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Yahoo! Mail is an email service launched on October 8, 1997 by the American company Yahoo!, now a subsidiary of Verizon. It offers four different email plans: three for personal use (Basic, Plus, and Ad Free) and another for businesses. As of January 2020, Yahoo! Mail had 225 million users.Users are able to access and manage their mailboxes using webmail interface, accessible using a standard web browser.

Erin, a very irritated customer said in a review,"I used to have yahoo email. It was where I had my first email address. But, it seems like they don't have security procedures that protect against hackers. I can never log into my email address without verifying my alternative email address or phone number (which is now 10 years old), yet hackers can get in. Very annoying!"


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Angel Gonzalez says

"Yahoo can suck a d***. Worst site ever and makes you pay when you want to get back in to your account. You dumb f***s worst company ever"

Jay Lee says

"How in the hell do I gotta pay y’all to recover a password on y’all site you crazy ass hell to think somebody gotta pay y’all something to handle on your web site then you asking all these questions that has nothing to do with yahoo yo y’all lames ass hell Nd I hope you hurry up Nd go out of buds type of stuff dose that make I gotta pay for something so simple Nd you updated my stuff with out my permission fk outta here !!!"

Catherine Hughes says

"yet again this site provides a means for poisonous tory articles to be broadcast there constant attacks on the scottish government is a national disgrace never has a internet site been used for such bile lets hope any subscriber of yahoo moves there accounts as the site should be shut down and the not letting any feedback is disgraceful when it comes to the scottish election every article on this toxic site should be plastered on flyers to show the scots how poisonous the yahoo tory site and its tory articles have become no one likes pondlife articles or there broadcaster"

JP says

"So biased it’s silly. They removed comments because even diehard liberals were trashing them over incorrect reporting (if you can call it that) and biased, petty, sophomoric articles. They publish anything (regardless of whether it has a shred of truth or professionalism) just to promote their agenda."

Carollyn says

"Looked out my account called them only to be told 6 minutes later that can’t help and then changed £16,55 for the call, I told them this at the start, kept me on the line to make more money out off me, disgraceful. Also trying to obtain information that was not relevant to why I was calling."

Zoe Lynn says

"Trash customer support from India."

Mary says

"I have paid for Yahoo mail pro, and am still seeing ads. Customer service was no help."

Alex Cullen says

"total clickbait spyware and they lie all the time"

Airi Kari Harris says

"Zero stars if i could rate them that low. I will say zero stars I have been trying to get into my email for months now and every time I call customer service they’re always telling me that they cannot let me in because I do not know my recovery email address or my phone number that was on file and I have told them that I have bad memory as to what I had it set to. I asked for the email account to be deleted And all that I am told is that they cannot deactivate an account and they cannot let me into my account how are you not allowing me access to my own account not only that I no longer want yahoo as an email address and the one woman tells me she cannot deactivate my account. I also asked to speak to someone higher up and she tells me that there’s no one there to speak to me the problem is that I’m having with my yahoo account their customer service skills are very bad. How can you try to force to keep an account that i no longer want, and because I’m trying to deactivate it you’re not allowing me access to my account?"

Joe says

"GaYahoo is nothing but far left-wing propaganda piece spreading fake news. They are always constantly shoving gay agendas into our faces and they also promote hatred and division in their articles. They even removed the comment feed off their articles as they don't like free speech when it comes to opposite opinions, facts, and truth. When we used to be able to make comments on their articles, they do go around and manipulate everything by deleting certain comments that they don't like. This is censorship at its finest. Their email services are very horrible as it is nothing but spam and junk all the time. GaYahoo is an absolutely garbage site to use for anything. Their gay agenda is infested everywhere from music to sports which is a major turn-off. I stop following GaYahoo when it became so toxic, stupid, and pointless. It feels like GaYahoo is run by leftard junior high school kids writing very sloppy without checking their articles with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes."

Natalie Dumont says

"Terrible interface. Why do I have to pay now to get a full-size reading pane? Email filtering is awful. The worst mailbox service I have out of all."

Brian Hewkin says

"Yahoo news is very left wing biased, use articles that are not true from left wig papers , Guardian and Independent and have stopped the service which gave a right to reply to correct them. This has now become media brain washing , BEWARE"

Samiksh Sabikhi says

"NEVER USE YAHOO! This is the worst company in the world, When I search on google yahoo search keeps coming even if I've called the customer service 100 times! Yahoo doesn't even work! I'm surprised it even is a company."

Candy Turnbaugh Kish says

"Trash talk news"

Sam Pond says

"Do not use this horrendous company. I cannot access my account and it says ‘Ug Oh cannot sign in try again later’. When I ring customer service, they have less idea of what’s going on than me and they work for the company. Jesus Christ"

Alison Russell says

"Yahoo is the worst company... ever If you don't have an email with them, don't sign up. I can't even make a complaint. I asked for help, got a standard email demanding RIDICULOUS amounts of information before they would help me - which I provided and a week and three chasing emails later - including a request to make a complaint HEIDI - who I assume is a bot - has made no reply. If you haven't already got a yahoo mail don't. The verizon privacy policy breaches guidelines, and you can't refuse advertising without locking your email even when you pay for the premium service. don't do it. when I get time I will move away!!"

Jonathan Baker says

"Yahoo 'customer service' for small business customers is a shabby farce. On two separate occasions I was shifted from one operator to another (seven in all) over 90 minutes, and then they simply hung up on me without notice because they had no idea what they were doing. I don't know how they stay in business."

Bishabosh says

"Yahoo has become just another politically biased puppet for the far left. I am neutral and find 95% of the headlines offensive and inaccurate. What happened to this company?"

Doubtin Dave says

"Yahoo Yahoo news are the same as the rest of the big Mogul left wing don't really post the correct s*** be biased and they suck"

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