ZT Wealth and Altus Group of Companies

From Everything.Sucks

Taseer Badar was a fledgling entrepreneur in his mid-20s and ruin was staring him in the face. He had invested between $4 million and $5 million in four gas station/convenience stores in the Beaumont, Texas, area, and his company, the predecessor to ZT Wealth Inc., was leasing the properties to earn income. But when he chose the lessees, he failed to do an in-depth background check. Within six months, all four stores had gone through their entire inventory and the lessees had siphoned the gas out of the tanks and disappeared. Badar closed the locations and started looking for a way to avoid bankruptcy.

An employee tweeted this "Opportunities for advancement not available for all employees. Little to no training. Not a lot of women in management. Very poor work/life balance Insurance is very expensive."