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Zachary E. Posen (; born October 24, 1980) is an American fashion designer.

Chantal Fernandez for BOF mentioned how Zac Posen closed his namesake line, "The New York designer Zac Posen, known for his red carpet gowns, announced on Friday that he was shutting down his business after failing to find a buyers or new investors, the board of managers decided to close his business down."


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Pattern Maker (Former Employee) says

"I worked a lot with a lot of responsabilities for a bad salary."

Product Development Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I absolutely love Zac Posen as a designer but his business was being run very poorly while i worked there. The left hand never knew what the right hand was doing."

Fabric Buyer (Former Employee) says

"poorly managed, as a result the company closed leaving over 60 employees jobless including myself. Expected to lie to vendors and suppliers about getting them payment. The company owed money to a lot of people upon it closing abruptly as well as a weeks worth of salary that no employee was given on their final unannounced week of work."

Design Intern (Former Employee) says

"Worked on designs , fabric, textiles and sketches. Was able to see fashion world first hand and learned a lot about industry. School internship, not paid."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"I love the friendly atomosphere. everyone is always busy and productive. The interns are all great and helpful and the designers are always there to help. Cons: long hours before fashion week"

Lidia hills says

"Very disappointed. Emailed Zac Posen customer services website in USA ( July 2018) twice to ask if they could assist me with my broken spectacle frames that I purchased in the UK, never got a response. Also tried Smart buy glasses in the UK, who stock Zac Posen frames, but was told to contact Posen directly in the USA."