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Xbox is a video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft. It represents a series of video game consoles developed by Microsoft, with three consoles released in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations, respectively. The brand also represents applications (games), streaming services, an online service by the name of Xbox Live, and the development arm by the name of Xbox Game Studios. The brand was first introduced in the United States in November 2001, with the launch of the original Xbox console.

Melissa shared her despair, "I have called Xbox customer services three times to try and fix my account, and they state it is going to take 30 days just to change my phone number. Customer service also said that my son's Xbox account shouldn't be touched because he was logged in. Well, that same day, his account was deactivated, and now nobody in customer service can help me. I am very unsatisfied that nobody can help me fix this right away and that nobody in customer service can help. Still, they can continue to transfer you to other departments that they should already know are closed. They gave me the website for Xbox but told me that I had to sign in with my account (my account is locked) and then said to sign in with somebody else's account so they could help me. Not a very helpful company at all."


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Mark says

"Very poor customer service. I bought my son a brand new X-Box one early April this year for lock down. It’s very expensive and I wouldn’t expect the controller to have faults after 7 months, but it has. My son contacted support who kept sending him around the houses. I then took the call and said we wanted a new controller as it was under warranty. Finally the agent agreed but he will be without his gaming machine as we have to send the old one back first to Germany, before we will get a replacement. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Please buy a PlayStation"

Andrew says

"Microsoft are crooks that make managing child accounts so difficult that most don’t bother and instead give children an adult account, with direct access to 18 rated games and parents credit cards. Even if you take the effort to jump through all the ridiculous hoops of managing parent and child accounts and responding to numerous secondary authentication requests you still can’t pay exact amounts for games or add-ons unless you put your credit card on the child’s account. If you send credits to the child you can only pay to the nearest £10 and you can’t get a refund on Microsoft’s Xbox credits so they can claw even more once the excess credit is on the child’s account"

Sebastian Diaz says

"I was robbed by @Xbox, that double charged me. After presenting all the bank proofs, they just won't refund me because they don't see the double charge and consider themselves perfect with a perfect payment system. It sucks, my last @MicrosoftStore purchase."

TheFrish1 says

"The worst customer service! The agents put you on hold, hang up and never call you back. They are also a rip off and keep charging my MasterCard for an auto-renew subscription. Nice way to put a policy together to rip people off. Do not buy their products if you must not. For a rich company, they have closed their retail stores and they fail to help people by phone and by web support."

brhdys says

"I wish I could give them 0 stars. I did a console update. It asked for my password. I haven't used it in 4 years so I forgot. They send the change code to an old email address that I changed and deleted years ago. Cna't get anyone on the phone. Tried to recover the account and it's a big circle of screw you. I am absolutely stuck. I cannot do anything at this point. BY FAR the worst customer support in the world today. NOT EVEN CLOSE. HORRIBLE on every level."

Erich Foth says

"Can't get ahold of anyone. Requested a call from the website, it called, put me on hold, then hung up on me. Extremely furious and frustrated! The amount of money paid to this company over the years and they can't even help their own customers. At this point I'm ready to send back the new series x. Support is worthless if you can't talk to anyone!"

Sweta Maslekar says

"Worst service ever. Xbox is still in warranty , controller is broken, no one responding to email. Talk to agent doesn't work. Pathetic service. Very disappointed."

Austin McL says

"Brutal. Any other Service will provide you with a refund for a game that cost 100$ and doesn't even work on there own system! Microsoft on the other hand, will ignore your requests and avoid all questions you ask to them. They will just simply respond to you " We will not refund your purchase, thanks for understanding" I don't understand Microsoft! Everything is a fight with microsoft to the Services simply not working, or the terrible Response Team they currently have. Just buy a PC and go with Steam or , get a PS5 and use the PSN network. I have given up on Microsoft after 11 years."

Emma Loth says

"If I could give it a 0 I would! Been suffering a technic issue with my xbox one since Saturday. Trying to get through to customer support is an absolute nightmare! I have requested call backs 3 times now. The first time, the guy listened to the issue I was experiencing, explained he was placing me on hold, listened to the same music at least 10 times before being disconnected. The second and third time has not even got that far, get told all customer advisors are busy, before being disconnected! The online help is crap as it cannot dicipher the problem I am trying to advise. To say I am fuming is an understatement!"

Janet Ebenger says

"It is so loud, you have to crank up volume to here team members but the sound is so loud it carries into all the other rooms. Hate it"

James Cahill says

"I subscribed to Xbox live 1 year ago and sold my Xbox after a couple of months of use. Annoyingly I forgot to cancel this subscription and unknowingly I was charged £50 for the renewal of the yearly subscription. Obviously this came to a surprise so I attempted to contact the Microsoft store to see if they could refund me. - I am assuming here they can see my account has been unused/inactive for over 6 months at this point. I did not receive a reply. I then chased 4 days later however have since not had a reply. It has now been two weeks later."

Nathan Jones says

"I brought a £15 Xbox gift card from Sainsbury’s. When he removed the silver strip off the back, the redeem code Ripped off with it and was un readable. I returned it tho Sainsbury’s and was told not there problem. Contact Xbox. I did this and after a long wait there response was not here’s your money back but we will investigate. What’s to investigate? I’ve sent pictures of the faulty card and surely they can tell from the different code I provided if the card is valid. I was told they would contact me within 48 hours. 3 weeks have passed and no response."

VManSpence says

"Xbox (via the Microsoft store) steal their customers money. They sell faulty games and after you've figured out the game doesn't work properly, they say "Tough luck, you should have known it wouldn't work before you downloaded it. Thanks for your money, loser!" If you attempt to get a refund even just a day later, they say no. I've been a loyal xbox game pass customer for years, but that doesn't matter to xbox or Microsoft. They don't care about their customers."

Scott Starr says

"I preordered the new call of duty Cold War back in august, I tried playing today and it says I need to buy the game in order to play. I login to my Microsoft account to see today they declined my purchase back in august and never go a refund or anything. I’m done with Microsoft. Y’all seriously have gone down hill. I will never give you another cent of my money and will be switching to PlayStation."

Jonathan Bullock says

"DO NOT PLAY ON THIS the community sucks and it’s just hackers and five-year ilds cussing you out I left that for PC which is way less toxic"

Seth Solano says

"Wont refund my bought game from them after i decided not to play that game."

Amir Saffy says

"Took forever for refund to be issued."

Dan says

"I senr my 360 to them to be repaird it took 5 months to come back. They sent me one back a different colour. Had a game in it i did not own. It was years ago but it still hurts me now. My dad bought me that xbox it was mine. You stole it"

Javier says

"Xbox sucks , spent two hrs trying to play a game and it never worked .. tf bro "

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