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From Everything.Sucks is an online shoe and clothing retailer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The company was founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn and launched under the domain name In July 2009, Amazon acquired Zappos in an all-stock deal worth around $1.2 billion at the time. Amazon purchased all of the outstanding shares and warrants from Zappos for 10 million shares of Amazon's common stock and provided $40 million in cash and restricted stock for the Zappos employees.

Eva talks about her experience, "Terrible shoes, terrible prices, terrible website. Overall terrible! do not use Zappos unless you want to be disappointed."


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Former Employee - CLT says

"Strong leaders and investing in their employees were the bedrock of their early success. Holacracy brought about the worst in people and slowly chipped away at the fabric that once made them a great, sought-after, employer. In CLT (and likely other depts as well), many were promoted to positions based on popularity and who you know- talent and aptitude became a VERY distant second. These so-called leaders suck the life of their employees as I've heard so many unfortunate stories and have also seen first-hand their destruction. Shame."

Customer Service Representative says

"Management, cliques, lack of progression"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership is non existent , HR will not support you ever, the most morally corrupt company i have ever worked for. People have affairs left and right, even the higher ups. They do not practice Holacracy, but didn't tell anyone. They are back to managers. The meetings are a joke, the Managers just tell you what is going to happen, but still make you go through the Holacracy process. They never stay with a plan for advancement, went a 1 1/2 years without one. New management are micro managers. Disrespectful and Very aggressive environment, not nice. You will not be given the proper tools to do your job. Lots of Amazon gridlock. Its who you know and not what you know. Partiers and DUI holders are praised and rewarded. Financially frivolous. No bonuses. Once a year raise...if you qualify. The list of Cons is endless. Don't believe the good reviews, They have not worked there long enough. Think long and hard if you want to work here. I only stayed for the money. I left because i know i deserve a more respectful, honest and professional environment to work in. Don't sell your soul to the devil in sheep's clothing."

Former Employee - Development Tech Lead says

"Complete mess - disorganized - no real vision or strategy to measure and evaluate learning - Definitely a good'ol guys club in Tech - you either fit in or you don't. Good luck with the inept consultant they have running the learning efforts. Terrible location - deal with lots of homeless people and demented people around the campus."

Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"I think this company is a disaster"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pretty much everything else. They lie about being able to move around in the company. You can't unless you know people. They claim self managed but they pound micro-management like no other. They also preach about the culture. The culture is dead in that building. You end up taking a lot of stress home with you because of the way we are treated."

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"If you're not naturally happy- happy-ra-ra-ra and enjoy BS for breakfast you're not going to be happy. There was potential for greatness but ego and has really stomped out any hope for anything but basic corporate structure."

Former Employee - Technical Project Manager says

"Lack of accountability. Entitled attitude. Lip service paid to "core values" while management continually misleads employees. Poor salary and compensation. Benefits are just ok...if we are comparing to tech companies."

Current Employee - Merchandise says

"Holocrazy, CEO is a failed sociologist, rampant harassment and bullying of workers, need for group think, scary politics, random firings & unexplainable turnover in all departments."


"Everything. Jim Jones has nothing on Tony."

DMM (Former Employee) says

"Horrible. Fake people, fake culture, alcoholics . Too much pressure on partying and very little on performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Problem Solver (Former Employee) says

"Zappos was one of the best companies to work for with the best perks. Then it got changed to Amazon, and it was awful. They gutted everything. Don't work there."

Brand Manager (Former Employee) says

"Call center and distribution center employees love the company because they pay everyone the same whether you work 80 hours a week in marketing on salary or work 40 hours a week in the call center hourly. So half the company is picking up the slack for everyone else enjoying the free booze at the office. And work life balance is non-existent because they only want you to work then your social life is work happy lunchwork life balance, management, politics, compensation, culture"

Packer/Picker/Binner (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. A typical day there might be compared to a typical day in high school except it's your financial stability at stake when someone dislikes you.Free MealksAwful environment."

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"The company thinks they have a unique culture but in all reality many more successful companies do the same and are very good at it. Zappos is still learning how to be a good company. They waste a ton of money on 3rd party vendors and in all actuality are out of touch with their suppliers and vendors. They pay poorly. They expect managers to go out drinking with employees which causes problems with favoritism and the appearance there-of. They make you waste a hole day interviewing with people who have no idea how, what or why they are interviewing. They claim they are looking for a good fit but God forbid if you have experience or are over 30! Now that Amazon bought them they will be swallowed up, in a matter of bought thempoor leadership and management, waste money but pay employees terribly"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Zappos management is completely incompetent.What the Zappos management “preaches” is not what they practice. I was fired for following their core values. They are not open-minded and do not want to hear employees concerns or ideas. They just “find” a reason to fire you.My termination really has nothing to do with safety; it is motivated by revenge and incompetence. The total incompetence of the Zappos management is unbelievable unless you work there and see it for is taking over managementzappos is a joke"

former management (Former Employee) says

"I always treasured my job working with Zappos until I was there for awhile and in management. I asked 2 team members who were goofing off all night long to get back to work and they went to HR and then next thing I know I was fired. I always believed in their culture but enough was enough! Just because you have culture doesn't mean culture all night everynight. There is still a job that has to be done! Also like I said I was in management so I got to hear and see alot of things. I have seen alot of favortism, discrimination go around through the warehouses and departments to the point of warehouse managers making statements that they will only hire youngs girls to run their departments! How is that right? I have also seen better candidates get denied positions and given to someone else just because of who they know! Free food and free vending was good but I would rather work somewhere else that cares! I have a great job now which I love and glad to be gone from that god forsaken place! I have been in contact with Amazon concerning these issues and more! Amazon will not put up with it! My lawyer is also looking into some of this!free food and vendingeverything is backwards there!"

Tech Leadership Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Zappos promotes a very fun culture with lots of socializing opportunities which is great if you are like me and love to meet new people, etc. However, if you are also like me, and have a strong work ethic and need for some sort of structure, tracking, measuring of success...then this isn't the place for you. Owned by Amazon now for almost 10 years, the business is not the start up and entrepreneurial place it once was years ago. There is no management under holacracy. So everyone is just trying to make themselves look like they are busy and valued so they will be viewed that way in defining if their job is necessary or not. The other problem I saw first hand was people passing themselves off as knowledgeable in areas they had NO EXPERIENCE in...just so they could be in more "holacracy circles" and again, be perceived as a valued resource. At the end of my almost 1 year - I gained new friends, had some wonderfully fun social experiences, but never ONCE felt satisfaction about the was a chaotic crazy place - definitely not for everyone - myself included!Free food, no micro managing your time, (they may not even notice if you don't show up for work in some areas) social opportunitiesNo structure, no shared vision or goals, you won't be building much on your resume by working here."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Many hours on your feet and legs. Overtime, all the time~ they call it mandatory. Little regards to your family or plans. Yes, free lunches, it was fun. Management is corrupt. Watch out! So many managers come and gone in little time! WARNING~ if your on FMLA they will find a way to get rid of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many team members received write-ups for really petty stuff.I was a very hard worker, worked 110% of the time. I looked for errors and did work no one else wanted. I was fired for something I didn't do, when they investigated it, I WAS NEVER contacted. I have no more respect for this company. Corrupt Management! And the HR Manger at Shepherdsville was right in"

CLT (Former Employee) says

"Be very careful with this company and document everything you do or don't do!laid back atmosphereyou must fit their mold!!!!!!"


"Met great people, but management, advancement, and compensation needed improvement. Great benefits and culture at times. Poor communication and promoted by who you knew and not skills."

Warehouse associate, Picker (Former Employee) says

"Went in began with a group meeting. Then go to pick items to be shipped lunchbad work environment"

Seasonal Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It's like high school, a popularity contest if you're not just like them and basically a follower they will cast you out fast, give you bad scores ect, luckily somebody like me not sure why, but I stayed until I just couldn't take the drama anymore. It just got to me they way managment treated anyone lower than them so I quit."

Marketing executive (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Zappos, and entered the job with high expectations. These expectations are set by the company itself; they are quite proud of themselves and their company culture. Unfortunately, what I found was a dysfunctional, regressive culture delusional in its self-perception. Compensation was mediocre and Zappos concept of "Holacracy" (not a word, by the way) is delusional. I've never felt more stifled or micro-managed than I was while working there. Holacracy is deceptive, but the higher ups at Zappos are aware of this, holding "internal" and "external" titles. Following a meltdown in 2016, and a loss of most of their talent, Zappos became the equivalent of an unmedicated schizophrenic. Add to this that Zappos so-called egalitarian culture is like something out of a Kurt Vonnegut story wherein the truly talented and gifted are weighed down to prevent distinction, enabling the less talented and intelligent members to run the company. Holacracy? Try Idiocracy. If given the choice, do NOT accept a job from Zappos. I accepted another job (a lateral move), and have gone on to be very successful, despite my experience at Zappos.Free food and sodaDysfunctional culture and sub-par leadership"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"I don't recommend Zappos anymore. Once upon a time it was a really awesome company but they changed to much and now it's just a complete joke. Its sad to say"

Customer Relations (Former Employee) says

"Zappos has a way of luring one through a certain culture but then using that to condition one into an almost slave/machine-like mindset. Great experience overall but not what I was looking for.Somewhat Open OfficeEvery second of your day is calculated and accounted for."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Fun job but very stressful. Not enough employees to handle the call volume. Benefits are the best part of the job if you make it past the 2 months of training. There are people who are in a position of power that shouldn't be but a lot of companies are like that. Overall if you want something to keep you busy apply when they have openings."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The pay is great, the benefits are top of the line, the perqs amazing, many of the people are smart, resourceful, nice, fun, and hardworking. But there is something literally sort of insidious and definitely hypocritical, about the culture, which appears to be all about individuality and bringing your true self to work, but that only is true if it conforms to a very narrow interpretation of what people are supposed to be like, and act like. Zany, wacky, and nerdy in one particular way with bright colors and being loud and extroverted and always smiling broadly and telling people how happy you are and how much "WOW" and "Awesome" you are bringing. Brainless pop music music blaring all day so you can hardy think. You're supposed to socialize (i.e., drink) with your coworkers or you're branded as not a culture fit. You are supposed to enthusiastically enjoy the same types of superhero/action mainstream movies, franchises, series and music as "everyone" or just not talk about what you do actually enjoy, unless it is deemed as quirky in a very particular way--otherwise you you're deemed a lack of culture fit, or negative. They say they love "weird" but only a very showy, narrow, generic, mainstream, popular-culture-based, contrived version of "weird" is tolerated, not to be confused with original, creative, or truly individual. You must also be prepared to vow that you have precisely the same socio-politics as the groupthink. Additionally, any kind of analysis, reflection, questioning, critique, directness of communication, or depth is enough to get you on a watch list, where you"

Customer Service Agent - Call Center (Former Employee) says

"In my time spent at zappos, I was initially happy with everything they'd promised. But once the real job set in the proverbial mess hit the fan. I also felt as if I was forced to act a certain way in order to get ahead. The management seems to be a little iffy and hard to count on. Lots of the training didn't really help when it came time for it's application."

Picker and Packer (Former Employee) says

"Zappo's was my first Warehouse experience. It was a fun place to work. There were people from all different cultures ,but we all got along. Our lunches and vending machines were free which was a plus. I never had to worry about what I was going to eat. They also offered generous discounts on shoe purchases. The hardest part of the job was the shift that I worked. I worked 6:30 p.m until 4:30 a.m.Free lunchesBad shift"

Sandy says

"I will not tolerate CENSORSHIP!! Will never shop there again"

jimmy holmes says

"Ordered trainers and received sunglasses ordered boots received iphone earpods i dont have an iphone and they didnt fit an iphone anyway Been waiting for refund for 20 months they keep telling me they have refunded me but have'nt and their proof is a line of text in an email"

C R says

"If your thinking of zappos just go to amazon. Same product, uses amazon fulfillment. At least with amazon you have some control if a package is lost. Zappos customer service is zero help!"

Stephen Kane says

"Buyer beware: I ordered a pair of Samuel Hubbard Snow lodge II boots. I opened the package to discover the shoes lacked the original packing. Then I realized the boots were used. They were extremely wrinkled & scuffed. I was charged the retail price of $425 < a $50 discount. Zappos did not disclose the boots were used. I contacted Zappos who accepted the return. Ultimately I bought these boots from Eric’s Shoes online. They sent me the desired size & of course, they were new. Eric’s shoes also discounted them."

Gwen Glasel Hudson says

"I have owned authentic Hunter Boots for a long time. I just opened up my delilvery. I could tell right away that they did not look right. The box was a brown box that looked like it came from China , not a Hunter box. I could not even get my foot in it..this company used to be good, I am sending them back . I think they are fakes."

Angry sixpm Customer says

"Dear Zappos, I am writing regarding my unsatisfactory experience with order # 113-2471917-3725019 ( LLC is dba The package arrived damaged, in terrible shape and the shoes were missing. It was never left unattended. After promptly calling in, I discovered that they show no regard for the customer and are quick to make false accusations, disregarding all facts. Continually asking me to wrongfully file a police crime report for 'theft of property' that never occurred. Now 6pm Ellie B. states they are "not able to respond to any further attempts to contact anyone". Zappos Kim states "there's nothing we can do if they [6pm] are not responding". I reached out to USPS and described the situation in detail. They told me what likely occurred is that the item fell out during transit due to the damaged package. They stated fallouts do occur and advised that Zappos must file an insurance claim directly with them. I cannot file the claim as I did not create the shipment. [Ellie B. Wrote] "Our Terms of Use state that the “risk of loss and title for items purchased by you from 6pm pass to you upon our delivery of the items to the carrier.”" (1.) Please provide video evidence that the items were delivered to the carrier. (2.) Regardless of your Terms of Use, you are NOT exempt from carrier damage/loss before delivery. That's what insurance is for. (3.) Your Terms of Use are deceptively incongruent with your advertised core values: "That "more" is providing the very best customer service, customer experience, and company culture.". [Ellie B. Wrote] "If you do report the theft of your item to police, [] we will be able to move forward." You are implying that you will override your Terms of Use if I provide a police crime report that CANNOT be filed. The police do NOT handle carrier issues. Again, I received the package immediately upon delivery. [Ellie B. Wrote] "We have reviewed our correspondence with you, and we did see that one of our team members said weight was confirmed at the time of delivery. While this is not technically correct" While it's nice that you admit to at least one of your false statements, nothing has been done to rectify it and my refund is still being wrongfully withheld. When has a company issuing blatantly false statements been acceptably regarded as an insignificant oversight? [CS Wrote] "We can assure you that both items ordered were [] delivered to your shipping address." How exactly can you assure me that both items were delivered to my shipping address? [CS Wrote] "Our records indicate that the package was delivered to your address and once a package is delivered, the matter is no longer a carrier issue." How exactly is shipping damage/loss during transit not considered a carrier issue? [Ellie B. Wrote] "After reading your responses and carefully reviewing your account, unfortunately, our position has not changed." Allow me to recap: (1.) You have not provided evidence of the shoes being delivered to the carrier, nor my door. (2.) You are disregarding this situation due to a single order you screwed up on several years ago. Providing only false accusations, no facts. This is so disheartening to me. I do not like being falsely accused. I've always regarded the Zappos family very highly. But this experience is not in line with Zappos' "purpose", "to live and deliver WOW". Tony Hsieh would be ashamed! I have mailed a detailed letter to headquarters. But please be aware that I will continue reaching out to Zappos executives. After that, I will proceed with legal action. I've started to post reviews that accurately reflect my experience and will expand to mediums such as: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, ResellerRatings, and BBB. Although I'd still love to leave a positive outcome review. I ask that you please take the noble action in this matter."

Brian Abooo says

"I ordered a pair of shoes and it’s been three weeks waiting. I finally called them about my shoes and a gay guy picked up the phone and said they cancelled my order because their system is old and had trouble verifying my address. The funds were charged and never put back on my card. Me and the guy argued for about 15 minutes and I finally hung up and called it a lost."

Baltimore says

"Zapps are supporting blm a marxist, defund and hate the police organization...too bad cannot buy from them until they endorse a real support group that actually helps the black community"

Christie C. says

"I know we are living in the midst of a global pandemic. I know people's lives have been dramatically changed. I know asking for a price match is a 1st world problem. I know that customer service employees are stressed, so am I. But...where has the Zappos love gone? Yesterday I was desperately seeking a reprieve from 2020 doom and gloom. I found a pair of leggings I loved at Nordstrom Rack that had sadly sold out. I checked Zappos who I have loved for their friendly and real customer service. As I waited on hold and heard the familiar option of hearing the Zappos joke of the day, I was feeling optimistic that Zappos would come through for me. No dice. I don't think the customer service employee even asked about how I was. I was promptly told that they don't match Nordstrom Rack prices for identical item. Since Amazon bought Zappos I hardly recognize them. Sad."

Kathrine says

"Horrible customer service. Couldn't receive a response regarding my stolen package for 12 days!"

Bogie Dee says

"Worst delivery EVER. The next day is coming 5 days later with Amazon Logistics. Which called me today and left a25 secs blank empty voice mail. Calling them back after 25 minutes of wait, the TBA tracking number they cannot find it in their system. Called them 2 more times to talk to a smarter person. Apparently they can't deliver to the address i set, and had to give them another address. Wish me luck."

Charles A Anderson says

"I appreciate all of your efforts to make my customer service experience more pleasant! Bought a number of shirts, all arrived with serious defects, nothing like were advertised and the quality very poor. They shipped me a cheaper dress compared to what they had on photographs in order description ordered the dress for my daughter, took over a month to be delivered, it is nothing like they advertise Awful terrible quality, holes on the clothes One dress that was supposed to have a detailed picture with two colours came blurry, and apparently they only have the capabilities to print with one colour. The best part was a dress that was supposed to say "Choice not Chance" says instead "Loice not Chance", that one is a keeper their service email is not working. I went on the and I found this number plus one ---𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝑒 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓉𝓌𝑜 𝒻𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝓏𝑒𝓇𝑜 𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑒 𝓈𝒾𝓍 called that no when my line was connected they helped me some with instructions so that can return garbage back to them my refund initiated to me!!! This was dealt with positively and speedily. I am very pleased with the help Very helpful and happy with this service had with an order. Great customer service from start to finish. Thank you."

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