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Xiaomi Corporation (; Chinese: 小米 [ɕjǎu.mì] (listen)) is a Chinese electronics company founded in April 2010 and headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, bags, earphones, shoes, fitness bands, and many other products. Xiaomi is also the fourth company after Apple, Samsung and Huawei to have self-developed mobile phone chip capabilities.Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011 and rapidly gained market share in China to become the country's largest smartphone company in 2014. At the start of second quarter of 2018, Xiaomi was the world's fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer,[ leading in both the largest market, China, and the second-largest market, India. Xiaomi later developed a wider range of consumer electronics, including a smart home (IoT) device ecosystem, which has connected more than 100 million smart devices. Monthly active users (MAUs) of MIUI increased to 291.6 million in September 2019.

One disgruntled customer shared this in a review, "Do not deal with this company or their products. Diabolical service and would not repair under warranty and made excuses. They are just ripping off people."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no strict rules to follow and scale for promotion. the employee doesn't know what the goal is"

Former Employee - QA/Analyst/Planning Specialist says

"1. Full of politics. 2. You don't get paid for performance output, rather you get paid mostly on how much of buttering you do with your management and manager. 3. Talent is given the least importance, all that you have to do at office is go and give some gossip stories to your manager and flatter him pthat's it. 4. This company may stand good only for freshers and not experienced people, please don't join.. you will regret. 5. Now talking about the so called HR team, they have no proper policies, processes in place. They make you dance to their tunes. All the good one's have left until most recently, there was one hrbp who was really good and knowledgeable but unfortunately again that hrbp left quiet recently not sure for what reason. So they can never value good resources. 6.The remaining folks in hr subordinates have bare minimum knowledge about anything. The HR Managers are again busy with management, trying to impress them and not bring in any real processes 7. Very poor/pathetic hr processes."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Terrible management, anti-non Chinese, no listening to employees."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"HR department is pathetic except for a few HRs. Resigned because of low salary, but the HR forcefully changed the reason of the resignation to some random stuff. Few HRs are detectives and they question you about the places you visit after office hours in 1 to 1 meetings."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They hire you and then they forget that you are a part of their company. Biased behaviour of top management."

Current Employee - Software Engineer Senior says

"low salary heavy office politics leader decide everything"

Former Employee - Sales and Marketing says

"- In the UK you're not hired by Xiaomi but you're hired by an umbrella company called Roevin which uses a payroll company to pay you, ICS. This structure generates a lot of confusion and makes any complaint you have impossible to be heard; - Your salary, way below average, won't be paid in full because Xiaomi divide it in 14 months (Chinese way) but they won't pay you the last 2 months as they're based on performance/permanence and they never ever make it result as a success, even if your KPIs are 200% overachieved. After all, at Xiaomi, saving money from the workforce is HR main KPI; - Because of the previous points, what your contract says is absolutely irrelevant - including place of work, responsibilities etc; - They relocate offices in the UK with a few weeks notice to accommodate HR comforts and needs. They don't offer the chance to negotiate compensation for transport costs to employees and these will be sacrificed from your current salary; - You pay taxes on your expenses due to the fact that under Roevin you're effectively a contractor. Xiaomi and Roevin invite you to lie about SDC (supervision, direction and control) in order to get your taxes back; - There's no budget for you to work on. Actually, the company has huge debts with all the main distributor and is facing formal notices because not willing to pay millions. The UK market goal was to get to 10% market share in the first year, however, the marketing investment made by Xiaomi to achieve that was £27K - equal to what competitors would spend in one day for team lunch; - You won't have a line manager or any leadership. If you get one he/she will be a graduate or an intern sent from Xiaomi HQ as they don't trust non-Chinese/locals; - Be ready for a high level of discrimination if you're not Chinese. Also, you can't progress in your career if you're not Chinese and even if your colleagues push you for that and offer roles in other teams/markets etc, your career progressions will be blocked by the local HR team in order to keep their staff turnover rate low and avoiding finding replacements. HR tends to use defamation against you for this purpose; - The HR department is notoriously the worst in the whole industry. In Europe, the HR team is exclusively made of Chinese people who most of the time don't speak/understand English and their only responsibility is to report to senior management about local employees, effectively having a decision making role with absolutely no understanding of marketing, sales etc. Obviously they try to save as much money a possible from employees, meaning that they'll never ever pay you in full, no matter what your contract says. Be aware they use defamation a lot for these purposes as well; - The management threatens employees to be fired in WeChat public groups every single day in order to boost performances. This is accepted internally as considered "a way to motivate and inspire people". Yes, it's disgusting just like the rest of this company."

Former Employee - Manager says

"1. company culture is very communism, feel like joining a army instead of a company. 2. no working and life balance 3. no respect, somehow you have to work overtime very often. 4. no structure, chaos almost everyday.... 5. Not a global open-mined working environment"

Former Employee - Marketing Project Manager says

"The HR is really bad in xiaomi india. Not proffessional, they do whatever they can do get your money back even it's in your contract."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Slave culture prevails all across the organisation - You don't have to use your brains to work here; you are just puppets in the hands of the Chinese expats - Strict log-in and log-out system - No work from home at all - Leave policies are super strict - Higher management from China is rude; treats Indian employees as slaves - No work-life balance at all - HR team doesn't inform of the rule and policies in advance"

adetto alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Negozio gestito in modo davvero poco professionale, spero sia migliorato, prodotti perennemente fuori assortimento, clima poco sereno e tante falsità nelle promesse fatte ai dipendenti"

Dependienta de tienda (Former Employee) says

"Estuve trabajando en la tienda de “Plaza Mayor” y mi experiencia fue pésima. El sueldo está bastante bien para las horas que echas, pero no compensan con el trato de los compañeros ni con el ambiente de falsedad que hay entre todos. Delante de ti todos son muy simpáticos, pero una vez que te das la vuelta, te llenan la espalda de cuchillos. Los objetivos son grupales, pero se comportan entre ellos como si fueran individuales."

promotor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Me agradaría estar en esta empresa que está creció y quiero ser parte de XaomiSeguro socialTener leves descanso para retomar el trabajo"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was assistant manager with low pay, no benefits, and options for progression. Was doing a great job for over 4 months was not promoted but a manager from another country was moved across. Company tries to cut costs where they can, and does not listen or take feedback for improvements"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Aucun réel objectif, aucun challenge, bonne entente avec les équipes mais aucun intérêt, salaire pas attractif. Point positif les produits se vendent facilement et peu de sav."

Asesoría y atención al cliente de forma personalizada (Former Employee) says

"Solo que le falta que sea más creativa los chinos te sometenEsta COOL conocerNo hay mercancía"

Ingeniero Soporte Técnico (Current Employee) says

"Empresa con alto potencial, tiene una dirección poco cualificada, con mala formación tecnologica y mal orientada. Se preocupa por las formas y no el fondo de los problemas e incidencias. El coordinador y el team lider con poco conocimiento, movidos por políticas erradas sobre como manejar una empresa de servicios de atención a usuarios en el area de tecnologia.Alto potencial y muy dinamico, con innovaciones periódicas y alta posibilidad de desarrolloMal remunerado, mal dirigida, mal orientada, mal formada, mal ambiente de trabajo, altamente estresante por mala dirección"

lojista (Former Employee) says

"Contacto com o cliente nunca foi difícil para mim visto que gosto muito de falar com pessoas."

Matt says

"I bought MI 11 (newest on the market), and it broke after 10 days! Unbelievable. 800e spent for a phone, and there are loose components inside of it. What a piece of garbage trash crap shit they produce. It\'s a terrible phone company that nobody should go for."

A ZE says

"In brief:
'xiaomi redmi note 8 pro' has serially wrong construction on the display. (Manufacturing defects)

Operation of the on the down bottom right and left sides reacts extremely slow and even after several types.

Support does not respond to my xx emails.

expected is a 'callback for these defective devices' or replacement.."

Swedish Hiker says

"Believe the other one star reviews! This is an appalling and arrogant company. There is no element of "Support" in their customer service what so ever. Delay responses until they can claim your request is no longer valid. Avoid like the plague. Chinese, so they don't care about the individual. Worst company I have ever had to deal with."

Simon Weber Marcussen says

"Maybe the worst customer service experience of my life.... They just have some standard answers, no matter what you ask. Useless and unbelievably you can run a business this way.."

Simone says

"Worst customer service experience of my life. First, they asked me for a serial number that appears nowhere on the box, nor the product (LED bulb), nor the app. Even after sending tons of pictures and asking for clarifications, they wouldn't help me to find this serial number that is probably only written somewhere inside the bulb. Also, the order was made on their own website and they already had all the information needed.
After this was "solved" by me inventing a serial number, they kept asking again for information that I had already provided three times in the course of our month-long email exchange.
I still haven't managed to send this item for reparation, and I have lost hope by now. My advice would be to never buy one of their products, no matter how cheap they are."

Linas says

"I have had a Xiaomi e-scooter (the m365 Pro) for about two months now, and in that time I managed to get three flat tyres. The way the scooter is designed is that the tyres (especially the front one) are super hard to replace, and each replacement costs me about $50. All in all, it would have been cheaper for me to ride a cab.

The way Xiaomi made the design of their scooter is that even regular maintenance (even something as simple as pumping the tyre up) is a huge pain as the front valve is hidden deep in the tyre. There was no reason for them to make maintenance so hard for the users, and yet they did out of their carelessness and disregard.

I would not recommend them and would strongly consider a company that cares about its products more."

नील दास says

"This is for the authority of Xiaomi Redmi Mobile: Since the start of the Covid, Chinese firm Redmi has started exploitation of all its users by heavily corrupting their data, accessing mobile unethically. Recently they dropped update for note 7 Pro (11.0.2), which resulted in corrupting charging, tethering, sound and many more. When connect to support, Twitter or service centre, they don't take the responsibility or own their mistakes. Rather they give excuses that since it's outside of warrenty, you have to pay. The questions is more than one functions getting corrupted just after the update is very very criminally doubtful. I tried to take their help since 6th September till the next 6 days and still they beat the bush, twitter team asks to raise job sheet first, then says someone will call from authority, then changes their commitment, and now don't respond. The customer support people are on another high having such low grade customer service skills. This is criminally offensive to remotely access electronics device and corrupt it/access data unethically, also harrassing Customer with different types of tantram."

Acton Richards says

"I have bought many xiaomi device, But last month I bought Poco x2, and I fount that It doesn't work, they refuse to refund. I am so sad. scamer"

Taryn Mossop says

"***Warning***I have been scammed by a Xiomi agent in China. My payment was processed for a fantastic offer for the Xiomi electronic walking pad. After numerous emails after 3 months an envelope arrived with a rubber band in it NO electric walking pad as advertised and proof supplied. This is disgusting that Xiomi associates with unethical scam artists and I will never support the Xiomi brand again!!!"

Oliver Maxwell Fernandez says

"Ordered a scooter, it arrived fine and I was generally happy.

The scooter had a recall (needed a part changing) and had to be sent back to them to repair)

A week later the scooter was returned back to me with deep marks and scratches all over it.

It left my house immaculate and was returned like it was 2 years old.

I took pictures and called them immediately, explained the issue and sent pictures, I asked for the parts which were damaged to be replaced, they seemed very helpful on the phone saying they would rectify this.

20 calls later, same story each time and 3 months. Nothing. They did absolutely nothing. Just tell me what I want to hear to get off the phone.

They seem super helpful on the phone but actually do nothing.

I’ve spent over £3000 with them and this is how they treat a loyal customer. Shameful.

Won’t be buying from them again, it Anything I’ll strongly advise others don’t either."

Andrew MacArthur says

"I recently bought a note 8T (UK).
It had a few niggly things which I could live with BUT
Almost every call (phone or whatsapp) had dropouts for about five seconds where each thought the other had disconnected as there was NOTHING on the phone at all AND breaking up of conversations making the phone pretty useless.

Unfortunately I bought via amazon and am having a nightmare! Amazon say all data must be deleted (GDPR) ELSE they charge for doing it (HOW MUCH I WONDER) which is fine and I have copied everything I want off and manually deleted everything but CANNOT DO the `erase all data` as it requires a password which I don`t have - never asked to enter one.

Depite my thinking I have deleted everything, I have no doubt amazon will find something and charge me a whopping fee.

I have emailed xiaomi and await their response but am not holding my breathe."

Glayce says

"I have a mi band 4 from xiaomi, that sundelly stoped working , i send a message to xiaomi germany service, and since april 12 im waiting an answer. disrespect with the consumer. Just being ignored."

Jose Mathews says

"Be Aware...Do not buy any phone direct from Xiaomi!!! I ordered a Mi 8 Pro on 07/04/20 and they promised to deliver it within 10 working days because of Covid-19. I contacted them 4 times already to check the order updates and the sales member I talked to have no idea about anything. There is no stock in the UK and they are waiting for it from to be shipped from China it seems. I tried to cancel my order during my last phone call and they said they will send me a link via email which they never did. I am really fed up with their customer service and after-sales. Would give no star if there was an option for it."

Jack says

"I love how the official Xiaomi store on AliExpress treats their buyers.
By not shipping your products at all, after you've spent thousands of dollars on them.

Well played Xiaomi, well played."

Mirco says

"Ho comprato un telefono Xiaomi MI A1 ed ho seri problemi di funzionalità.
Il mio telefono non si connette di molti siti se uso la connessione WI-FI.per esempio EBAY,AMAZON,TRUSTPILOT,BANCOPOSTA,SUBITO.IT,PAYPAL,FORUM XIAOMI, e molti altri link di collegamento.
Ho scritto all'assistenza e mi hanno detto di aspettare che un aggiornamento risolva questo bug, perché loro sanno che è un bug ma...lo sanno da almeno 10 mesi perché è da dieci mesi che se ne parla.
Le aziende serie ritirano i prodotti difettosi e assistono i clienti che hanno problemi con i loro prodotti.
XIAOMI non fà parte ai queste aziende perché io ho problemi e nessuno ha risolto nè ha intenzione di farlo.
I bought a Xiaomi MI A1 phone and I have serious functionality problems.
My phone does not connect to many sites if I use WI-FI connection. For example EBAY, AMAZON, TRUSTPILOT, BANCOPOSTA, SUBITO.IT, PAYPAL, FORUM XIAOMI, and many other link links.
I wrote to support and they told me to wait for an update to fix this bug, because they know it's a bug but ... they've known it for at least 10 months because it's been talked about for ten months.
Serious companies pick up defective products and assist customers who have problems with their products.
XIAOMI is not a part of these companies because I have problems and no one has solved it nor does it intend to do so."

Ashwin Valento says

"Too many advertisements and unnecessary permissions

Great budget phones ,but the advertisements in their MIUI phones are horrible..
Also mi default apps request for unnecessary permissions. Video player requires contacts permission and if u deny, the video doesn't play..

Calendar requires storage permission. Like seriously?"

paul says

"Bought a Mi A2 in the Xiaomi UK sale.

Nothing installed, only signed into Google. 2 hours and 4 updates later, the phone bricked itself, bootloops and cannot be updated. My son is gutted as he bought it with his birthday money.

Xiaomi UK will not replace, even though their updates broke their hardware, only offering a refund and suggesting that we buy it again. Problem is, it's now back up to full price.

Very, very disappointed. Especially as I already own a number of Xiaomi products.

Also disappointed with responses received, especially as one of them had the same 'script' copied and pasted three times in the same email!"

Alice van der Velden says

"Terrible customer service, phone was never delivered and has been 7 weeks and still no resolution. Customer service keeps saying they will proactively contact me but have not followed up ever. Not sure if I will get my money back..."

Armaghkuk says

"ITEM HAS NO WARRENTY. I got a Xiaomi S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner - White Roborock S50 Second-Generation International Version 194022503 in April 2018. Within six months it failed. I returned it under warranty (At my own cost €81) as per instructions "You can return the item back to us in China as per our terms and conditions indicated in the link above. Once we receive the item, we will offer a free repair and send back the item back to you." To be subsequently informed that “since there is no available accessory, so your item can not been fixed.” The unavailable accessory is Laser Ranger LDS. If the accessory is unavailable for my unit which is still in China, it is unavailable for all units."

Dariusz says

"I was owner of xiaomi mi8.As i understand this model consider the flagship.Disign was stolen from Apple.Also i was not satisfied with build quality,the volume buttons are unsteady,video capabilities at a terrible level.Owning with this phone ended up just not turning ON after charging.STOP PRODUCING. Thank God i got it and I didnt spend money on it."

Erik says

"Very good phone. However, the hassle of unlocking your bootloader is pathetic!

Why would a customer not be able to take full control of the device after purchase?"

Ashley Surin says

"The phone itself, the company itself already sucks. Why? Because it is."

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