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Yara International ASA is a Norwegian chemical company. Its largest business area is the production of nitrogen fertilizer, however it also encompasses the production of nitrates, ammonia, urea and other nitrogen-based chemicals.

An employee mentioned, "Management at Yara cannot design or engineer a product people want to buy, refuse to listen to individual contributors who do, and can only seem to accomplish multi-million euro outsourcing contracts for IT and consulting services. Career growth is limited because lifetime employees of the parent company cling to these no-accountability jobs for dear life. The level of innovation they're capable of can be seen by downloading the apps we've produced, some of which have been used dozens of times by farmers. As for organization, we had trouble keeping soap dispensers filled and coffee machines working. When I relocated for this job, I had to navigate the Berlin apartment rental market and Visa bureaucracy with little to no help from the company."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Confused identity The term "startup in a grown-up" used to be thrown around (hint - no longer in use). What it essentially meant was, the chaos of a start-up's flat structure AND the bureaucracy of the corporate's hierarchy (more details below). People have been wondering about and outright raising the point that this was not how an org should operate. Like how a galatic star came to its death, management's solution was to add more managers and layers, bloating up even more. Corporate cancer Management level behaved exactly like corporate middle managers should - politicking to manage up, pushing responsibilities further down the chain and utterly unable to convince direct/indirect reports with reason. Instead, they weaponised KPI, group pressure and Chinese whispers to sow uncertainty and manipulate things to go their way. Here, the sole selling point is all ex-corporates and ex-consultants occupying management spots in accordance with Peter principle. Do not be deluded of the startup mode talks (most people never worked for any), just a very badly run corporate arm under the pretense of entrepreneurship. Talent You cannot misplace people any better than here, it is wrong people in wrong place scenario in every areas. Root cause is the dangerous thinking that if you participated in something from the sidelines in the past, you could just bluff your way into the next job (here). Easy enough when the ones making the decision are not qualified as well, safety in numbers since they cannot call each other out or else the whole shebang gets exposed. People who actually build stuff aren't trusted and supported, just treated the same way as vendors. Add nepotism and insecurity and you get the most frustrating environment for people used to moving fast in startups, no matter the kind of work because nothings get decided and no problems ever get solved. The only area that stands out is office management, not solution not product not engineering and design, Ops solve more problems than the bunch of overpaid people in day-long meetings. These people don't solve problems at root, they could only throw more numbers and hire more vendors to meet the deadline. Guess what? It makes things worse - deadlines are still missed, morales are rock-bottom. Management is too afraid to say no against their boss. Way easier to be yes-men/women and push whatever orders down, if it explodes in everyone's face do a retrospective and claim to "do better". This is wrong and disrespectful to the ones who suffered and actually did the work, because of managerial incompetence. To succeed, you just need to either "appear" talented or subservient and be ready to say yes to everything. Product, direction and outlook See the title? Nilch and zip, in bold. The people in charge know nothing about building a product, nothing about cracking the problems let alone managing and growing the team to cope with increasing pressure from lack of results and ever-burning expenses. The product/solution factory approach starts by having as many ideas as possible, then try to validate as many as possible and lastly, picking out the ones that make sense and develop them further. Sounds like a great plan? For sure, except for the fact that there are so few people that could actually plan and execute, but twice more for documentation, presentations and meetings. So obviously people went nuts on ideation (what happened to the plain English 'think of ideas' and the rest of non-Agile terms?). Since started, the group came up with so many ideas and shipped so little (mostly delayed or late stuff anyway, and stuff to show instead of stuff that people actually want). All because the big boss wanted 100 things and the people below couldn't manage to distill down a single thing, instead they actually planned for all of these without saying no. On top of it all, some could not stop parroting all the random examples of this unicorn startup's super app or that big company's ecosystem as if enough mentions would turn delusions into reality. Crucial difference - the successful ones have direction, focus, at least a great product (or 10), a patchy to working business model (that draws revenue) and people who believed in the products."

Former Employee - Accounts Areceivable Manager says

"Terrible management. Norwegian and expat managers mistreat local people and are pregidist."

Former Employee - Product says

"not enough developers doing the actual work, way too many "managers" who spend their days in meetings talking about the same topics over and over again. complete lack of strategic direction and very uninspiring and disengaged bosses who play the blame game and only talk to a few people. those making the decisions are in survival mode and quite insecure so the support you receive is non existent. what is worse, is that actually close to nothing gets done, and the people who care leave out of frustration. it's not a safe place for proactivity."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Incoherent management. Mid-level managers (i.e. the boss' boss) micromanaging, and don't listen to technical experts who know their stuff. Dysfunctional HR - no formal exit interview after resignation. Mis-hiring of discipline leads/senior positions. No peer review for data science projects. General perception of unfairness in compensation package distribution (expats earning considerably more than locals while having significantly less relevant experience, academic credentials and technical skills). Frequent use of profanity in a professional setting to a point where it can be considered very offensive."

Former Employee - Operator says

"Terribly constructed plant with issues that will keep it shutdown more than it will be running for many years to come. No career development opportunities or ability to have external training."


"Immature managers and no defined job structure. Chaotic environment and people rush to decisions without enough analyses or understanding. People making changes to the plant on the move as it was done this way all the time before. It is a career limiting place. HR is unwelcoming and do not have business outlook."

Fonction support (Former Employee) says

"Méthodes de management anciennes Trop de differences de traitement Stratégie groupe à la derive."


"Le management y est tres mauvais car le copinage y est privilegie."

HSEQ Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Est très important pour tout travailleur.Tout employé à l'assurance de rentrer chez lui en bonne santé."

Claire Carr says

"DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, your product will not arrive"

Annabelle Rainford-Galjar says

"this company is absolutely appalling! I have been waiting 3 months for my package to arrive and have emailed 5 times with no response! I am still awaiting my package delivery they never sent me a confirmation email and have just taken my money! complete scan and disgusting service! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!"

Vlad Mмм says

"Received 3 units, all scratched and appear to have been used"

Tiffanie Papich says

"I tried to return a “Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder And Charger” that did not fit my phone as promised. Customer service ignored me for weeks after my original request to return the product and I had to send multiple emails before I heard anything back. Once I did finally get a response, I sent them the pictures and documentation they asked for. It has been 3 weeks and I can’t get them to respond at all. This company has no customer service and does not honor their refund policy. I would advise everyone to stay away from Shyara. This company is a scam."

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