition rate.snackspoor management"

Senior Director, Data (Former Employee) says

"If you like the stick in the mud, molasses-y, sprinkled with a good dose of siloed politics, this is the company for you. When you join the company, there is a full jug of that startupland kool-aid waiting for you, which you will chug down, no doubt. If you are joining the IT, specifically the Enterprise Data group, my best advice is... don't! You probably have better things to do, such as riding the BART aimlessly, staring at the ceiling contemplating the meaning of life, Netflix marathons, or anything else for that matter, all of which are worth your time than working here. The level of incompetence at the senior management level who think they can run an engineering dept with no engineering management background is appalling, to say the least. My advice, life is short, spend it better!"

Lead, Business Systems (Former Employee) says

"Workplace was good but poor middle managers that did not know systems they managed. They had pre-conceived ideas on how the tools should run and did not recognize my area of work.innovative companylocation of office very unsafe"

Enterprise Account Manager, East (Current Employee) says

"Pros: Fantastic product and support. Innovation is great. Good CEO (that seems to not be calling the shots with what is happening on the sales side) Cons: New leadership in Sales is atrocious. It's "what have you done for me lately", poor job security. Very little upward mobility as new managers are hiring more of their friends from previous jobs or poaching from existing competitors. Territories keep getting smaller and smaller. AEs wear too many hats, are stretched too thin and there are some greenfield markets that need more brand awareness."

Director (Former Employee) says

"The customers carry the brand - they love it! And that makes it a really great product to work on. My co-workers were terrific and I would still be there if we didn't love."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"There is a lot of talk about transparency and yet decisions are made in a vacuum at the C level and the why is rarely shared. We have a reorg every 6 months or so and none of them seem to work. People who have been around for a long time get treated differently then those who are most recent hires.Great work/life balanceFavoritism, homogenous, too many reorgs"

Associate Marketing Data Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Zendesk has a great work-life balance however it some times feels chaotic with little direction. I learned a lot during my time as Zendesk but I'm looking for another place to learn and grow."

Sr. Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Strong FP&A staff, knowledgeable and bright. Good team work environment and fun company culture."

Ahmed Nazeeh says

"Review by MV Bytes LLC. Unsolved tickets suddenly started not showing up in the dashboard. So many hidden fees. Prices are not upfront. Have to contact customer service to know about prices of add-ons. And many technical issues with their software. Not worth it"

Dan Callaghan says

"Awful Chat Software that won't let us login on our phones as the App is totally useless. It's sad as Zopim was amazing, but since they sold it to these cowboys it's now useless."

Fam de Vries says

"This is a Russian company who just steals your data and uses it for spam"

Laura Genter says

"The software is clunky and the customer support is absolutely terrible. We use it because we have to, but it really doesn't meet our complex needs as a growing business. That said, their Explore data analysis feature is a HUGE improvement from their previous analysis feature."

Murad says

"This website not good."

J Earl Stuart says

"This is the worst lying company ever!!! They fulfilled nothing and they’ve said product is on it’s way when it’s not. They have zero product and yet they take your money and the hopes you’ll ever see a single thing!!!"

julia rhodes says

"I have been totally scammed .Bought an item and received something nothing like and when I asked for a refund was told I had to return the wrong item at an extortionate cost to myself. They actually had the cheek to say I might as well keep the junk item they had sent at a 20% discounted price than waste the return postage."

Christopher Holland says

"Have tried downgrading the number of users on my account from 3 to 1 for over one year now and still no luck! Have been charged the next years subscription based o the higher number of users when I simply do not need them. There is no contact telephone number and have tried the online chat support at least 10 times with no one able to help. Apparently I have an account manager but they can only provide his email address which auto replies stating that email address is inactive. As things stand we are still going to be billed the higher number of users and there is no way of being able to downgrade. For a company that provides software for customer support and relationships, this is crazy. Please someone get in contact with me ASAP."

Rob says

"Their setup is completely convoluted and impossible. There are a million different options, most with seemingly similar purposes. I've been trying for days to get a basic virtual assistant bot setup. I've had to contact support multiple times and we've gotten nowhere. There's so many stupid pointless steps to take that its not worth it to us to use anymore."

Hatton Garden Mears says

"It is IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL. They lied to us during onboarding and now they won't respond to anything. This company is a JOKE - literally they are a customer service company and I've never encountered worse customer service."

Khalil Joaquin says

"Complete scam company with foreign addresses and no real contact info. Run away from ANY business that uses zendesk NO legitimate business would use a known scammer service."

Geoff Brand says

"Treat their customers like absolute crap. The worst rip off merchants on the planet!"

Chris Taylor says

"I rarely comment on these things but as Zendesk are a Customer Service company selling things to customer service people, thought it would be useful. 1) I have had various support tickets which have taken two months to respond to, by which time it's basically pointless 2) they try to channel shift you, i.e. if you submit via email they will say use chat or whatever In general the quality of their customer service is awful, including from the account manager - as once you've signed the deal they just don't care. Will be renewing elsewhere."

Pearl Chan says

"Very dishonest company. I've been a subscriber for a few years on their essential plan which included connection to my wordpress site. Recently they removed this feature without the decency of informing their customers but still went ahead to renew the subscription. Never trust a platform that thinks it's good business practice to do something like this."

Consultant says

"...and mind-blowing that this company provides a product to help other companies solve their customer support needs. My experience: I opened a ticket with Zendesk 6 days ago, related to an issue with their API and data privacy. The issue is that the Zendesk API has not been functioning properly (requested users are not being permanently deleted). Permanent deletion of ex-users is required in EU and my company requires an automated process for this - since we have so many users. I explained the need and the issue to Zendesk by opening a case. I received an automated email without a reference number. Three days later still no-one from Zendesk had been in contact with me, so I contacted sales asking how to get into contact with support. After that I received a brief response that explained that I could view my ticket via a link. The next day Zendesk apparently closed my ticket - I received an email asking me to rate my customer support experience. No-one from Zendesk ever engaged me in my question. I am not impressed by their handling of this process. When selecting products/solutions for customer support, sales and engagement going forward, Zendesk will not among alternatives that I will consider. I expect that an organisation that has the mission to help others be good at making their customers happy should be good at it themselves. Zendesk has not demonstrated that they are."

Ali Bayatpoor says

"Rude horrible customer service and scammers who auto renew"

Elizabeth Hart says

"I ordered a non stick square pan in June and I have not received it trying to get a refund as all I got sent was a miniature chip basket tried for weekd to concoct them eventually I made contact via email but they are only offering 50% refund which is not right I am thinking of contacting rip off Britain as I am furious anyone else had a similar problem"

Jan Tabacek says

"A lot of small things i have against ZD, but the final straw was the fact I have to pass captcha every time i log in. "select all the airplanes on the pictures" and all that... Sometimes im not "human enough" to let me in. Absolute rubbish. After five years using it, ZD managed to get me to hate it with passion. Way to go."