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Yig (the Father of Serpents), a deity in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos The Curse of Yig, short story by H.P.Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop The Curse of Yig (book), collection of stories by Zealia Bishop Yttrium iron garnet, a synthetic garnet YIG sphere, an yttrium-iron-garnet-based microwave-frequency filter Your Independent Grocer, a Canadian Grocery store YMCA Youth ...


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Independent Agent (Former Employee) says

"this is an independent agency where you will go door to door and sell final expense life insurance. you will buy leads and show up and try and sell life insurance"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The leads are way overpriced and do not produce anywhere near the appointment ratio they claim!!! Management does NOTHHING to help you in the beginning. If you have a misunderstanding, they blame it on you. I have been in this industry 17 years and have NEVER seen such a scam company! Cons: see above"

Insurance Rep (Current Employee) says

"It started as a sales job that was viable. After a while that all changed. I have remained to make some money. My other time a=has been spent educating myself on the current work market and helping with my 90 years old parents living on there own Cons: Scary neighborhoods and price erosion"

Insurance Broker Field Underwriter (Current Employee) says

"Working for YIG can be a great and humbling experience. I was basically an independent field underwriter. I would buy different levels of leads to which I called and set up meetings. I would then go and sit down with the individuals that are looking to get a life insurance policy for themselves or a loved one. It was extremely enjoyable to help these folks be covered and insured."

Former Employee - Agent says

"I worked at YOUR Insurance Group full-time for more than a year Cons: YIG and Brian McCann only care about taking your money for "leads" You pay 20-30$ for a piece of printer paper that has no guarantee that it is even within 6 months of the potential prospect seeing it. You are charged back from all the insurance companies when the client cancels their policy... I paid $14,000 dollars in 1 year to YIG and barely broke even... huge waste of time.. pyramid scheme... STAY AWAY - SLIMY COMPANY SLIMY PEOPLE"

Former Employee - Life Insurance Agent says

"I worked at YOUR Insurance Group full-time Cons: Was lyed to about to about how and when paid, expensive leads , leads are misleading stating Goverment provides funeral benefits."

Former Contractor - Insurance Agent says

"I worked at YOUR Insurance Group for less than a year Cons: Pros- YIG runs weekly company webinars, and regular product training webinars. Lead campaigns are available; my best advice here is to ask questions like, "when and how and where was the lead generated?" My best advice is to generate your own leads, and not rely on any agency's lead, especially when it costs a national average of $27 per lead for one interested person. An alternative to this is talk to any township office and ask for a solicitation permit for a borough or township; most run less than $100 for a month, or the year. (Sales is a numbers game; the more people one can get in front of, the better chances for success.) Cons- A network of agencies (plural) in the carrier contract upline significantly reduces the agent's commissions."

Independent Sales Agent says

"I have been working at YOUR Insurance Group for less than a year Cons: Buying leads can be costly if your not capitalizing on them"

Javier Cross-Songui says

"I'm a bit concerned with the communication from this company. I have received no product nor a refund despite numerous emails."

Brian says

"My mistake ordered glass protector for SE iPhone ,Ordered the wrong here should’ve been 2020, tried to cancel order no phone number, email address doesn’t receive my emails .cant get in touch with them .now have a glass protector that’s absolutely hopeless for me.Customer service is non-existent, shame really because the products are very good, would never use them again"

Brian says

"Ordered an iPhone SE 2017 instead of 2020, sent three emails within one hour of order, not one email was received At their email address, no phone number to rectify problem, received the order next day, no invoice no return address absolutely nothing, can’t get in touch with these people, can’t send back the item,So I’m stuck with something that is useless for me, shocking service keep well away,"

Mark Longmore says

"Appalling customer service!!!!! I have been trying to return a pink case that was advertised as being silver. So far I have been waiting 9 days and counting to be advised of a returns address!! Non existent after sales service! Still waiting for an answer even though I was contacted this morning by spigen about this review! Pathetic company!! 10 days now without a return address! A very simple solution would be to just provide an address on their website like they do on their U.S website, but hey why do things the easy way when you can do them the hard way eh"

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