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Eslicarbazepine acetate (ESL), sold under the brand names Aptiom and Zebinix among others, is an anticonvulsant medication approved for use in Europe and the United States as monotherapy or as an additional therapy for partial-onset seizures epilepsy. Similarly to oxcarbazepine, ESL behaves as a prodrug to (S)-(+)-licarbazepine. As such, their mechanisms of action are identical.

Zebinix causes awful side effects such as intense dizziness, vertigo, a feeling of spinning and being underwater, and a loss of words, according to a review by Ravalyn at drugs.com

"I was placed on this medication due to my epilepsy. At first, I didn't notice anything huge, other than I was stuttering more and "losing words". Then the intense dizziness and vertigo were hitting me every day. I'd randomly feel like I was underwater and someone was spinning me. After I spoke with my neurologist, they stated that other patients on this medication have been reporting the same things."


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