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Yahoo! is an American web services provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and owned by Verizon Media. The original Yahoo! company was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 2, 1995. Yahoo was one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s.

A frustrated customer shares his experience on, "I cannot access an email I HAVE THE PASSWORD TOO. Yahoo requires I log in to a verification email that I no longer have the password too. It was my only security option at the time, so I'm $#*! out of luck with accessing that email. I purchased 24/7 customer support to speak with a representative and instead spoke with an Autobot for 5 minutes who then put me on a hold for over an hour. I will be canceling this "service" immediately, as it's a pathetic excuse for one."


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Former Employee - Video Producer says

"My boss would talk trash about other people on my team and on other teams behind their back. Meetings were filled with him putting others down and turning people against each other. The culture is cut throat and no one is watching out for each other, everyone is pushing to get ahead and will outrightly make others feel small and insignificant. I would not recommend that anyone work here, wasted my time here."

Former Employee - Shipping and Receiving says

"Discrimination, Unfair Treatment, No advancement for Minority"


"shifting strategy and priorities, senior management"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Management Oath Politics QPRs Promotional procedure and policies"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management infighting made everything go in circles. Nothing moved forward."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sheboygan AE is a druggie. They'll tell you that you have benefits only to find out later that you don't. Some employees cheat on their times and nothing happens to them. Just show up. Do nothing. You'll do great."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-no structure at all -things changing constantly because everything is so unorganized -moral is low -no guidance/mentorship"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I came from Google where you can run a job on 1000s of cores, no questions asked, to Yahoo where you got up 5 wimpy virtual machines... Then there were the early morning standups and status reports. Finally, everything seemed to be in a flux, with projects cancelled and arrogant acqui-hires - it wasn't quite clear what I should be working on."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Very racist environment. Indians team on anyone who isn't indian. They also hire majority indians and do not accept anyone else because of race. That is illegal."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Most employees and managers in Hillsboro, OR don't have college degrees."

Digital Media Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management promotes itself, then give each other raises and plot to push people who do not like working 60 hours a week and suck up. Micro management by drunk managers who call you in late evening and get angry when you tell them not to call. Then they will get revenge when you report them to upper management or HR. Be prepared for others to credit for your work and watch others seek attention for making awful looking art."

Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"I have never worked at I currently work at Owens Corning at 500 Case Ave. in Newark, Ohio. Owens is a union based employer which for someone like me, that shows up to work to give a 100% everyday, is just not a good fit. All job advancements are based on seniority, not work ethic and experience. I am looking to gain employment with a company that values hard work.On site fitness center.No chances for advancement."

Director (Former Employee) says

"I started working at Yahoo! near ten years ago. When I began, the company was in a good place. Management turned very negative and morale went down the drain rather quickly."

Customer Care (Former Employee) says

"They let employees go after 5 years loyal service or make life miserable until the employee quits.They badger employees into overtime and overtime can be endless if they are trying to get the employee to quit.They say they are a YOUNG company.Most of Management is SPOILED. Managers are not professional. They talk openly to other employees about employees they don't like and their personal affairs. People without the need to know often know who is getting fired and why.Not much that is learned will help an individual get another job.They are selling out to outsourcing. Jobs are desperately needed here in the United States.They are cold-blooded to employees with medical difficulties if the employee starts missing any time.They allow co-workers to be cruel to other workers. Very Cliquey.Swearing is allowed. There are some very nice people there but yoked there in a bad economy to pay the rent and keep food on the table.If you don't pay heed to any of this and you do go to work there, 'document' everything with a date for your own good and keep it on your lunches and beer.overtime can be endless, outsourcing taking jobs away from united states."

Senior Engineering Manager (Current Employee) says

"There were days when it created an impact on the world. Now it only survives on that legacy and having a slow death every day. The management and its promises fluctuate like a pendulum. Job security is nill."

Senior editorial manager (Former Employee) says

"Relentlessly tense atmosphere, backstabbing, poor managers, micromanagement and neglect at the same time. Massive, ineffective bureaucracy. Terrible stack ranking evaluation system; performance evaluations were simply a means to fire people. Managers tolerated bullying and discriminatory behavior, and engaged in it as well. Typical workday would involve sitting down at your desk and working non-stop without relief at tasks you were never quite sure were contributing to the company or not.compensation, free foodcompany was clearly in decline"

Sr. Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"with free food all day, gym, phones, and mac laptops it's generous. quality of food decreased during my tenure BUT they expect you to work 10+ hours a day with virtually no chance to advance. They eliminated QA so we had to do everything. They play games like only SEs have root, to eliminating SEs, and then you do all the work. Managed by asshats for the most part. They are super smart but still don't get it. Too many incompetent people. They did pretty much let me code what I wanted except for some ridiculous "we don't use python". force me to write in shell. silly people actually wait in line to get Marissa's autograph. Imagine chinese and indian families lined up to get her autorgraph. too funnyfood, pay, macssweatshop, idiots"


"When I joined the company, there were great people, a ton of industry leading technology, and a sense of camaraderie as we tried to turn around an industry icon. Unfortunately, Yahoo never figured out its "one thing". The one constant at the company was no product was ever finished. Yahoo had a "ship and forget" mentality, and across all of the CEOs I worked for that never changed. Despite all of this, I really enjoyed my experience there. It was a fantastic training ground for learning how to execute in challenging and dysfunctional environments. Those product leaders who could work well with others, fight without ego, and drive towards a common goal were able to deliver despite everything else going on. Few other places offer the scale, impact and global reach of the products we worked on. However, the past year has shown a significant, and fatal, decline in leadership, culture, and opportunity.Still great people in the trenches, scale of problemsno leadership, QPR process, constantly changes goals to protect the ego and whim of the ceo"

Principal Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Some of the perks are still good at yahoo! like Free Lunch. Management is not very bothered about career growth of employees Frequent layoffs drain good talent"

Lead Technical Writer (Current Employee) says

"overall it is nice work place. learnt a lot on my specialisation good management good co-operation with other collegues"

Audience Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Managers get promoted based on the friendship relationship they have with their managers. Managers are lacking real management skills, there's no sense of career advancement. Other than that food is great and benefits are good even though salary is really low and never gets increased.foodManagement"

Senior Client Advocate (Former Employee) says

"Frustrating to work for.Shifts are bid once a quarter (not discussed in interview or training)Quality reviews used for picking order of shifts uses statistically insignificant sample sizes. (One call out of 2,000 has you working Sundays for three months.)Problems communicating with HR for benefits questions."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a flexible in schedule low wages favoritisms don’t honor requested days off not always allowed to use earned days off not a good place to work it seems to be behind the times when it comes competitors"

Product Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Product Analytics at Yahoo gave me the chance to learn about how user behavior is affected by changes to products. Discovering patterns among a broad user base has its challenges and would have loved to learn how to penetrate this space further."

Manager Procurement (Former Employee) says

"Working 24/7 wasn't enough. Their quarterly goals will burn you up and spit you out...and then they'll just hire a fresh person that knows nothing for you to train them so they can take your job. I enjoyed my role here tremendously, but departmental cuts kept whittling down my staff and pretty soon I only had the outsourced food, although selection has pared down, free phone, people are nice, your skills are usedno work life balance, the feeling you are only a number, outsourced too much"

Full Time Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Position was portrayed different than what it really is. Did not know it was a call center. There are no guarantees for advancement and not much room to grow.benefitsno growth"

Accountant II (Current Employee) says

"This company makes a great offer, high compensation including free food, cellphone and gym reimbursements etc. The catch is that you are expected to work all hours of the day and give and give until you can't give anything else. There is no work/life balance and the boss's do not care that you have a family. You are required to compete against ALL of your peers which causes a tense and stressful working environment. Shortened cubicles are claimed to "open up teams to working together" and you still end up sitting next to people who will not work with nor help you on anything. This is truely the worst environment I have ever worked in. I am currently searching for another company to change to in order get my work/life balance that I miss so much.Free food, cellphones, drinking on the job.Long hours, supervisory that monkeys could do a better job at."

Technical Yahoo Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company has a feeling of defeat throughout .. defeated by Google. It's a terribly boring place to work. The management is often absent and/or hostile in their interactions.I cannot think of any.The management has no idea of what to do."

Mailroom (Former Employee) says

"Fun environment to work in, but can be highly stressful at times, especially around the holidays. The employees were very friendly and kept a positive lunchesbut a highly stressfulshort breaks"

Editor (Former Employee) says

"Strategy changes often, which effects teams directly. No job is safe; everyone is on the edge of getting laid off at any point in time because of strategy changing on a whim. Benefits are good."

Airi Kari Harris says

"Zero stars if i could rate them that low. I will say zero stars I have been trying to get into my email for months now and every time I call customer service they’re always telling me that they cannot let me in because I do not know my recovery email address or my phone number that was on file and I have told them that I have bad memory as to what I had it set to. I asked for the email account to be deleted And all that I am told is that they cannot deactivate an account and they cannot let me into my account how are you not allowing me access to my own account not only that I no longer want yahoo as an email address and the one woman tells me she cannot deactivate my account. I also asked to speak to someone higher up and she tells me that there’s no one there to speak to me the problem is that I’m having with my yahoo account their customer service skills are very bad. How can you try to force to keep an account that i no longer want, and because I’m trying to deactivate it you’re not allowing me access to my account?"

Joe says

"GaYahoo is nothing but far left-wing propaganda piece spreading fake news. They are always constantly shoving gay agendas into our faces and they also promote hatred and division in their articles. They even removed the comment feed off their articles as they don't like free speech when it comes to opposite opinions, facts, and truth. When we used to be able to make comments on their articles, they do go around and manipulate everything by deleting certain comments that they don't like. This is censorship at its finest. Their email services are very horrible as it is nothing but spam and junk all the time. GaYahoo is an absolutely garbage site to use for anything. Their gay agenda is infested everywhere from music to sports which is a major turn-off. I stop following GaYahoo when it became so toxic, stupid, and pointless. It feels like GaYahoo is run by leftard junior high school kids writing very sloppy without checking their articles with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes."

Natalie Dumont says

"Terrible interface. Why do I have to pay now to get a full-size reading pane? Email filtering is awful. The worst mailbox service I have out of all."

Brian Hewkin says

"Yahoo news is very left wing biased, use articles that are not true from left wig papers , Guardian and Independent and have stopped the service which gave a right to reply to correct them. This has now become media brain washing , BEWARE"

Samiksh Sabikhi says

"NEVER USE YAHOO! This is the worst company in the world, When I search on google yahoo search keeps coming even if I've called the customer service 100 times! Yahoo doesn't even work! I'm surprised it even is a company."

Candy Turnbaugh Kish says

"Trash talk news"

Sam Pond says

"Do not use this horrendous company. I cannot access my account and it says ‘Ug Oh cannot sign in try again later’. When I ring customer service, they have less idea of what’s going on than me and they work for the company. Jesus Christ"

Alison Russell says

"Yahoo is the worst company... ever If you don't have an email with them, don't sign up. I can't even make a complaint. I asked for help, got a standard email demanding RIDICULOUS amounts of information before they would help me - which I provided and a week and three chasing emails later - including a request to make a complaint HEIDI - who I assume is a bot - has made no reply. If you haven't already got a yahoo mail don't. The verizon privacy policy breaches guidelines, and you can't refuse advertising without locking your email even when you pay for the premium service. don't do it. when I get time I will move away!!"

Jonathan Baker says

"Yahoo 'customer service' for small business customers is a shabby farce. On two separate occasions I was shifted from one operator to another (seven in all) over 90 minutes, and then they simply hung up on me without notice because they had no idea what they were doing. I don't know how they stay in business."

Bishabosh says

"Yahoo has become just another politically biased puppet for the far left. I am neutral and find 95% of the headlines offensive and inaccurate. What happened to this company?"

Doubtin Dave says

"Yahoo Yahoo news are the same as the rest of the big Mogul left wing don't really post the correct s*** be biased and they suck"

Iulian znu says

"since they have introduced waiting time for ads it's become so disgusting. I have stopped using it"

Tony Yero says

"Owner does not honor what she quoted on seller closing costs. Once the closing has been funded they play the "You had a chance to catch our mistake and did not" too bad customer. No professionalism,lack of email replies,owner hangs up on customers,etc. They claim they are COVID safe but none of the employees wear face masks! Just a overall bad experience"

Tobias Frederiksen says

"I have been using Yahoo for more than five years, but it has gone downhill and really is just an arm of the Democrats in the United States. I'm using Yahoo just for email services, not political news, but every time I have to check my email I have to click away from Trump-hate. As a person just wanting a simple email service, not being spoon-fed political opinions, I will be changing my email provider."

Hil. says

"If I could give this negative stars I would. Trying to get into an account I have but the verification phone number I no longer have. Was not able to recover ANYTHING even after offering to pay for their stupid subscription service. I cannot express the level of ridiculousness that is going on here. I told them the exact old phone number, the exact recovery email and there was nothing they could do to help me. I'm honestly going to tell my husband to delete his yahoo account as I never want any of my family to use their services EVER again. If you want to offer additional paid email services, fine. I would have even considered had it been worth it but NO. This sucks. Thank goodness for GOOGLE."

Nabrin Noor says

"Ok why the hell are y’all charging money for customer service?!? What type is sh!t is that?"


"Terrible company kept my fantasy winnings on several teams because I didn’t make a live draft pick crazy bull hope nobody uses this ever"

Josias Küppers says

"trash of a company"

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