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MTD Products is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for the mass market. Headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, USA, the company began in 1932 and is a majority family-owned, private company, with 20% owned by Stanley Black & Decker. It originated as a tool and die maker (Modern Tool and Die Company). MTD's main competitors are Stihl, Ariens, Snapper Inc., John Deere, and Husqvarna.

A former Yard dog driver from Martin, TN shares his/her bad experience working for MTD Products in a review posted by INDEED: "I worked there as a full-time employee for over ten yrs. Was grateful to work at the factory-like that one but in the last 5 yrs, it has gone to the dogs. Was drove out the door by lies and backstabbing management. They made up lie after lie and finally had my fill of it and gave my notice. Left there over a yr ago and never looked back. Have a better paying and environment job now"


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Former Employee - Heavy Equipment Operator says

"No training, poor management and high turnover"

Former Employee - Driver says

"Not enough money, need more money"

Former Employee - Mixer Driver says

"The pay for the mama work that you do 17 an hour plus ot 8 to 16 house they will try to work you. The job it a job I do not know how can somebody be here for years I got in got my 6 months and left Good way to get your experience if you have your class A already The hours is long the management is poor it's a very Racist environment. You work Monday through Saturday 6 days a week you have Sunday's off but Dan sometimes you have to still come in at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. For early poor. I wouldn't Recommend is job to anybody personally wise Only if you're looking to get your 6 months experience 1 year experience and get an a get out The trucks that they have are all automatics but they're very old crapy trucks That only come from different yards."

Former Employee - Truck Driver says

"Nobody is treated the same. They only value money."

Former Employee - Ready Mix Driver says

"Corporate, management. Your just a number. Company went to hell after it was sold off completely too Mitsubishi."

Former Employee - Commercial Driver says

"Fired me after a seatbelt ticket. Fought it and was found not guilty. Company still fired me and listed me as unrehireable after 13 years of employment"

Former Employee - Truck Driver says

"Pay is by load. At the mercy of dispatcher how much you make. Huge turnover"

Current Employee - Heavy Equipment Operator says

"Long hours of your on night you don’t get anytime eith your family. They get mad if you request a day off . The list goes on It’s a get in get out type of place learn everything you can. Don’t like to give raises"

Current Employee - Bottom Dump Driver says

"Too many hours. Six day work weeks. Equipment was sub par"

Former Employee - Heavy Equipment Operator says

"12 hour days. A lot of favoritism. Have to kiss a lot of butt if you want to move up. High Turnover rate"

Team member shipping / utilities (Former Employee) says

"The best part of the job was, without a doubt, the other workers I worked with each day. I always looked forward to spending the day with my coworkers.The coworkersThe managememt"

Yardman (Former Employee) says

"Varied work Good job, met many nice people there, workers and customers. Well organised and a pleasure to have been there. Interesting products and design"

yard labourer (Former Employee) says

"Daily yard work.was loading and unloading various trucks with lumber. keeping the warehouse clean and organized. hours varied and was never consistent . i found that this job wasn't a good fit"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Loaded and unloaded trucks and build orders for customers. Worked in the heat all day and had to double check orders to make sure they were correct that other employees had built. Loaded trucks for next day deliveries as well as completed customer order for walk ins.Learned how to drive forkliftNo benefits or growth advancement"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Organizing the storage of materials used in the building piers and docks. Loading and delivering these materials to various job sites. The hardest part of the job was working on barges, especially in windy conditions."

Lawn Technician (Former Employee) says

"It was ok to work. An learn the business there.no stress at work.work seven days a week worked around family time an events.hard part was the hot heat.enjoyable wast gifts going out to eat geting to known customers building relationships with them"

Yard tractor and backhoe operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day started a 6am with gathering a "to do" list and preparing necessary equipment needed to complete each task, then clocking in at 8:00 to begin multi-tasking the list and other responsibilities.each day was differentlittle breaks, no benefits"

Yard man (Former Employee) says

"Friendly coworkers who were always available to lend a helping hand. This job allowed for a very balanced work/home schedule.Bonus incentivesexpensive healthcare"

yard man at jettys landscape supllies (Former Employee) says

"Down fall No overtime. Up side I gained alot of experience operating bobcat and small loader. It really prepared me for the large scale wind farm I was part of for the last year and a half"