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Yen Press, LLC is an American manga and graphic novel publisher co-owned by Kadokawa Corporation and Hachette Book Group. It published Yen Plus, a monthly comic anthology, between 2008 and 2013. In addition to translated material, Yen Press has published original series, most notably a manga adaptation of James Patterson's Maximum Ride and Svetlana Chmakova's Nightschool.

"I feel that some of there titles are a bit overpriced" says "Zopelthe543" on a discussion of Yen Press on Jul 14, 2009:

"Yeah so I've been reading a couple of Yen Press titles and it makes me wonder how well this company is doing. I feel that some of there titles are a bit overpriced, well the ones that are 4-panel gag comics and such. Only dishing out a couple 100 and so pages. Not only that it seems that most of there titles aren't that well known or not that popular except for Soul Eater maybe being the only Mainstream title.

Also, Yen press has quite a bit of manhwa and I know how some people like to bounce up and down shouting that it's not REAL manga and that it's not from the Japanese so it sucks."


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