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Mr/MrsSurace says

"The tracking number doesn’t exist. Im still waiting for a pair of shoes since 1 month."

Anna Masterson says

"Very upset with my order .I placed a order for a tie shirt for a christmas present for my granddaughter.I received a email saying I would receive it Dec 19th in time for christmas.I didnt get it on the 19th but I got another email saying now its going to be Dec 31st .That was upsetting that it wasent here for Christmas .Today I get another email telling me its going to be January 4th .This was a shirt that was not out of stock and I cant get any answers whats going on .If u want something from wwe shop order it 6 months ahead of time"

Brian, Greenock says

"Ordered a number of items for Christmas on 5th November, including Drew McIntyre Christmas Jumper for our son for National Christmas Jumper Day on 11th December. The jumper was in stock when we ordered. Order was received minus the Drew McIntyre jumper and delivery noted stated it was out of stock but would follow separately. No sign of it so had to phone at end of November and was told we would definitely have it before 11th December. 11th December came and went but no jumper arrived. We then waited until 17th December, hoping for delivery before Xmas and phoned (again) to be told they weren't coming back into stock and the we had to email them to cancel the order that they couldn't fulfil, which doesn't make sense at all! Our son is a huge wrestling fan and was desperate for this jumper, so wrote a strong complaint as there were now no other jumpers in stock in his size that he liked however, their website still said there was Drew McIntyre jumpers in stock. Their administration function is a complete failure. When you phone the staff are pleasant but their processes are incompetent. Following our complaint and us being told we had to cancel the order they couldn't fulfil, we really wanted a sincere apology for the disappointment and their incompetence. What we got was a complete brush-off."

Chris H says

"Ordered 4 items, no despatch after 15+ days so emailed to be told there was a stock issue and the entire order will be cancelled. Appalling."

Neil Ramchandani says

"There is this Undertaker 30 years t shirt I want badly but it’s sold out. I called customer service and they have no idea when it’ll be in stock again, will it be in stock again. There only answer was “you just have to check the website everyday.” Geez thank you for being helpful (sarcasm)"

Bundle o moms says

"Ordered a Bray Wyatt Fiend mask on the 21st of October and did not receive it by Halloween. It will instead be here November 2nd... I dont get it I was told there was some kind of outage and then it was resolved and I got an email that says and I quote, "Dear Valued Customer, We want to let you know that our third-party fulfillment vendor’s system outage has been resolved and your WWE Shop order will be shipping to you over the next two days. Your shipping method will be upgraded at no additional cost to you, to ensure that you receive your order by Friday, October 30th. Please know that we value your business and sincerely appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve this situation. For questions regarding your order" However I called and tried so hard to get this mask and now WWE shop ruined my Halloween."

Alex “Alex ” Moreno says

"ordered a belt from here a while back and never got it they said they upgraded my shipping so it can get here quicker and it never arrived"

Anthony says

"I am in the same boat, I ordered my stuff, have the confirmation. I believe covid has put a strain on the WWE Shop order pickers, working a skeleton crew. They maybe overloaded in orders. I'd just be patient."

Meredith Hays says

"10 days and order still has not shipped. Everyday I call they say they can’t tell me anything and to call back the next day when I do they say the same thing."

nicole clark says

"Called 3 times only to be told we will ship it today? 30 days later after it was ordered and paid in full. I will be reaching the BBB and reports this company sending all reviews on here."

Terry Mccarthy says

"I ordered 3 t-shirts and was notified that they shipped via FedEx on September 9. I waited patiently until the 25th and was told the tracking number I was given was incorrect, so WWE Shop nor FedEx could track my package. I was told they have no idea where my order is, but they'd investigate. I asked if they would call or email me within 24-48 hours? I was told "well I don't know, perhaps you should call us one day next week." The customer service is nonprofessional, which leads me to conclude that this is an unprofessional company. They had no issue taking my credit card, however, my customer experience with WWE Shop has been nothing but a negative issue. I will never consider purchasing from this company in the future."

Amy says

"I ordered an item for my son's birthday, 2 weeks before the party, and chose standard shipping. I called immediately after I ordered to see when it would be here because if it was going to be too long I would have ordered another with 2-day shipping. I was assured it would be here. The guy even told me it has already been sent to ship. I got an email that it shipped 3 days later, but there is no tracking information. It just says the label has been created. I have emailed and gotten nothing except excuses about wildfires and hurricanes. No real information. There are no wildfires or hurricanes between Ohio and Central Alabama. I will never buy anything from this place again. I should've read these reviews first."

Kim James says

"Do not buy from here ordered a mask from this place almost 3 weeks ago and it was scheduled to be here today it's now 9 pm still nothing. And now FedEx says no scheduled delivery date avaliable needless to say wwe will never get another dime of my money. And there customer service and management are the worst. One threatened to end the call because I told him that it was bs and he told me if I continued to threaten him he would send the cops to my home for real is that how you do business. Just cause I said bs really!!! Already cancelled my wwe app also I will not give another cent to a company that treats the people who pay there salary that way rant over"

Kody Mathews says

"Sent me completely wrong items, this was supposed to be for a birthday gift and now thats not going to happen. Tried to contact customer support and was informed it could be up to 48 hours before I hear from anyone. This is before ive even told them whats wrong. Never had such a poor experience with them before. Seems as if they've became too successful and gotten complacent"

Jonathan Alkin iCpEaNuT says

"Not bad. It's real merch from wwe."

Joshua Snare says

"Save yourself the disappointment and avoid purchasing replicas from Amazon and buy straight from WWEshop, and wait the extra week a half or so."